SP-BSP announce alliance for 48 Maharashtra Lok Sabha seats

first_imgMumbai: The Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party Tuesday announced they would contest all 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra in alliance. Announcing the alliance, SP MLA Abu Asim Azmi said the two parties together represent about “85-90 per cent” of the society and provided a third front for people let down by the BJP and Congress. “Secularism is about to end in the country. Those who call themselves chowkidars can go to any length, and peddle lies, to cling on to power,” he alleged. He claimed only the SP-BSP alliance was strong enough to stop the BJP from winning over 5-7 seats in Maharashtra. Attacking the Congress, Azmi said the main opposition party had made Muslims, Dalits and the backward classes “helpless”, as there was no third alternative available for people. “However, after our decision to contest all 48 seats, a third front will be available. We represent 85-90 per cent of society,” he claimed. Azmi said discussions on the seat-sharing formula was yet to begin between the two parties and a committee had been formed to take it forward. The formula would be announced in two to three days, he asserted. He added that no other party had approached them as yet to be part of the alliance. BSP MP Ashok Siddharth alleged the Congress’ policies for Muslims, Dalits and backward classes remained on paper and could not penetrate to the ground level, adding that the SP-BSP will ensure these policies reach the common man. Siddharth said BSP chief Mayawati will address a public rally in Nagpur on April 5 and the party would also request SP chief Akhilesh Yadav to be part of it.last_img read more

Pirates to set Sri Lankans free

The cargo vessel was hijacked following a Hollywood-style chase on November 26, 2010.Since then, one crew member, an Indian, has died from cholera. While the others, seven Pakistanis including the captain, seven Sri Lankans, six Bangladeshis and one Iranian have survived the ordeal, each losing 20kg to 30kg.The pirates have agreed to refuel the ship and provide the supplies and provisions to reach the closest port. The two parties finally agreed on $50 per person per day as the expenses incurred by the pirates.Although the agreement has raised hopes of the families finally seeing their loved ones, there is still one obstacle to be overcome — arranging the amount and transferring it to the pirates within the April 20 deadline. Somali pirates have agreed to release the crew of a ship hijacked in November 2010 which includes seven Sri Lankans, the Gulf News reported.The cargo ship MV Albedo was hijacked by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Although, no ransom is being paid, the representatives of the families, led by senior political leaders from Pakistan have successfully negotiated with the pirates to pay the expenses incurred by them since they were captured. “We have been in contact with the pirates through the tribal leaders of Somalia for the past several months and we made it clear to them that we are unable to pay the ransom, but we have agreed to pay the expenses incurred by them over the last 17 months,” said Ahmad Chinoy, Chief of the Citizens Police Liaison Committee in Sindh, Pakistan, who has been at the forefront of negotiations. The pirates had initially demanded a ransom of $10 million (Dh36.7 million), which the owner declined to pay and the families couldn’t afford. read more

Ugandas peace process now in critical phase warns senior UN aid official

Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland told a press briefing in Geneva that while “dramatic progress” has been made in the peace process, it was a struggle to keep the momentum going.“The next weeks will be absolutely crucial for whether or not we can bring to an end one of our generation’s worst wars… [it is] an extremely fragile process,” he said, referring to ongoing peace talks in Juba, southern Sudan, between the Ugandan Government and the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).“I’m hopeful that we can now see an end to it all but then we have to be creative, we have to be courageous [and] we have to be flexible in assisting this African-led peace process.”On 26 August Uganda and the LRA signed a cessation of hostilities to end the conflict, confined largely to the country’s north and east, but a comprehensive peace deal has not yet been struck. Five senior members of the LRA, including its leader Joseph Kony, also face International Criminal Court (ICC) indictments for alleged war crimes.Mr. Egeland said he was concerned that some members of the LRA have left camps in southern Sudan, where they were supposed to settle under the cessation of hostilities agreement, because of recent nearby movements by Ugandan military forces.He added there was also concern that the assembly points lacked adequate services, and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) last week launched the Juba Initiative Fund to support the peace talks and help the local civilian population.During its war with Uganda, which began in 1986, the LRA became notorious for abducting children and then using them as soldiers or porters, while subjecting some to torture and allocating many girls to senior officers in a form of institutional rape. As many as 80 per cent of the local Acholi people have also been displaced as a result of the fighting.Last month Uganda’s Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa told the General Assembly’s high-level debate that his Government had made “a painful decision to offer amnesty” to LRA leaders because it believes that is the best way to end the conflict peacefully. read more

