Xining people preach mission activities start

In order to further promote the civilized behavior of citizens and improve the quality of citizens. Xining launched a comprehensive quality of the people to promote the project, people preach mission activities. The main activities to "tell the story of the people around him, to promote the process of civilization etiquette" as the theme, the report will form around about ordinary and touching stories, reflecting the valuable quality of advanced typical body of.

comity Street Office responded positively to the call of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, to explore, recommend the existence of "ordinary people, extraordinary things," the original author". Through the development of this activity, the office of the proposed area of retired cadres Comrade Shen Wancheng to participate in the people preach". Comrade Shen Wancheng after retirement, currently serves as executive director of the Xining City Folk Culture Association, specializes in the collection, selection of minor local flowers. Over the years, the collection of flowers has been selected in the CCTV "very 6+1", Qinghai TV, Qinghai news, Xining TV, Xining evening news, West City News, Xining Public Art Museum, north of the city cultural center, comity Street office, Jiefang Road community, "people square stage" and other media published reports. In May this year in the central square, the people of the big stage to get the people of the star week champion. read more

Republican Road Primary School campus safety investigation and security education activities

days ago, Xining City Road Primary School in order to enhance the safety of teachers and students of students awareness of prevention, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, to carry out the "security is life, responsibility weightier than Mount Tai" as the theme of the campus safety investigation and student safety education activities.

by the activities of the Muslim Lane police station, vice president of school safety education and the East police brigade police officers, school legal counselors and other teachers and students for the safety education seminars. School safety leadership team also conducted a comprehensive inspection of the school building, boiler room, power distribution room, the campus and the surrounding environment of the workplace safety, through the inspection found the school gate, xiadou Street Road on the north side of the transformer installed security warning signs; no "into the street outside the school campus, need to slow down the relevant departments to coordinate the resolution. read more

Xining has 6 legal aid every day

In August 16th, a reporter from the Xining Legal Aid Center learned that in 2011, the city of Xining for legal aid cases for the first time since 2000, providing legal advice to more than 8300 people, which is equivalent to 365 days, with 6 cases for aid people every day, 23 times daily to provide legal advice, the basic realization of the "best aid should aid".

Xining Legal Aid Center Director Zhang introduced, as of now, the city has established a legal aid center 8, in Nanjing in the prison camp and workers, youth and women, the disabled and other units and township (street offices) established 120 legal aid station, in 128 communities of the city and 472 committees the establishment of the legal aid information officer. The establishment of migrant workers legal aid "Easy Access" in the three County Legal Aid Center of Xining city and four district assistance center, introduced 8 measures to safeguard the rights and interests of migrant workers legal aid and 9 convenience measures, legal aid work has become an important work to protect and improve people’s livelihood. (author: Zhang Yun) read more

Smooth traffic smooth progress of Xining main road and intersection

this year, the city of Xining traffic engineering construction, mainly in the smooth flow of integrated traffic, parking, direct bus three categories of projects with a total investment of about 730 million yuan. Currently, 95% of the planned investment has been completed, the provincial capital of a significant decline in the number of casualties in traffic accidents, pedestrian traffic order significantly improved, the main roads and crossings to improve traffic.

reporter learned yesterday from the Provincial Department of transportation, this year, the smooth flow of Xining project, 4 business projects, public welfare projects of the 12. Under the joint efforts of the member units, has completed a total investment of 697 million 199 thousand yuan, accounting for the annual plan of investment of $95%. Among them, the people’s Bank of isolation, road reconstruction, open up the broken road, Nanchuan Road comprehensive regulation, traffic marking, signal lamp, video surveillance, sunning Plaza parking lot, bus rapid transit, passenger boarding hub project, has completed the annual task plan. Pedestrian overpass, bridge lighting, parking lots and other projects are catching up with the construction period. The implementation of the above projects for the construction of the city of life, the city of happiness and the province’s livable land, leisure capital, to create a better traffic environment. (author: Ni Xiaoying)
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Xining devaluation performance evaluation of public hospitals

