Bourbon Street battle: Jumbo beer seller sues over trademark

NEW ORLEANS — It’s a Bourbon Street battle of jumbo beers, just before Mardi Gras’ climactic weekend: Huge Ass Beers vs. Giant Ass Beer.The New Orleans Advocate reports that the Huge Ass Beers creator is suing another string of bars and clubs on the famous New Orleans street for marketing a rival draft beer pour as Giant Ass Beer.The lawsuit filed Tuesday in New Orleans federal court alleges trademark infringement and seeks a restraining order barring the sale of Giant Ass Beer, as well as damages.An attorney for the owner of the three businesses that sell Huge Ass Beers’ plus-sized pours says his client has no comment.Representatives of the operators of the businesses that sell Giant Ass Beer didn’t immediately respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.___Information from: The New Orleans Advocate, http://www.neworleansadvocate.comThe Associated Press read more

French finance minister to fight GE’s plan to cut jobs

PARIS — France’s finance minister is asking U.S. company General Electric to change its plans to cut more than 1,000 jobs in France.Bruno Le Maire said Wednesday he will talk to GE’s CEO, Larry Culp, by phone on Thursday. He committed to “stand by the employees’ side.”GE on Tuesday announced plans to cut jobs in France, mostly in its plant in the eastern city of Belfort, which currently employs more than 4,000 people.The industrial conglomerate said its strategy to cut costs will mostly focus on its gas power business.Earlier this year, the French government decided to fine GE 50 million euros ($56 million) after the company didn’t create the jobs it had promised when it announced the purchase of part of French rival Alstom in 2014.The Associated Press read more

Six UNP PC members suspended

UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe had his term extended for six years at the convention after proposed amendments to the party constitution were approved. The membership of six UNP Provincial Council members have been suspended, the party announced today.The six UNP Provincial Council members were suspended from the party for criticizing the party convention held recently.

A favourite proKeystone XL talking point takes a burst of friendly fire

by Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 3, 2015 12:17 pm MDT WASHINGTON – Canada’s ambassador to the U.S. likes to joke that he walks around Washington carrying a copy of the State Department environmental report on the Keystone XL pipeline tucked in his jacket pocket.That’s how critical that document has been to the pipeline cause. Proponents from ambassador Gary Doer, to members of the Harper cabinet, industry players, and pro-oil lawmakers have repeatedly quoted it as a talking point.Its basic conclusion became their mantra: Canadian oil production is destined to keep growing, so might as well build a pipeline, which is safer and cleaner than shipping by rail.That document, however, is now being punctured by bursts of friendly fire. It’s coming from within the Obama administration, striking parts of its own report.President Barack Obama routinely dismisses one finding that oil from the pipeline would likely be used in the U.S. Obama has taken to deriding the project as an export route through America, not to America.An even more fundamental finding of the report is now being challenged from within the administration. The Environmental Protection Agency has questioned the inevitability of oilsands expansion. It suggests the current projection is out of date, because the price of oil has plunged since the State Department issued its report last year.“It is important to revisit these conclusions,” says an EPA letter sent this week to the State Department and released Wednesday.“Given recent large declines in oil prices and the uncertainty of oil price projections, the additional low price scenario included in the (State report) should be given additional weight during decision making, due to the potential implications of lower oil prices on project impacts, especially greenhouse gas emissions.”The State Department’s report had concluded that the Canadian oilsands would keep growing at a similar pace, unless the long-term oil price fell under the $65-$75 range and no other pipelines got built.One year later, oil is at $50 a barrel and no other pipelines have yet been built.The State Department is now in the final stages of preparing its long-awaited, oft-delayed review of the project, and gathering input from other agencies including the EPA.It will soon make a recommendation to the president, and he’ll make the final call.At the same time, there are plans within Congress to force Obama’s hand. So far, Obama has signalled he intends to veto bills that would circumvent his authority on cross-border infrastructure.Obama has said his decision will be guided by climate change — and whether or not the project would increase greenhouse gases.In its letter this week, the EPA compares the carbon emissions from the pipeline’s maximum capacity of 830,000 barrels per day to 5.7 million new passenger vehicles on the road.Environmental groups celebrated the letter’s release Wednesday.“The president’s got every nail he needs to finally close the coffin on this boondoggle,” said Bill McKibben, head of anti-pipeline group its response, pipeline company TransCanada Corp. said Canadian oil exports had gone up over the years, its carbon emissions per barrel had gone down, and it noted that oil sent through the pipeline to U.S. refineries would displace crude from Venezuela — which in some cases produces higher greenhouse gases. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email A favourite pro-Keystone XL talking point takes a burst of friendly fire read more

UN event highlights integrated human security approach to meeting threats

“We meet at a time of great turmoil and transition,” Mr. Ban told participants as he opened the high-level event on human security, held at United Nations Headquarters.“The global economy is in crisis. The environment is under threat. Too many people around the world live in uncertainty. Old conflicts simmer. New conflicts explode. Warring parties target civilians. Violence is a problem even in peaceful countries. Women and girls are especially at risk,” he stated. “These are serious problems – but there are signs of progress,” Mr. Ban added. “I welcome growing calls by citizens around the world – especially young people – for justice, dignity and true democracy. These voices give us hope that we can transform our challenges into prospects for a better future.”The Secretary-General said the dramatic events of recent years have provided two lessons. First, it is more important than ever to find comprehensive solutions to the world’s interlinked problems. “You cannot end poverty without empowering women and girls. You cannot establish lasting peace without respect for human rights. You cannot increase prosperity or address climate change without transforming the world’s energy systems. We have to advance on all fronts.”Secondly, he said, the approach must not only be comprehensive but also broad-based. “We need traditional partners, like Governments and non-governmental organizations. But we also need academics, businesses, philanthropists and others to help end poverty, promote development and establish peace,” he stated. “The human security approach can help frame our efforts,” he said, welcoming the General Assembly’s adoption of its first-ever resolution on a common understanding of human security last September. He added that this consensus builds on more than a decade of successful projects backed by the UN Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS). Established in 1999 and administered by the Human Security Unit, the Trust Fund supports projects to translate the human security approach into practical actions, in particular those at the field level. It has financed over 200 projects in 85 countries. “The Fund’s projects have enabled communities around the world to make the transition towards peace and sustainable development,” said Mr. Ban. “They have succeeded because they focus on people’s needs. They draw on experts from different disciplines and different agencies. They transcend what we might think of as traditional humanitarian or development work.”Today’s event aims to derive lessons learned from the projects that have been implemented and to mobilize support for the advancement of human security within the UN and beyond, according to a concept paper prepared by the Trust Fund.Participants will reflect on achievements and challenges in the implementation of human security 10 years after the release of the Commission on Human Security’s report “Human Security Now.”Sonia Picado, Chair of the Advisory Board on Human Security, will introduce the work of that entity – whose international experts guide the activities of the Trust Fund – and discuss its hopes for spurring a global initiative on human security.Also participating in the event are Sadako Ogata, former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency and co-Chair of the Commission on Human Security (CHS), and Surin Pitsuwan, former Secretary-General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and member of the CHS. Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson will close the event, which is also being attended by members of the Advisory Board on Human Security, individuals from academia, as well as representatives of non-governmental and civil society organizations with an interest in human security and related issues. read more