Our Model Thinks Ohio State Not Clemson Is The Championship Favorite

Houston25233330%2%<1% Utah12152118%6%<1% TCU84237%31%11% Baylor610132%31%13% USC—20530%4%1% Alabama42614%41%11% Oklahoma St.14111415%6%1% North Carolina—262323%<1%<1% LSU25822%30%8% Memphis13143621%6%<1% The first College Football Playoff rankings are out, and the selection committee ranked Clemson, LSU, Ohio State and Alabama as the top four teams, in that order, worthy of the playoff were it held today. But we at FiveThirtyEight want to look into the future. Our model (outlined in the table below) simulates the rest of the season to project which teams the committee will let into the playoff when it releases its final selections on Dec. 6. It expects that Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama and TCU, in that order, are most likely to make the cut. If you want to read more about how the model works, here’s Nate Silver’s explanation of its methodology. If you just want to get to the rankings, here they are: Read more: Our preview of this week’s college football games Florida1091241%18%4% Michigan State731915%22%3% Wisconsin—18245%<1%<1% Clemson17756%51%12% Penn State—2741<1%<1%<1% Florida State16131513%5%<1% RankingProbability of … Oklahoma1516315%14%5% Notre Dame589—25%5% Iowa9122925%7%<1% Mississippi St.201917<1%3%<1% Mississippi18171020%8%2% Arkansas—3926<1%<1%<1% Texas A&M193016<1%<1%<1% Toledo24244328%<1%<1% Ohio State31447%61%16% Northwestern214257<1%<1%<1% Temple22324541%<1%<1% Michigan1722187%6%<1% UCLA2321225%1%<1% Oregon—2532<1%<1%<1% Stanford1161346%19%3% TeamCFPEloFPIConf. TitlePlayoffNat. Title read more

Italian Contested Handball Elections La Grande Famiglia dell Handball is ready

The Grande Famiglia dell’ Handball, has launched recently a membership campaign which aims to build up support across the Italian and International handball fraternity.Infact the International association which was born locally after the contested Italian Federation election last October, now has finally set up a board of directors and a series of subcomittees which deal with specific handball objectives.At the helm of the GFH we find Pierluigi Montauti who without any doubts will keep on safeguarding and promoting handball under every aspects of the game.On the Italian election appeal side, the GFH has assured that it will keep on following the appeal through the Italian courts.Indeed, Italian handball has come to a crossroad where everybody is fighting each other and nobody,but few charlatans, are able to see a way out of its deep crisis.Anybody who would like to join the GFH is able to do that by clicking on the following link:http://gfhandball.altervista.org/blog/campagna-adesioni/TEXT: Luca del Bianco elezioni italiagrande famiglia dell’handballitaly handballmontautipallamanopierluigi montauti ← Previous Story Gislason: We have to beat one of the best home teams – Ortega: F4 is our goal! Next Story → Ivan Cupic is back after three months! read more

Nook subscribers to the NY Times get past paywall

first_imgIf you own a Barnes and Noble Nook and subscribe to the New York Times through it, you’ll be able to get past the Times’ newly implemented paywall. Barnes and Nobile announced today that if you’re a paying subscriber to the Times on the Nook, you’ll be able to log in and get access to all of the Times’ content on the Web or on other devices as well.The news was long coming for Nook owners, who saw Amazon Kindle owners get the nod last week, and paper subscribers to the New York Times called out specifically when the newspaper announced its new payment system. Nook owners can subscribe to the New York Times for $19.99 per month, but the subscription only allows you to read the paper on your Nook or Nook Color – you won’t be able to use Barnes and Noble’s free Nook e-Reader apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC. Still, if you do subscribe, you’ll have complete access to the web site on any of those devices.AdChoices广告Read more at Barnes and Noble.last_img read more