In order to further enhance the quality of medical services, this year, the city’s public hospitals to implement all the performance appraisal, the move is also the city’s public hospitals to implement health care reform policy, to break the drug to support the medical dilemma of specific initiatives. September 8th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Health Bureau, the first half of the city’s public hospital performance appraisal report shows that: the city’s public hospitals in various medical services indicators have significantly changed over the same period last year. read more

The city of Chongqing 90 years long

In order to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the party, the eve of the city organized by the organization of the party held a series of celebrations on the eve of the 71

to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the party, the eve of the eve of the city organized by the party held a series of activities to celebrate the 71. Organize all Party members and cadres to sing "No Communist Party in New China", "singing the motherland" and other revolutionary songs, held the party’s basic knowledge contest. All the staff of the organization to focus on the "great journey" feature film. read more

Xining hundred households own 6 3 cars

The rise of

service consumption expenditure is one of the important signs of improving the quality of life of residents. Reporters from the National Bureau of investigation team was informed that Xining, at present, the city’s residents continue to update the concept of consumption, consumer behavior increasingly fashionable, transportation services, communications services and other aspects of the growing expenditure.

at present, the city has a lot of high-income households have a family car, in the first half, the city has 6.3 households per 100 households car, an increase of 46.5% over the previous year. The rapid growth of domestic cars, driven by the consumption of domestic car based transport services spending growth, the per capita household expenditure on transport services 57.03 yuan, an increase of 2.5 times. read more

ncrease supervision pushing the city’s medical reform work

in September 28th, for the special supervision of provincial health reform steering group leader, provincial development and Reform Commission Director Hou Pengning for a social reform progress on our five priorities, the municipal government deputy secretary general Chai Lupan on 2010 in Xining City, deepening the reform of medical care system in five key objectives highlight the difficulties and problems in the reform and progress the report, the four district, city development and Reform Commission, finance, human resources and Social Security Bureau, office, health and other health care reform leading group member unit responsible person, three county health bureau attended the meeting, were added. read more

Municipal Seismological Bureau to participate in the 2010 national science popularization day in Xin

Seismological Bureau of Xining city to participate in the campaign of 2010 national science popularization day   in September 18, 2010, the city square in the center of the "low carbon economy development, promote low-carbon life" as the theme of the national science popularization day campaign, according to the deployment of the leading group in Xining City, the scientific quality of the arrangements, I actively participated in the Propaganda Bureau activity. To do a good job in the publicity, let the public to further understand the knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction, improve awareness of earthquake disaster reduction, grasp the suspension aid knowledge, I carefully prepared involved in Yushu earthquake, earthquake emergency rescue, post disaster self-help and mutual aid as the main content of the propaganda page 20, and proposed the "disaster reduction, and create a harmonious society" theme. On the day of the event, I board through the layout of the display panels, hanging banners, on-site consultation and other means of the past for the public to carry out targeted knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction knowledge. In the process of publicity, also accepted the news media interviews. The publicity, has achieved good results of the activities, the masses unanimously praised.  

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Municipal Health Bureau organized the city’s medical institutions above the county level medical sta

for the guidance of medical institutions to do hand foot mouth disease treatment and prevention and control work, my bureau in the morning of May 25th in the seven floor conference room city health bureau held the city at or above the county level medical staff hand foot and mouth disease prevention knowledge training, invited city hospital, director of pediatric infectious diseases physician Liu Wei and deputy director of the CDC director Li Wei speaker 27 medical institutions, city, district and county 54 clinical hospital infection and other related medical personnel participated in the training.
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College entrance examination results announced 26

concern in the province in 2015 college entrance examination results will be released on the eve of the afternoon of June 26th. Zhaoban also issued a reminder to the majority of students and parents: at present in the society about our province college entrance examination scores are published and even the contents of rumors, candidates and parents do not believe all the authoritative information issued by the provincial Zhaoban prevail.