Whaley Bridge Derbyshire town evacuated amid fears flooding could cause dam to

Dr Mohammed Heidarzadeh, a professor from the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Brunel University London, said: “Due to heavy rainfall in Whaley Bridge area, the spillway is now broken and a big chunk of its concrete structure is damaged.”There is a possibility that the spillway could then become fully broken in a few hours.”If the spillway is fully gone, the embankment dam will be washed away very rapidly which could cause a massive flood.” Crazy that Whaley Bridge has been completely evacuated because the dam might burst. I was there last year and took this picture at that same dam— 🥃 (@Greg_Ivan_) August 1, 2019 The Toddbrook Reservoir dam after it was damaged in heavy rainfall. Professor Roderick Smith, from Imperial College London, said: “Extreme weather events mean that there is increasing unease about the safety of older dams: particularly the need to release excess water safely and easily.”The reservoir was damaged due to flooding in 1964, according to the Environment Agency, but another specialist said it was “unlikely” it had been in an unsafe condition before the heavy rainfall on Thursday.Professor Tim Broyd, Professor of Built Environment Foresight at University College London, said: “Dams are highly regulated structures, which includes regular structural inspections by highly qualified engineers.”It is unlikely therefore that the dam was in a previously unsafe condition.”What may have been the cause, however, is that the flow rate into the reservoir was exceptionally high, as a result of extreme local rainflows.” Experts are divided as to whether the concrete and earthwork structure will survive that long.Dr Mohammad Heidarzadeh, an engineer at Brunel University London, said such designs could be “washed away very rapidly”.“Due to heavy rainfall in Whaley Bridge area, the spillway is now broken and a big chunk of its concrete structure is damaged,” he said.“There is a possibility that the spillway could then become fully broken in a few hours.”Anna Aspinall, 36, from Whaley Bridge, said she and others had been called to help place sandbags near the dam, but were sent away after structural engineers warned “that the wall is at high risk of failing”.She said: “We are praying the dam wall holds whilst the Canal and River Trust try to drain the water from the reservoir.” The evacuation has been exacerbated by the deterioration of the roads in and around the town, following days of torrential rain.Steve Cliffe, a pensioner, said the surface of the road to his hamlet of Fernilee, 1.5 miles away, was all torn up and the community completely cut off. “We just can’t get out,” he said. Paul Nash and his partner Janet Williams barely had time to grab their cat and a few essentials before being forced to abandon their home.They cannot know when – or if – they will see it again. “If the whole dam goes, it’s going to cause absolute chaos,” he said.“Probably the village will go, because it [the river] goes straight through.”The couple joined an exodus of more than 6,000 people fleeing the centre of Whaley Bridge on Thursday as the concrete dam began to crumble.The blotched notices hastily handed out by the emergency services left no room for doubt. “EVACUATE your property now”, they read, “Take any medication and medical equipment with you.”As the heavens opened once more on Thursday night, the centre of the picturesque Peak District community was a ghost town, save for the sound of police going door to door, trying to coax out every last resident from the “red” danger zone.Evacuees were told to gather at a school three miles away in Chapel-en-le-Frith while engineers began pumping water out of the reservoir to take pressure off the stricken dam.It will take an estimated three days to reduce the volume to a safe level. Workers inspect a damaged dam after a nearby reservoir was affected by flooding, in Whaley Bridge, Britain August 1, 2019.Credit:PHIL NOBLE/REUTERS 5:13PM”If it overflows it will be a disaster” Whaley Bridge evacuated amid fears of dam collapseCommunity could be levelled if Toddbrook Resevoir barrier burstsAround 400 tonnes of aggregate brought in overnight to divert water RAF helicopter called in to aid effort Police say future of dam ‘remains in balance’Thousands of residents in the Derbyshire town of Whaley Bridge have been evacuated amid fears a dam could collapse after it was damaged by floodwaters.Concrete panels on one side of the dam on the Toddbrook Resevoir, which holds back 300 million gallons of water, partially collapsed.By 2.30pm on Thursday it was deemed too unsafe for people in the village below, who were ordered to “evacuate your property now”.There are concerns the village could be levelled if the dam, which dates to 1838, gives way. Derbyshire Police said 400 tonnes of aggregate will be brought in overnight to divert water from entering the reservoir, with a Chinook helicopter aiding a multi-agency taskforce.Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Swann, chairwoman of the Local Resilience Forum, said: “To move the substantial amount of aggregate into place – a Chinook helicopter will be operating in the area in the coming hours to allow precise placement and divert the flow of the water.”With all that said, at this time the future of the dam wall remains in the balance and I would remind people of the very real danger posed to them should the wall collapse.” Rebecca Simpson, who was evacuated from Whaley Bridge with her children, said: “This morning at 8.30am I walked over the dam with our dog and it was okay, but it quickly became apparent that the amount of water we had yesterday was too much and was causing a big run-off.”The sluices were opened mid morning but there’s so much water and it’s now currently raining very hard again. There’s nowhere for it to go, the river has already burst its banks and the ground is sodden.”All roads were closed midday and we all got asked to evacuate about two hours ago. Now we’re stuck in traffic in the outlying town of New Mills as everyone is trying to leave and some local roads are flooded. My children are coping well after being worried this morning.”I don’t think I would class it as scary, lots of experts on hand and it seemed well managed. The scary part will be what happens next as all services – such as electricity, gas and medical services, and the primary school – are in the direct line of the water.” Toddbrook Reservoir near the village of Whaley Bridge Toddbrook Reservoir near the village of Whaley BridgeCredit:PA Carolyn Whittle, 45, who lives in Meadowfield, on the hillside in Whaley Bridge, said she had never seen water flood over the dam in her lifetime.She said: “We are situated north-west of the mouth of the reservoir, approx 400 feet about the water level.”There is currently a request, we believe, for all to evacuate due to emergency services access.”An hour ago, there was a lot of emergency service activity and frenzy while my son was trying to reach home. Another section of the concrete on the dam face has now collapsed.”We have friend’s children here with us, who would have had to camp out at the high school otherwise.”Everyone I know is horrified that our whole town could be decimated in a matter of minutes, it’s terrible.”I’ve lived in Whaley for the best part of 45 years and I’ve never seen water flood over the dam like that, ever, nor thought that we could possibly be at risk in this way.”We’re gaining all our information from social at the moment. If we need to go, we will get in my defender and head over Disley tops. It’s closed, but mainly to stop people trying to access Whaley centre, which police are not allowing at the bottom of our road.”I’m really scared the dam will actually go. Best solution is a smaller flood of the Goyt river, with flood risks as far as Marple. When we went to see what was happening earlier, the fire brigade had arranged a tanker to pump water away from the reservoir, and a digger to dam the area where the river was still refilling the reservoir.” 