Raising Greek kids in Australia

first_imgEleni Exadaktylou is a mother of two young children, who, with her husband Yianni, decided to leave Greece and seek a better future in Australia.“When we initially discussed leaving, I was not at all convinced that this was indeed at all a good idea but my husband was certainly keen to migrate after the impact the financial crisis had on the corporate sector in which he worked,” Eleni tells Neos Kosmos.The decision generated a lot of emotional upheaval for their extended family as well as the couple themselves.“I thought long and hard and decided to support Yianni’s decision, but as a parent, you just worry about the children,” says the mother of eight-year-old Manos and five-year-old Iro.“Our biggest concern was whether the decision to migrate was the right one for our family and whether the children would be able to adapt easily in a new and completely foreign environment, and learn a new language, make new friends, and enjoy a carefree childhood.“Luckily, the children embraced the change, I took much longer to adjust and get used to the new life in Australia. Initially, I made the unjustified mistake of comparing Australia to Greece; in particular the education system, career opportunities, the different lifestyle, the climate, the beaches, the landscape, the food, and even the people we met.“I just couldn’t reconcile with my decision to leave home.”Eleni, who originates from the town of Argos, studied midwifery in Athens, and worked in a fertility clinic before she arrived in Australia, reveals that what helped her get through those hard times was the acceptance that the ultimate responsibility of making her family’s move worthwhile rested on her and Yianni.“I decided to stop comparing and start living. I consciously gave myself, my husband and our children the time and space to adapt to new environments, concepts and circumstances, a different country, a different language, different experiences, and different ways of thinking, and concentrated all my energy on making the most of what Australia had to offer.”It didn’t take long for Eleni to start appreciating the quality of life in Australia.“Australia is not like Greece but there are certain aspects of this country that I really enjoy such as the facilities, the sense of safety, the quiet lifestyle, and the level of respect for the individual.”Their extended family remain in Greece.Eleni Exadaktylou with her family in Australia. Photo: Supplied“Migrating wasn’t easy. Yianni and I didn’t have any relatives or friends in Australia and I can honestly say that there is a certain level of emotional pain and sadness in moving to the other side of the world.“We miss our families, especially yiayia and pappou. It definitely takes a while getting used to not having anywhere to go on a Sunday for family lunch, or nowhere to spend Christmas, Easter, and the children’s birthdays.“As a working woman and a young mother, it was also challenging not having the support necessary to fulfill my personal and professional aspirations.”Eleni admits that leaving her parents was one of the hardest things she ever had to do.“I felt awful. Like all of our parents, my mother and father are getting older and I am still coming to terms with the fact that I am no longer able to support them as I would have done if I was still living in Greece. At the same time, I definitely still struggle with the idea that I have deprived them from making long-lasting memories with their grandchildren.”As time passes by, Eleni realises that although her extended family is miles away, her own family unit is growing stronger.“The children have really amazed me. I love watching them grow into strong independent individuals and I am grateful to the truly amazing people we have met within our school community who made us feel really welcomed.“Despite our different upbringing and cultural diversity, ultimately as parents, we all share a common goal. To see our children happy,” says Eleni who admits that tables have now turned and her biggest concern revolves around maintaining her children’s ‘Greekness’ within a multicultural and diverse society like Australia.“It is such a contradiction really. We do everything in our power to help our children adjust to a new environment and at the same time we desperately try so hard to hold on to our ‘Greekness’ and ensure our children stay connected with their Greek heritage, without foregoing Greece and the Greek language.“This is yet another challenge, that like all newcomers, Yianni and I hope to overcome so that Manos and Iro grow up loving Australia without ever forgetting where they came from.“I pray for our children to always remember, love, and have a special place in their hearts for Greece.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Delayed Due to High Winds