reporter learned that our province college entrance examination results released on the same day, the majority of candidates through the following channels: one is the college entrance examination scores query personal log in Qinghai recruitment information network query two is free; free inquiry via SMS, the SMS editor "GKCJ ticket number" Qinghai local mobile phone were sent to 10629365; three is free to query by Qinghai recruitment WeChat public number Qinghai recruit. In order to avoid network congestion delay candidates get personal performance information, hope the majority of candidates try to query through a variety of ways. read more

People’s livelihood for the well being of the masses

This year the city to vigorously promote the construction of major water conservancy projects at the same time, pay more attention to people’s livelihood and water conservancy construction, to the safety of drinking water, irrigation improvement, agricultural water conservancy facilities facilities, river, water and soil conservation, reservoir reinforcement, flood channel governance as the focus of water conservancy infrastructure construction, various livelihood projects blossom everywhere.

I this year to accelerate the implementation of flood control and watershed management in Xining by the world bank loan project, Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir Project, rural water conservancy project, the first sewage treatment plant mentioned standard renovation project and a number of key livelihood water conservancy projects, the implementation of project goal forced mechanism, in the premise to ensure safety, co-ordination arrangements, scientific organization fine starting time, the progress of investment, construction progress of the project management, accelerate the key livelihood water conservancy project construction speed. At the same time, through the implementation of the safety of drinking water, irrigation improvement, soil and water conservation and other livelihood water conservancy project, solved 50 thousand people and 50 thousand head of this year (only) of livestock drinking water security issues, improve irrigation area of 50 thousand acres, soil erosion area of 80 square kilometers.

let the springs flow into thousands of households, moistens farmhouse happy life. The people’s livelihood project is a set of economic, social and ecological benefits in one of the Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir at the end of October this year to start the construction of the project, a total investment of 193 million yuan, the total reservoir capacity of 4 million 262 thousand and 200 cubic meters, 7 million 710 thousand cubic meters of the total water supply. The completion of the project to the macro regulating water resources, solve the near and long-term Dahua town of 8 villages, 12410 people and 9928 head (only) drinking water, livestock, 3210 acres of arable land Lara River irrigation water and the Chengguan town of Huangyuan County residents living water, at the same time, can effectively solve the Huangyuan County as a result of social and economic development brings the increase in water consumption contradiction and deficiency of existing water content.   read more

How do you like this brand

as a chowhound, your life is what kind of experience is not always walking in the street, attracts you the most is the food stalls, is not the smell of roasted sweet potato flavor in the winter time, always can not help but want to buy. There is not the smell of the right to eat the taste of Korea, always can not help drooling. Mr. Right Korean food products? Tastes of many, not give you the same enjoyment of taste. Mr. Han joined the right to eat more rich and more delicious, consumers eager to taste, the right to invest Mr. Han meal, the prospect of a good! read more

Growth of small and medium sized enterprises

In the party’s mass line of educational practice in Datong County so as to promote the healthy growth of small and micro enterprises as the focus, to small and medium business park, Small and micro businesses incubator park construction as the platform, increase to support small and micro enterprises and services, to cultivate science and technology, growth oriented enterprises.

Further improvement of women’s health in Qinghai

in the 38 women’s Day approaching, March 7th, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission informed the provincial media in the province of women’s health in 2015. In 2015, along with the deepening reform of the medical and health system, promote maternal and child health services activities, the province’s basic public health and maternal major public health service equalization to further improve the level of maternal and child health, work steadily, health status of women improved. read more

Coffee shop staff management skills

coffee shop operators do a good job in the management of the process, do not ignore this point of staff management. If you shop employees, businesses need to think about this problem. Many franchisees are new, do not know how to do the work in this area, Xiao Bian provides a few reference, I hope you can easily solve the problem.

in the coffee franchise business, a service is also very important, good service, consumers are satisfied, so there is a guarantee of sustainable consumption, and entrepreneurs can get greater returns. What is the management skill of the coffee chain store, learn to do a good job, create a good atmosphere, and leave a good impression. read more

Chase perfect institutions to build convenient service desk

In order to implement the

three, Datong County to further broaden service channels, strengthen the service function, through the improvement of infrastructure construction, establish and improve services and improve work processes and other measures to build a convenient services platform, and further deepened the relationship between the broad masses of the people.