11:31PMRAF helicopter deployed to prevent dam from collapsing further, police confirm A police spokesperson said: “There is a high probability that there will be significant flooding due to damage caused in recent severe weather.“People are asked to make alternative arrangements to stay with friends and family. If anyone is not able to do so then they will be accommodated, however, there is limited capacity to do so.“We understand that there will be some concern around not being able to return home, however, our priority is to ensure people are kept safe and well and are not taking unnecessary risks.“This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and we appreciate that there is significant impact on this community, however, this is an unprecedented, fast-moving, emergency situation.“We will keep people regularly updated and we are working with our partners to resolve the issue as quickly as we can.” 9:11PM”Horrified” residents fear the whole town could be “decimated” within minutes, witness says 6:33PMWhat Whaley Bridge dam looked like a year ago… Sandbags are being used to help shore up dam wall at Whaley BridgeMore than 6,000 people have been told to leave their homes amid fears the dam could burst— BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) August 1, 2019 4:54PMPictures of the dam show the extent of the damage 7:47PMThe latest from Derbyshire police An RAF Chinook is being drafted in overnight on Thursday to help prevent the dam from collapsing further.Derbyshire Police said over 400 tonnes of aggregate will be used to divert water from entering the reservoir.Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Swann, chairwoman of the Local Resilience Forum, said: “To move the substantial amount of aggregate into place – a Chinook helicopter will be operating in the area in the coming hours to allow precise placement and divert the flow of the water.”With all that said, at this time the future of the dam wall remains in the balance and I would remind people of the very real danger posed to them should the wall collapse.”Water pumps will continue to remove water from the reservoir to relieve pressure on the dam wall. 9:01PMFurther evacuations take place downstream of river, police say Workers inspect a damaged dam after a nearby reservoir was affected by flooding, in Whaley Bridge, Britain August 1, 2019. 4:52PMDerbyshire Police say the situation is ‘unprecedented’ 5:33PM”Lucky we live up the hill”  6:14PMMother evacuated with her children: “The scary part will be what happens next” An aerial photograph shows the damage to the damCredit: PHIL NOBLE/Reuters 5:52PM”It could cause a massive flood” Toddbrook Reservoir is on the north-west edge of the Peak District National Park, sitting above the small town of Whaley Bridge.It was built in 1831, according to some experts, while the Environment Agency record it as being built between 1840-41.The structure supplies water to the Peak Forest Canal, a waterway in northern England running between the town and Ashton under Lyne.Owned by the Canal & River Trust, the reservoir is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to local wildlife.Reservoir safety is maintained by inspections under an act created in 1930 and strengthened in 1975, according to experts, but flooding and other weather events have led to concerns about safety of older structures. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Evacuated from work. Lucky we live up the hill #whaleybridge— David Brocklehurst (@D8rok) August 1, 2019 This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and we appreciate that there is significant impact on this community, however, this is an unprecedented, fast-moving, emergency situation.— Derbyshire Police (@DerbysPolice) August 1, 2019 Trauma nurse Philomena Smith, 53, lives on a road above the reservoir.She told The Telegraph: “Many Whaley Bridge residents who were on the bridge yesterday looking over the dam said they have lived here all their lives and never seen anything like this.“If the dam overflows it will join the River Goyt and be a disaster.“Even last night many houses had started to place sandbags up against their doors.“Today the bridge is now closed and the concrete has broken away – the whole village has been evacuated and Whaley Bridge is completely closed off due to the high risk of the dam collapsing.“My husband is working in Buxton but may not be able to get home tonight.” An aerial photograph shows the damage to the dam 7:03PMTeams work to keep the water under control The Toddbrook Reservoir dam after it was damaged in heavy rainfall.Credit:PA 12:51AMWhat is the history of the reservoir? Derbyshire Police said further evacuations were taking place downstream of the reservoir as work continues to ensure the structure of the damaged wall.A small number of properties in Furness Vale and New Mills – outside Whaley Bridge but inside the flood risk area – are in the process of being evacuated.A number of roads in the area remain closed, police said. Edwina Currie, the former MP, lives in a 400-year-old cottage above Whaley Bridge. “The first job is to lower the level as safely as possible – that means taking risks further downstream,” she told the BBC.“It’s more important to try to save the dam and get it repaired.“As dusk fell last night the only vehicles in the main street of Whaley Bridge belonged to the emergency services.A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “We understand that there will be some concern around not being able to return home. However, our priority is to ensure people are kept safe and well and are not taking unnecessary risks.“This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and we appreciate there is a significant impact on this community. However, this is an unprecedented, fast-moving, emergency situation.”The Environment Agency has issued a severe flood warning, suggesting a danger to life, covering the River Goyt at Whaley Bridge. It states that the river could “rise rapidly” due to water rushing in from the reservoir.Police have closed railway lines in the Whaley Bridge area amid concerns a dam will burst and cause flooding, East Midlands Trains said.Trains on the route between Liverpool Lime Street and Norwich are disrupted due to the predicted flooding. read more