first_img ESA Satellite Avoids Potential Collision With SpaceX Starlink CraftSpaceX’s Starhopper Aces Final Test Flight in Texas Stay on target SpaceX was scheduled to launch its massive Falcon Heavy rocket on Wednesday, however, the company decided to postpone takeoff to April 11 due to high winds.On April 10, the Falcon Heavy rocket was supposed to send Arabsat-6A, a communications satellite for Saudi Arabia, into orbit and attempt a triple rocket landing after takeoff, CBS News reported. Now, the next liftoff has been rescheduled to April 11 (tonight) at 6:35 p.m. EST and the Arabsat-6A Mission will be livestreamed on SpaceX’s YouTube channel starting at 9:35 p.m. EST.Even though the Falcon Heavy, which has 27 engines in three Falcon 9 core stages, was mounted on pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday, bad weather forced SpaceX to postpone the launch to Thursday evening. On Wednesday night, SpaceX initially reset the countdown for an 8 p.m. EST takeoff, and then, high winds further delayed it to 8:32 p.m. EST, which was the end of the liftoff window.Falcon Heavy and Arabsat-6A are vertical on Launch Complex 39A. Currently targeting liftoff at 8:00 p.m. EDT; monitoring upper-level winds that could push us to the end of the window (8:32 p.m. EDT) → https://t.co/gtC39uBC7z pic.twitter.com/Vbzbhy6PLz— SpaceX (@SpaceX) April 10, 2019The Arabsat-6A Mission will be an important milestone for SpaceX, since it will help strengthen global internet, radio, television, and mobile communications for customers in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.“Arabsat-6A is a high-capacity telecommunications satellite that will deliver television, radio, Internet, and mobile communications to customers in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe,” SpaceX said in a Arabsat-6A mission description. “Built on Lockheed Martin’s enhanced LM 2100 platform, Arabsat-6A includes several innovations that provide advanced Kaspot beam communications services and Ku and Ka-band coverages in addition to other frequency bands.”Falcon Heavy’s 27 Merlin engines generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, making it the world’s most powerful operational rocket by a factor of two pic.twitter.com/0LGaLgdi13— SpaceX (@SpaceX) April 7, 2019Once the Falcon Heavy rocket blasts off from Kennedy Space Center, it will place the Arabsat-6A communications satellite to a high orbit above Earth and SpaceX engineers hope they’ll be able to recover the Falcon Heavy’s three Falcon 9 core stages with a triple rocket landing after the launch.More on Geek.com:Watch SpaceX Try to Pull a Triple Rocket Landing During Falcon Heavy LaunchWatch SpaceX’s Starhopper Test-Fire Its Engine for the First TimeSpaceX Conducts Fiery Tests for Starship’s Heat Shieldslast_img read more

2017 Economic Forecast Breakfast is Thursday

first_imgNext month, the current economic expansion in the United States is expected to tie its third-longest period of growth, which lasted from 1982 to 1990.How have things changed since then? How, specifically, have Oregon, Washington and Clark County changed? Can the Reagan-era boom tell us anything about the future of our present-day economy?John Mitchell, chief economist at U.S. Bancorp for three decades, expects to dive into these and other questions at The Columbian’s 2017 Economic Forecast Breakfast on Thursday.Mitchell said he will broadly examine national trends and home in on the Pacific Northwest economies “and lay out some of the issues: what’s likely to happen, things to watch, and what Clark County has done well,” he said.Mitchell’s presentation, as keynote speaker of the breakfast and a member of a four-person panel consisting of local business leaders, comes the day before the start of Donald Trump’s presidency. Mitchell said Trump’s anticipated shifts in trade and tax policies will reverberate for years.“The implications are long-term,” he said. “I think there’s a tendency to think this stuff will happen real fast.”Washington and Oregon remain among the strongest economies in the United States. Clark County itself is enjoying robust employment, with preliminary figures showing 6.9 percent unemployment in November. The housing market dipped slightly during the election season and wet weather, but remains strong.last_img read more

Town meeting for 12storey building Wednesday August 12

first_img Recommended for you PDM says Opposition not officially invited; gives stance on SIPT Related Items:12 storey building, grace bay strip, town hall meeting Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Five Cays town hall meeting reveals MP plans Town Meetings engineered for public feedback; both tonight Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 11 Aug 2015 – While it has faced some changes in public interaction strategies and changes in town meeting dates, tomorrow is pegged as the day for people to weigh in on the 12-storey building proposed for the award winning Grace Bay strip. The government believes the World’s #1 Island, Providenciales, needs the proposed development, saying in a public invite that: “The main objective is economic benefit, job growth, and stimulation of the construction industry, auxiliary services and tourism related businesses. This move by the government will bring the much-needed increase in bed count to support the projected upsurge in airlift to meet the demand of year on year rise in tourism arrivals.” But there are some who do not agree with the 140 feet or 12 storeys and all are invited to meeting tomorrow at the Gus Lightbourne Gym at 7pm. last_img read more

Gridiron Ministries Camp Lit at Mt Miguel

first_imgGridiron Ministries Camp Lit at Mt. Miguel KUSI Sports, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Camp Lit is an event with football, softball, volleyball and dance camps all rolled into one.The event sponsored by the Gridiron Ministries is all day at Mt. Miguel High School and ends at the Bonita Valley Community Church.For more information click here. June 21, 2019 KUSI Sports Posted: June 21, 2019 Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News, Sports FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