Datong County Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of justice due to the relocation of the new address to bring great inconvenience to the masses. For the convenience of the masses, the staff to give up lunch time, half an hour earlier work and delayed half an hour to work, to provide the maximum time for business to the masses; also set up a midday service window and noon duty posts, saves the work of the masses from the road far, noon waiting time, really for the masses to bring the convenient. Datong County Bureau of health and family planning for patients go through the formalities for the process is complicated, the masses are discharged "running", advance notice procedures material matters, a plurality of service window set in a room, a "one-stop" services for patients. Xinzhuang Town to create a service window, respectively established party service and comprehensive service, social services and health management service center 4, perfect service facilities, clear work processes, publicity duty table, desk set up to provide convenient, all-weather service for the work of the masses. Datong County Bureau of land and resources to establish the "Easy Access service" mode, to provide fast processing services for the elderly, the disabled and other special groups, the special people can not work in time to apply for the registration of land reservation service and service delay etc.. read more

Xining City Bureau of industry and Commerce North City Branch investigated and dealt with a suspecte

April 12th, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau North Branch of law enforcement officers in the north of the city with the public security departments, in Xining with the hotel to investigate suspected fraud cases, involving up to 10 yuan.

March 25th, the North Branch received consumer complaints, said it participated in a group claiming to be the General Hospital of PLA (301 Hospital) free physical examination and medical personnel health organization expert lectures, after being diagnosed with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, in the "experts" strongly recommended, buying the "Bao Yuan soft capsule" drugs, but home that is not a drug but to buy health care products. After receiving a complaint, immediately north of the city industrial and commercial bureau deployed personnel, in cooperation with public security departments, according to the law with the hotel were examined and found hundreds of elderly people are around more than 30 dressed in white "angels" around, accept the "free" blood tests, manometry, consulting and other services, through their careful treatment, the majority of people have varying degrees of "existence" of cardiovascular disease, then they take "Zuozhen promotion" and "the General Hospital of PLA (301 Hospital) name of production", to 498 yuan a box of high priced health care products will be suspected of posing drugs "Baoyuan soft capsule" sales to patients "". read more

Xining North candidate signed a clean election

in order to make the election work more stringent, the election of clean and honest, Xining North District 38 village candidates will sign a clean election campaign commitments.

It is reported that

, the North District has completed the village and community "two committees" primary election work, for the completion of general work in the round before December 15th. In order to make the election work more stringent, North District, the village committee candidates will sign a clean campaign promises. The book includes: no commitment to threats, intimidation, deception, impairing the voters to exercise their right to vote and to be elected; not by banquets, gifts of cash, securities and all kinds of gifts, and take a verbal commitment after the election to give a form of interest and engage in canvassing bribery activities; not to participate in election rigging, tracking and monitoring false, entrust, posting posters of unfair activities seven commitments. read more

The province of the preparatory work across the province to conduct a special inspection before the

in May 18th to 25 by the provincial education department, the provincial public security department, the provincial security bureau and other members of the unit of the special inspection of the joint working group, each test area before the college entrance examination comprehensive preparatory work and secret room safety construction carried out supervision.

to ensure that the 2015 college entrance examination in accordance with the safe and smooth implementation of the general office of the Ministry of education "on 2015 unified national college entrance examination management and other related work notice" spirit, provincial committee decided to move to carry out supervision. The main contents include supervision of papers (answer) security; integrated test environment; purify the network environment involving test, fight against cheating equipment sales, test centers around the security and health and epidemic prevention; standardized test center management, English listening test equipment configuration; the implementation of examination, the invigilator and related personnel selection and training, emergency plan the construction of the situation. read more