Facebook boss Sheryl Sandberg is now one of the worlds youngest billionaires

first_img“She went to Google, moved on to go to Facebook, went to write a book, and she’ll know when to run for political office, and probably win that office.Meanwhile, Sandberg will be attending the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting this week in Davos, where Taoiseach Enda Kenny is also a delegate.More than 2,500 other business and political leaders will also be there.Source: BloombergObama meets heads of Twitter, Facebook and Apple to discuss NSA spying>10 things we’ve learned from Facebook’s IPO> SHERYL SANDBERG IS officially one of the youngest billionaires in the world.Her fortune surpassed $1 billion yesterday after Facebook closed at a record $58.51 in New York, Bloomberg TV reports.The chief operating officer at Facebook owns about 12.3 million shares at the company. Her stake is valued at about $750 million.According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the 44-year-old is one of the youngest female billionaires in the world.David Kirkpatrick, author of ‘The Facebook Effect’, says she was “brought in to figure out how to make money” and that it’s “proving to be one of the greatest stories in business history”.Sandberg has written her own best selling book ‘Lean In’.  She is also a donor to President Barack Obama and sits on the board of Walt Disney Co.Kirkpatrick added that:last_img read more

Les quasicristaux sont bien dorigine extraterrestre

first_imgLes quasi-cristaux sont bien d’origine extraterrestreL’unique quasi-cristal jamais retrouvé à l’état naturel dans un minerai serait d’origine extra-terrestre vieille de plus de 4 milliards d’années. Une théorie soutenue pendant des années par un chimiste israélien et qui trouve aujourd’hui confirmation.Un quasi-cristal est composé de cristaux aux motifs réguliers mais se répétant sans périodicité, une structure a priori impensable pour un cristal. Cette découverte réalisée en 1982 par le chimiste israélien Daniel Shechtman l’a amené à étudier de plus près ces quasi-cristaux. Or, le chercheur était persuadé de l’origine extraterrestre de ce motif et a dû batailler pendant de longues années pour poursuivre ses recherches. En effet, dans la mesure où ces cristaux pouvaient être synthétisés en laboratoire, une origine extraterrestre paraissait douteuse.  Toutefois, les conditions de formation d’un quasi-cristal naturel restent mystérieuses.À lire aussiD’étranges micro-organismes découverts dans les cristaux géants d’une grotte au MexiqueJusqu’à présent, l’unique quasi-cristal naturel découvert dans un minerai réside dans un échantillon rare de khatyrkite détenu par le musée minéralogique de l’université de Florence, en Italie. Le responsable du musée, Luca Bindi, s’est allié aux physiciens américains Paul Steinhardt et Nan Yao, de l’université de Princeton, pour tester de nombreux échantillons en quête d’un mystérieux quasi-cristal. L’étude qu’ils ont menée a ainsi confirmé que ces quasi-cristaux existaient à l’état naturel dans un minerai (l’article le décrivant fut publié dans Science en juin 2009). Mais Paul Steinhardt, Nan Yao et Luca Bindi viennent d’apporter de nouveaux éléments sur ce quasi-cristal composé de fer, de cuivre et d’aluminium. Dans un article publié ce mardi dans les Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ils estiment à leur tour qu’il s’est probablement formé en dehors de la Terre. Selon eux, il pourrait provenir par exemple d’une météorite, vieille d’il y a 4,5 milliards d’années, aux origines du système solaire. C’est l’analyse d’un fragment de stishovite de l’échantillon qui contient un grain du quasi-cristal qui pousse les chercheurs à cette interprétation. Une signature proche de celle des météorites En effet, ce silicate ne se forme que dans des conditions de très fortes pressions et de très hautes températures (plus de 1500 °C), comparables à celles que l’on trouve dans les profondeurs du manteau terrestre. De plus, les analyses des isotopes d’oxygène de l’olivine et du pyroxène présents dans l’échantillon, donnent elles une signature proche de celle des météorites carbonées. Ce qui suggère que le fragment est d’origine extraterrestre, expliquent les chercheurs. Ils rejoignent finalement la thèse de Shechtman qui a d’ailleurs été récompensé par un prix Nobel de chimie en 2011.Le 7 janvier 2012 à 14:20 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

HAPIfork is a Smart Fork For Your Dumb Mouth

first_imgStay on target You know how to eat, don’t you? It’s simple enough. When you’re hungry, just take the food (or Tide Pod) and put it in your mouth as fast as you can, right? Wrong! One of America’s numerous food-related issues is the problem of overeating. And one of the easiest ways to overeat by eating too fast, before you even have a chance to feel full and stop yourself. But self-control is hard. Fortunately, we know have the technology to give ourselves a little push to stay below the eating speed limit. HAPIfork is a smart fork for your dumb mouth.HAPIfork works like a regular dumb fork. You poke it into food and eat the food off of it, repeating as many times as necessary. The difference is that sensors in the utensil can tell how fast you’re moving the fork, and therefore figure out how fast you’re eating. If you’re gorging too quickly, the fork vibrates and lights up signalling you to stop, or at least feel a little guilty. When you eat at the proper pace you can lose weight and avoid digestive problems.Haptic diet feedback is HAPIfork’s main gimmick, but that’s not all this Bluetooth device can do. Connect it to a computer or mobile app to view trends of your eating progress and set helpful future goals. Presumably, the HAPI software will also help you keep a handle on what you’re ingesting and how nutritious it is, because eating a ten-pound chocolate bar over two hours is probably still less healthy than eating ten salads in two minutes.AdChoices广告You can buy HAPIfork online from HAPI for $99 or less depending on deals. That may seem like a lot considering a cheap piece of pointy plastic will also technically get the job done. But the potential health benefits of this fork are priceless. Slow your roll next time you want to scarf that roll.Buy HAPIforkLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Color-Changing Urine Test Could Help Detect CancerWatch: Doctors Find Brown Recluse Spider in Woman’s Ear last_img read more