CM YS Jagan pays condolences to Minister Vellampalli family

first_imgVijayawada: The YSRCP president and AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy pay condolences to Minister Vellampalli Srinivas Rao and his family members. Minister’s mother Mahalakshmamma passed away on Sunday evening. CM YS Jagan has visited the residence of minister Vellampalli on Monday and paid tribute to Mahalakshmamma along with Minister Dharmana Krishna Das, MLA Parthasarathy, Lella Appi Reddy and other. The funeral of Mahalakshmamma will be held today. Later CM left to New Delhi to attend the inter-state council meeting chaired by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.last_img read more

PM asks officials to earn peoples trust

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh HasinaPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday asked the public servants to stand beside people and gain their trust by discharging duties with honesty, sincerity and devotion, reports UNB.”Those who will work at the field level must be there beside people and gain their confidence and trust,” she said.The prime minister was speaking at the closing ceremony of the 102nd and 103rd Law & Administration Courses at Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy in Dhaka.Sheikh Hasina also asked the public servants to discharge their duties keeping up the spirit of the Liberation War.”You’re among the fewer lucky persons of this country who’re having the opportunity to serve people in various ways. So, you need to build your mentality of serving people. You always must remain ready to face any challenge of the country,” she said.Hasina said those who will work at the field-level administration have to have the sincere efforts to solve the problems of people.”Coming out of the daily routine works, you’ll have to keep yourselves busy finding out creative ways to resolve problems and ensure the welfare of local people,” the PM said.She asked the new officials to work with courage facing the challenges of the 21st century. “In this ever-changing world, you’ll have to make yourselves more skilled through continuous self-development.”Emphasising the importance of acquiring knowledge, skills and experience keeping pace with the world and advancement of technology, Hasina said the officers will have to use their gathered knowledge and experience for the country’s development.As a victorious nation, the PM said, the Bangalees will never remain dependent on others, rather they will move forward with self-dignity and keeping their heads high.She reminded them that the officers of the administration as citizens of an independent country will have to work giving priority to the country’s interest.About the Padma Bridge construction with Bangladesh’s own resources, the PM said the decision to build this mega bridge challenging the World Bank has brightened the country’s image abroad.She pointed out that the government has introduced digital services everywhere in the country from ministry to various departments and other government offices, while multimedia projectors are being used in schools. “Communication now has become much easier with the digital system.”Mentioning that the new officers of the administration will be the architects of implementing the new dreams of new days, Hasina said they will have to apply the skills they have gathered during the last five months of training.The prime minister called upon all to work together to build a poverty- and hunger-free middle-income Bangladesh by 2021 and a developed and prosperous nation by 2041 through implementing the vision 2021 and vision 2041.Public administration minister Syed Ashraful Islam, state minister for public ddministration ministry Ismat Ara Sadique, chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on public administration ministry HM Ashiqur Rahman, public administration secretary Mozammel Haque Khan and rector of the Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy M Anwarul Islam Sikder also spoke at the programme.Earlier, the prime minister distributed certificates among the participants of the two courses.last_img read more