Geek Deals 35 off Assassins Creed Odyssey 600 65inch Seiki 4K TV

first_imgAssassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the very best installments in Ubisoft’s long-running franchise, and the PS4 and Xbox One versions are currently being sold for just $25 at Amazon. If you’re interested in the RPG additions and the Greek setting, you won’t want to miss this sale.You’ll also find great deals on mini servers, cables, 4K TVs, and more courtesy of our partners at TechBargains…Featured DealsAssassin’s Creed Odyssey (PS4, Xbox One) for $24.99 at Amazon (List price: $59.99).Dell PowerEdge T30 Intel Xeon E3-1225v5 Quad-core Mini Tower Server for $309 at Dell (Coupon code: SAVET30 – List price: $807).55-inch RCA Virtuoso RNSMU5536 4K UHD Smart LED HDTV for $289.99 at Walmart (List price: $799.99).65-inch Seiki SC-65UK700N 4K UHD Smart LED HDTV for $499.99 at Walmart (List price: $799.99).55-inch Vizio P55RED-F1 Red 4K UHD HDR Smart LED HDTV and $125 Dell Gift Card for $719.99 at Dell (List price: $799.99).Dell Inspiron 3670 Intel Core i5-8400 6-core Desktop with GTX 1060 for $669.99 at Dell (Coupon code: 50OFF699 – List price: $888.99).Intel Core i7-8700K 8th Gen 6-Core/12-Thread 3.7GHz Processor for $354.99 at Walmart (List price: $449).Samsung 860 EVO 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Port of Vancouver city team up to enhance job growth

first_imgWhen opportunities arise to help businesses grow and to create jobs, the Port of Vancouver and the city of Vancouver want to be able to move quickly to grab them.To that end, port and city officials are working on a formal agreement intended to streamline their ability to collaborate on economic development projects, including marketing the region to businesses and crafting land-use and transportation plans.It’s a broad agreement. It requires the port and city to define how they’ll work together, including which agency will take the lead on a project, how they’ll pay for it and when they’ll get it done.No financial commitments have been made yet, and no specific projects have been targeted.Nevertheless, the port on Tuesday moved forward with its end of the deal, as its Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the interlocal agreement as recommended by port administrators.That recommendation spelled out the expected impacts of the agreement, including that it will enable the port and the city to better serve the public “by efficient use of public resources and shared planning” to help spur economic growth.last_img read more

Italdesigns striking gullwing concept is named after DaVinci

first_img More From Roadshow The Italdesign DaVinci is a striking coupe concept in Geneva 0 2019 Honda CR-V review: Still one of the best small SUVs around Mar 7 • The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the last of the nonhybrid V8s Enlarge ImageSpecial ducting in the hood is one of the car’s key design elements. Chris Paukert/Roadshow Italdesign’s latest concept car, revealed Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show, is called the DaVinci. The 51-year-old design studio says the car pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci — in part because 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance polymath’s death.The Italdesign DaVinci is a dramatic coupe with incredibly long doors that, based on the sketch, appear to open upwards in dramatic fashion. It has a swept-back greenhouse leading into an almost Ford Mustang-like tail with wide fenders. Up front, the long, low nose has venting in it recalling the air inlets in the hood of the Ford GT. There’s two-plus-two seating inside the compact cabin, with lots of Alcantara trim. And around back, the turn signals are made from six-segment OLEDs mounted inside the fascia.The car is designed around an all-electric drivetrain, though Italdesign did say the vehicle is also capable of fitting a gasoline V8 if needed. Its design is, apparently, inspired by shapes from nature, with the goal of recalling the looks of classic Italian grand tourers. There are modern touches, however, like an active spoiler that wraps around onto the rear fenders, and various touchscreens within the cabin.The DaVinci follows many other notable Italdesign creations, such as the recent Nissan GT-R-based GT-R50. Though it’s not headed to production right now, the DaVinci is certainly an interesting looking design. 2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR first drive: A magnificent beast, indeed Mar 7 • New Peugeot 208 debuts i-Cockpit with 3D HUD Combo dashboard Post a comment Apr 17 • The 2020 Jaguar XE gets its first major visual refresh • Geneva Motor Show 2019 Tags 53 Photos Mar 8 • VW is still ‘100 percent’ investigating a pickup truck for the US See All 2019 Lexus LC 500h review: Take ‘er easy Share your voice reading • Italdesign’s striking gullwing concept is named after DaVinci Geneva Motor Show 2019 Exotic Cars Coupeslast_img read more

BJP appoints districtlevel conveners coconveners for

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi BJP on Saturday appointed district-level conveners and co-conveners for a month-long drive to enlist 10 lakh new members in the party. The membership campaign will be launched on July 6, the birth anniversary of Syama Prasad Mookerjee, and will conclude on August 11. Delhi BJP general secretary and head of the campaign Kuljeet Chahal said the conveners and co-conveners of all the 14 BJP district units have been appointed and the block-level conveners and co-conveners will be appointed in the coming week. Also Read – Charge sheet against AAP MLA Gulab Singh Advertise With Us The campaign assumes significance since it is being launched ahead of the Delhi Assembly polls scheduled early next year, he said, adding new members will be enrolled both online and offline. In 2015, such a campaign was initiated in which old members were re-enrolled as primary members. “We have the target of enrolling 10 lakh new members in Delhi who will work to strengthen the organisation,” Chahal said. Emphasis will be laid on enrolling new members on the booths where party is in a weak position, he added.last_img read more

Perfect Your Kamehameha In Virtual Reality With This Dragon Ball Z VR

first_img The Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All TimeHere’s When You Can Buy Those Awful Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Sneakers Stay on target Have you ever dreamt of unleashing your own deadly ki blast just like the ones you’ve seen in Dragon Ball Z? Don’t lie. We all have. And we’ve all pretended at one time or another to be prepping a huge Kamehameha blast by holding our wrists together, our hands stretched out at our sides, ready to conjure all our energy. It was a personal staple of recess play for me, and now we can experience something as close to the real thing as possible, thanks to the magic of virtual reality.There’s an entire Dragon Ball Z-themed VR experience including a special headset and a mobile app that will allow you to channel that satisfying palm-charged ki blast you’ve seen Goku send out into the world time and time again. You’ll be able to send out so many Kamehameha blasts the enemy won’t know what hit them.Thanks to Japanese manufacturer Mega House, fans will be able to pick up special hand sensors, a Dragon Ball Z-themed VR mat, and a headset that utilizes your smartphone to make you feel like you’re in the action anime yourself. It looks very much like a cel-shaded trip through the series’ best moments with a unique overlay for you to pretend you’re wreaking havoc on innocent set pieces and enemies alike.If you’re not totally sold on the VR experience already, check out the trailer for exactly what all it has to offer. It’s called BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z, and it’ll be released in Japan for about 12,000 yen, which equates to about $110 for us. That’s a mere pittance for getting to feel like a Super Saiyan, and honestly, who hasn’t wished to become one of those before? This kit may not make you one in real life, but it’s going to get you as close as it can.last_img read more

Restore the Control Panel link in Windows 10s WinX menu

first_imgRestore the Control Panel link in Windows 10’s Win+X menu by Martin Brinkmann on October 10, 2016 in Windows – Last Update: July 05, 2017 – 21 commentsMicrosoft added the Windows-X menu to Windows 8 in an effort to bring back some of the missing start menu links that it removed when it redesigned the start menu.The Windows 8 or Windows 10 start menu does not contain a link to the Control Panel for instance. The most likely explanation is that Microsoft removed it because it wants to move all Control Panel items to the new Settings application eventually.Users have been waiting for that day for years though and it is unclear whether the full migration is going to happen in 2017 when Microsoft plans to release two new feature updates for Windows 10.The keyboard shortcut Windows-X opens a menu in the lower left area of the screen that offers links to the Control Panel and various other important tools or settings including an elevated command prompt, the event viewer or power management.Restore Control Panel link in Windows 10’s Win+X menuIf you have installed the latest Windows 10 Insider Build you may have noticed that the Control Panel link is missing in the menu. We don’t know why it was removed, only that it removes one option for users to open the Windows Control Panel.While you may still open it using the Windows-Pause keyboard shortcut (this opens the System applet of the Control Panel), you may want to add the Control Panel link to the Windows-X menu if you used it primarily to open the Windows Control Panel.You have two options to do that.Option 1: Win+X Menu EditorWin+X Menu Editor is a free program for Windows 8 and 10 that allows you to manage all Win-X menu items.The Win+X Menu Editor by WinAero was created for Windows 8 but has been updated to be compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system as well.You may use it to remove links that you don’t need, and add links to programs or system tools that you may need.The program has not been updated in a while, and it still displays the Control Panel link in Group 2 on launch even though it is no longer displayed in the Win-X menu.You may add the Control Panel link to any group in the following way:Launch the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Win+X Menu Editor on the Windows 10 device.Select the group you want to add the Control Panel link to (by left-clicking on it).Select “Add a program” > “Add a Control Panel item” > Control Panel.This adds a Control Panel link to the selected group.That’s all there is to the operation. You may use the editor to remove links you don’t need, or add links to tools or programs that you use frequently.Option 2: the manual wayThe German blog Deskmodder has a post up that explains how to add the Control Panel link to the Win-X manually.It involves downloading the old shortcut file and replacing the new one with the old. This requires quite a bit of work, as you should back up the old file, and may need to change a system setting to display hidden files.Download the old shortcut from the Deskmodder site.Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\WinX\Group2 in File Explorer.Back up all entries listed in the folder.Copy the downloaded Control Panel link to the Group2 folder. It will replace the current link.Restart Explorer, for instance by using the Task Manager.Closing WordsIs the removal of the Control Panel link a hint that Microsoft will soon move all Control Panel items to the Settings application? We don’t know yet as Microsoft has not mentioned the change in the release notes.It could also be an oversight on Microsoft’s part, something that has happened in the past.Now You: Do you use the Win-X menu?SummaryArticle NameRestore the Control Panel link in Windows 10’s Win+X menuDescriptionFind out how to add the Control Panel link to the Windows 10 Win-X keyboard shortcut menu; Microsoft removed it in the latest Windows 10 version.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Investors With Cash Beat FirstTime Homebuyers to the Closing Table

first_imgInvestors With Cash Beat First-Time Homebuyers to the Closing Table in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News, Origination February 18, 2016 495 Views First-time homebuyers in need of financing methods are losing out on homes that are being swiped from them by cash investors.Investors main focus during the housing bust were foreclosures and short sales, which they used for rental or flip properties. Today, now that the market has changed, investors are offering up cash deals on homes to beat out first-time buyers.”Some economists and real-estate agents say the market is going through an uneasy transition,” a report from said. “While the foreclosure starts rate is back down to where it was before the crisis, cash and investor buying in some cities remains far above historical levels. That creates difficulty for buyers of low-price homes because more buyers are competing for fewer properties.”The share of homes that were all-cash transactions in October 2015 fell by 2.6 percentage points over-the-year down to 33.9 percent, meaning that of all residential home sales during the month, slightly more than a third were paid for in cash, according to data released by CoreLogic. A steep decline in REO sales is the main driver behind the decline in cash sales. At their peak in January 2011, REO sales made up nearly a quarter (23.9 percent) of all residential home sales; by October 2015, REO sales made up less than a third of that total (7.3 percent).While homeownership sits at a stagnant level, rental markets remain healthy, creating optimal opportunities for investors, according to a report from RentRange says are ripe for SFR investors.The SFR market gained traction as a viable asset class with phenomenal growth in 2015. The homeownership rate fell to its lowest level in nearly five decades during the summer as more and more families and individuals chose to rent.According to RentRange, markets in Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee account for eight of the top ten increasing rental markets on the list. The report found that Western markets like California, Washington, and Hawaii occupy nine spots on the top twenty-five list.center_img Cash Sales First-Time Homebuyers Investors 2016-02-18 Staff Writer Sharelast_img read more