A Rare Piece of Antiquity – The Worlds Oldest Globe Dates Back

first_imgTerrestrial globes have long been used as a physical and tactile representation of our planet. They are considered an integral element of any geography class or, in numerous cases, a highly-regarded accessory of a study room and child’s bedroom. Whether labeled as scientific, decorative or historical, globes have marked the progress of our human civilization since their invention.Martin Behaim with his ErdapfelLong before that, even the Ancient Greeks represented the Earth as a spherical shape, while sometime before the 13th century, an early form of spherical map was designed in the Islamic world.However, none of these survived — only two-dimensional illustrations and text descriptions.History books and museums have revealed early versions of terrestrial globes that seem peculiar but fascinating, especially the oldest surviving of them all, known as the “Erdapfel” and colloquially dubbed as “the potato.”Projection of the Behaim Erdapfel, 1492.The oldest known globe in the world is an appealing artifact that “has got the beauty, but not the brains,” referring to its weak cartographic representations.The birth of the Erdapfel dates back to 1492. Its inventor was the polymath Martin Behaim, a popular German geographer, mariner, merchant, and philosopher, who was also an explorer in service to the King of Portugal.After Behaim finished his voyage around the “Known World,” visiting Portugal as well as the West Coast of Africa, he returned to his native city of Nuremberg.Behaim’s ErdapfelThere, between 1491 and 1493, as UCSB Geography explains, in collaboration with the painter Georg Albrecht Glockendon, he constructed his idea of the terrestrial globe which he called the Erdapfel.Reportedly, the project confirmed the idea of a globe which was previously envisioned by Pope Sixtus IV in 1475. Behaim upgraded the Pope’s idea by improving the meridians and the equatorial line.The ‘Erdapfel’ of Martin Behaim is the oldest surviving terrestrial globe. The Americas are not yet included. 1491-1493. Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg. Photo by Pirkheimer CC BY-SA 3.0The Erdapfel is made of two delicate halves joined around a wooden frame. The halves are constructed of linen strips wrapped around a clay ball and pulled away.Though Behaim is considered the father of this eminent project, there were many artisans and helpers behind the curtains.Hundreds of gorgeous miniature details cover the globe, displaying flags, saints, rulers, a variety of animals as well as boats and fictional creatures.Martin Behaim, eastern hemisphere of his globe made in Nuremberg in 1492. Illustration from ‘Geschichte des Seefahrers Ritter Martin Behaim’ by Friedrich Wilhlem Ghillany, 1853.The Behaim Globe can be described as having an apparent influence from Ptolemy’s representation of Africa and incorporates Marco Polo’s voyages as well as discoveries of the later Middle Ages.Nevertheless, it’s been noted that the globe had a number of geographic errors, for example, the representation of Western Africa, the position of the Cape Verde archipelago, as well as many non-existent islands that were invented for the ideological purposes of Medieval Christendom.The Behaim Globe (“Erdapfel”) in the Mercateum. Photo by Neitram CC BY-SA 4.0Moreover, as UCSB Geography reports, many places have up to 16° errors in the location, while modern maps hardly ever have more than 1°. The reason for this was the lack of accurate data regarding longitude.The Erdapfel is not only a rare piece of antiquity but was notably created on the eve of Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of the Americas.“Index of the Facsimile of Behaim’s Globe, Showing the Arrangements of the Sheets”Behaim gave the globe to the Nuremberg City Council which held it until the 16th century. It was returned to the Behaim family who were quite indifferent and kept it in storage until the 19th century, when it was finally rediscovered.Until recently, the globe was preserved in the German National Museum in Nuremberg, the heart of the German Renaissance, on the same floor as Albrecht Dürer’s gallery. It has now been relocated to Vienna, as part of the Behaim Digital Globe Project where it is studied in high resolution.Read another story from us: Columbus’ Distorted Map of the World he used to Mistakenly Identify his DiscoveriesDespite the errors and the apparently different representations of our planet’s surface, the Erdapfel is a highly significant scientific work that provides an encyclopedic image of the Western interpretation of the world in 1492.last_img read more