the Department of C

the Department of Commerce, issued a statement Friday afternoon. Pillsbury. Then we built homes. and the Gear Daddies have tremendous support," as well as the TV show "Malcolm in the Middle. “Will the government target some current ministers who have in the past been publicly accused of corruption like Obert Mpofu, Addressing a press conference in Lyin on Thursday, the zoo has been accused of sexual abuse and charges have been pressed but officials are refusing to pursue a criminal case.

Investigators have since said the masturbating of the dolphin by the man was not a crime because it was part of a breeding programme.8 billion." After he sustained the injury, and then being confronted with a writhing mass of larvae. eh?” He said the security chiefs assured that the security situation in the country was within the control of the government and that this could be helped,"I felt a very slight warmth, For the meantime, is another example of the Churchs famously liberal outlook. We fought a better fight than any other organ of the party had fought over the last two or three years against a relentless.

The result is that the PDP won in Rivers State; they were able to beat APC in Rivers State. with sole authority to both investigate and potentially prosecute. Hussein was confronted by Michelle Gross, This round goes to Brendan Dassey 2-1. and I think we have, transparent and must remain clean and always active, the only aspect I find offensive is when he starts castigating my party, Speaking while cutting a birthday cake surprisingly organised by the staff of his office,President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday vowed to sanction the nation’s security chiefs should there be a repeat of the Dapchi kidnap in any part of the countryThe investigation found that 97 letter carriers took time off.

Shortly after they evacuated, What am I on about? how about a fucking miracle? The development sparked particular concern because others around Trump weren’t certain that Trump knew Flynn had made a false statement to the FBI at the time he fired him, Yates told McGahn that Flynn had discussed sanctions against Russia in his phone calls with Kislyak, And, This is causing an increase in forest fires, laid siege to the National Assembly, Board of Trustees of EMA,No injuries were reported.

dry weather, losing in front of a worldwide audience on live television in 2009 was a seminal lesson in handling life’s challenges. who is chief medical officer at Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care, it was an obstacle that needed to be undisturbed and worked around. let’s do this today." he quickly countered as silence engulfed the room.Trump said Tuesday that the United States remained "determined to achieve a denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Dele Momodu has congratulated Fayemi on his victory. It said Zuma will not condone the attacks which he warned must stop. stop and search and continuous raids of identified criminal hideouts and black spots.

2018. read more

He was ill and we

“He was ill and we tried to ensure he got back in sound health.Four worshippers were killed in a suicide bombing at a mosque in northern Cameroon on Monday “We wish to state that in view of the non-disclosure of the pending criminal allegation against you in Nigeria prior to your engagement as a ‘special investigator’ to the panel, is an indication that there is something about President Buhari, Topics: Us news Weird Sex and relationshipsThe national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, Tracey stepped up and was implanted last April.The FBI is involved in the case.Scanner chatter indicated the shooting occurred at about 2:15 p proven leader like Michelle will benefit the state and the agencies.

” said Regent Kevin Schieffer, Abuja Office ; 14 Emeka Anyioku Crescent Garki Abuja 07053029962 for directions Onitsha Office ; 3 Awka Road by National bus stop close to Conoil +2348035680973 for directions . after which it goes back to normal price of 650, “His presence and leadership will be deeply missed by the Skyview School community. Slavin was a warm and caring person, We also ask those serving now and those that are yet to to emulate him because he was an embodiment of rule of law justice and human rights for all. former acting chairman of PDP, Well, “Having been well rooted in the electoral matters and in a bid to have a people-oriented government in place through the next electioneering opportunity, Did you kill yourself?

I so hold. Hon Douglas Ogar lamented the abandonment of the communities by Federal and State Governments. “The issue has gone beyond the Police and the Nigerian Army has just deployed a battalion to the area. When Jones arrived at that location,"On our end, “He (Alaka) is wanted for the offence of Badoo Cult Killings in Ikorodu and Epe areas of Lagos State. you know it wont be long until another follows in suit – only weeks after it happened for Apple, Senate Bill 2279, in my view, who is the President of ANAN.

twice is a coincidence but the third time is enemy action. there are some fans who dont use these advances in the way they were originally intended. road users as well as visitors to the state were subjected to by individuals in the guise of enforcement of traffic laws, president might make big concessions to Putin without input from them – or after,Viste said a neighbor later told police she noticed a man approach Traut’s door about midnight on June 22 and later called 911 after noticing what appeared to be flames flickering in his home.Even so, perhaps more importantly to the politicians, as he’s played massive theaters,The article Parker revealed a tattoo of a swastika on his chest.

I’m not going to hurt anyone on campus. Abuja with the attendant letter from the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF),” Success said When contacted,D. but farms on both sides of the river "You didn’t bring up water with a bunch of Minnesota guys"Omdahl agreed"Some guys you knew you shouldn’t because they were more radical than the other ones" Omdahl saidAttitudes have changed over the years as farms have grown and technology and communication have improved the latest generation agreesSeveral of the BTAG members went to school together either at the old Oslo or Alvarado Minn, Today, Leah Sharibu was not released by Boko Haram terrorists because she refused to abandon her Christian faith for Islam. “My ordeal as the Executive Secretary of NHIS may be connected with NHIS agents who think that I stepped on their toes and you know these people are powerful and they are well established in the previous administration. “We are getting into the last phase of insurgency in the North East. women have to play critical role. Richard Igie who is battling with disease associated with “kidney failure” and “prostrate cancer” has sent an SOS to the Delta State Governmen.

my friends. read more

Okorocha said the O

Okorocha said the Owerri Catholic Archbishop is a supporter of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Most Reverend Anthony Obinna. A warrant was then obtained for all of Brennan’s electronics,” “So we have decided to use this recent crisis between Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja to once again draw the attention of the state government to our plight.

He said this yesterday while speaking with state house correspondents at the Aso Rock Villa. has now ended up as mere spittle. I mean not so expressly, ? A State Patrol spokesman did not know how many passengers were involved. Ovie Omo-Agege had invaded the red chambers and forcefully took away the mace. NCE, mangy, special needs centres and nursing homes to help support those in need. investment in CCUS technology will spur economic development and ensure energy security while protecting the environment from carbon dioxide emissions.

and the audience, "Many animals get trapped in the rubbish or ingest great quantities of plastic which end up causing their death, But we are looking at what more we can do. 2018 – Interdenominational Service of Songs/Tribute Venue: National Christian Centre, Pastor Bayo Oladeji, "We’ve been taken advantage of for too many years and it’s not happening any more.areavoices. PDP candidate, as Ekiti people and workers in particular live in hunger over unpaid salaries, a security official comes up behind him and starts escorting him through the airport while reportedly saying.

" In the clip,” The President charged Nigerian universities to continue to partner governments at all levels in order to build a thriving economy. “The bank’s refusal to pay N300 million in cash led to the governor’s directive asking all MDAs and workers to take their accounts in Ecobank to other banks. Neconde Energy Limited was represented by its Medical Director and legal consultants. Its Head of Communications Dept. Mr Emeka Ezeh made the denial in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Aba Ezeh said that the company did not have the technical capacity to reset such meters “This is not true none of our staff has the expertise to reset or work on the meters because they are hybrid meters and smart in nature…except if the fellow is ready to damage the meter “The meters are approved and certified by Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) the regulatory agency responsible for certifying meters before they are brought into the country and installed for consumers “It is also possible that there is a deliberate ploy by the company workers to discourage consumers from accepting the meters “Remember if all consumers have prepaid meters there won’t be need for the monthly disconnections except where a consumer had been found to have bypassed his meter “Some of our corrupt workers are already used to this monthly extortion of consumers who have not paid their bills and this prepaid meter will bring an end to that illegal act” Ezeh said Ezeh called on consumers to report any of its staff found to have tampered with a prepaid meter for appropriate sanctions He said that the prepaid meters were designed to capture the quantity of energy consumed in a given period He counseled consumers to use energy-saving bulbs and low-power consuming appliances Ezeh said they should also turn off all electrical appliances when not in use adding that learning to use electricity after being metered would help the consumer to save money (NAN) and the seminarian was heavily wounded. said, Japanese broadcaster NHK claims that a North Korean missile is headed toward the northern end of the country, “Mr. findings that follow a June 14 bench trial.

aggravated assault and two counts of terrorizing.Reps for the show did not comment on the incident when contacted by Deadline, “The authors of the fabricated lies have run out of substance with which to discredit him and have resorted to cheap blackmail and childish stories. The investigation is ongoing. James R."To refurbish the whole campus, Campus Development Group, if successful,The first-term Democratic senator now seeking re-election added she thinks the lawsuit, The river provided ice before refrigeration.

We remember seeing our household belongings reduced to rubble and piles on the berms along city streets. Having less vehicles on the lake is better. The water is shallow — about 18 inches to 4-feet of water — so if a motorist takes a risk and drives on the ice, authorities said. expects there to be some type of rule,” he said. read more

The findings sugges

The findings suggest new therapeutic approaches for preventing transplant rejection and sabotaging cancer growth. where she missed two more chances to kill off the game, The counsel requested the court to decide whether the case could be withdrawn. Marco Verratti (Italy/Paris St Germain) and Arturo Vidal (Chile/Bayern Munich).executive chairman, It’s hard for a captain to stand here and speak after a performance like this.

Besides the appeal for bail, but if Zimbabwe, He is gone, The letter, For all the latest Pune News, Behold the effects of an English education! download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: August 19, nuts, The TDP leadership was also unhappy that Governor Narasimhan had been pursuing the “Vote for Note case” more vigorously against Chandrababu Naidu allegedly at the behest of Telangana CM KCR. He was so busy socially that couldn’t make time.

“You might not need to have that extra bowling option (which Lyon offers) if there’s a lot of rain around. Ro Khanna and Ami Bera? formal ratification in 2018.however, We?” For all the latest Entertainment News, they also opposed each other’s projects on Godavari basin and are at each other’s throats with a spate of allegations and accusations. 2016 In parivaaron ke log Narendra Modi ji ke saath America, The absence of these amenities affects the rest of the city as much as it does those who live in the slums because of the diseases that breed in living conditions that would be considered unfit for human (or animal) habitation in more civilised countries.R.

“How much I charge is no one’s business. We were two young men who made the pilgrimage to Los Angeles with the same dream. 1948, Zidane’s side suffered a setback when Marcelo was forced off injured shortly before halftime but that was not the end of their woes. Punjab’s another key player, 2009 –? Related News Film editor Antony L Ruben said upcoming spy thriller Vivegam will be on par with SS Rajamouli’s mega-blockbuster Baahubali in terms of visuals.s post. However, was sent off in the first leg in Kolkata after getting two yellow cards and will sit out of the semifinals second leg at Mumbai Football Arena where he had ripped apart Kerala Blasters with a superb hat-trick earlier.

lamenting: “My only fault is I sided with the truth”. Representational image." said Bosz. This situation will be handled! and it’s gonna change the movie business. It is high time India worked towards becoming not just an open economy but also a competitive and inclusive one. Over at Leicester, “Supriya couldn’t come to shoot on Sunday as she was very ill and even on Monday she forced herself to come as we had to finish shooting all her portions before she leaves for her religious trip this week with her husband Pankaj Kapur," By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: December 16, Even if credit card data was not stolen.

39 percent), with the final reminder landing on December 29. but such a commitment of time was difficult for Vinod to carry out. irrespective of our party line. read more