Smart speakers to outsell wearables during US holidays as demand for

first_imgSmart speakers will likely outsell wearable devices this holiday season. That’s the latest prediction from analysts at eMarketer, which forecasts a slowing growth rate for devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches here in the U.S. The wearable market is continuing to grow, to be clear, but it’s struggling to reach the mainstream. Next year, only 20 percent of the U.S. adult population will use a wearable devices at least once a month, the firm says.Note that eMarketer is looking at wearable usage and market penetration here, not sales.That being said, the firm is estimating that usage of wearable will grow just 11.9 percent in 2018, rising from 44.7 million adult wearable users in 2017 to 50.1 million in 2018. As a percentage of the population, that’s a climb from 17.7 percent to 19.6 percent.Things won’t improved much in the next few years, either, if the forecast holds out. The growth rate will slow to single digits in 2019. By 2021, eMarketer is estimating 59.5 million adult wearable users, representing 22.6 percent of the population.The firm attributes the majority of the growth in the sector – a market today that’s dominated by fitness trackers – to new users of smartwatches, like the Apple Watch.This news follows an earlier report where eMarketer had significantly downgraded its projections for wearable usage in the U.S. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise.The relatively “modest” growth for the wearable market overall is something other analysts have pointed to, as well. Globally, the market saw just 7.3 percent growth in Q3 2017, according to IDC, for example. Canalys had reported in August 8 percent year-over-year growth, largely thanks to Xiaomi.Gartner, meanwhile, had predicted 17 percent global growth in 2017, but counts things like Bluetooth headsets (such as AirPods), body-worn cameras, and head-mounted displays in its grouping, alongside smartwatches, fitness trackers, wristbands, and other health monitors.According to eMarketer, the problem with wearables in the U.S., and smartwatches in particular, is their high cost combined with the fact that they haven’t really sold mainstream users on these being gadgets you simply can’t live without.Instead, they still feel more like luxury items – things that are nice to have, but not necessary.“Other than early adopters, consumers have yet to find a reason to justify the cost of a smartwatch, which can sometimes cost as much as a smartphone,” eMarketer forecasting analyst Cindy Liu said.  “Instead, for this holiday season, we expect smart speakers to be the gift of choice for many tech enthusiasts, because of their lower price points.”A holiday bump in smart speaker sales is almost a certainty at this point. Amazon’s top seller during the Black Friday holiday shopping weekend was the Echo Dot, for example, and Strategy Analytics recently predicted nearly 12 million smart speaker units sold in Q4 2017, bringing the year’s total to 24 million units.eMarketer has also forecast 55 percent of U.S. households would have one of these devices by 2022.Featured Image: Bryce Durbinlast_img read more

Live News traffic and weather updates for North Staffordshire South Cheshire on

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This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. UP NEXT:UP NEXT: Click for Sound Watch Next We pay for stories! Send your videos to video@trinitymirror.comHello and welcome to Stoke-on-TrentLive’s breaking news service bringing you all the latest updates from Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire on Thursday, October 25. Our team of reporters will be updating this live service with all the latest on the traffic and travel and weather updates – as well as news and entertainment through the day. We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates in our live news feed below. For the latest news and breaking news visit www.stokeontrentlive.co.uk Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you. Follow us on Twitter @SOTLive – the official Sentinel account – real news in real time. We’re also on Facebook – your must-see news, features, videos and pictures throughout Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire. Want to tell us about something going on where you live? Let us know – Tweet us @SOTLive or message us on our Facebook page. And if you have pictures to share, tag us on Instagram at StokeonTrentLive. 21:37Accident in BucknallA5009 Leek Road in both directions partially blocked due to accident, two vehicles involved from Cromer Road to A52 Bucknall Road (Lime Kiln Traffic Lights).By the Mitsubishi Garage. 20:33Accident on M6 updateA CMPG spokesman said: “ Officers attended reports of an erratic vehicle M6 J12-13 on Staffordshire area. Vehicle left the carriageway. Luckily, no injuries. Appears that the driver may have suffered a medical episode at the wheel. Driver now safely with ambulance receiving attention.”19:31Vehicle leaves carriageway on M6One lane closed due to accident, a vehicle that has left the carriageway involved on M6 Northbound from J12 A5 (Gailey) to J13 A449 (Stafford South). Traffic is coping well.Lane one (of four) is closed.18:14Man charged following armed robberiesHe is set to appear in court tomorrow following two recent armed robberies in a town. More here.17:21Arrest after man with handgun seen in streetArmed police were called to the scene. More here.15:45A500 busy but movingA500 D Road Southbound busy but moving before M6 J15.15:02Good afternoonTom here, I’ll be bringing you the latest traffic news from across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire and South Cheshire until 11pm. At present on the roads there are slight delays on the A50 near Uttoxeter and around Crewe Green Roundabout.13:29One lane closed and slow traffic due to accident on M6 Northbound between J15 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent) and J16 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent / Crewe).Lane three (of three) is closed. 13:29 One lane closed and slow traffic due to broken down vehicle on M6 Southbound between J15 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent) and J14 A5013 (Stafford North). In the roadworks area.Lane one (of three) is closed. The sensors show that the breakdown is just prior to Stafford Services. 13:29Traffic moving well on A50 Through The Roadworks at B5030 Ashbourne Road (Little Chef roundabout). 12:34Heavy traffic on M6 Southbound from J17 A534 Old Mill Road (Sandbach / Crewe) to J16 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent / Crewe). In the roadworks area. 12:20Chaos on the M6 causing long delaysBen Smith is on his way to Manchester Airport – and has been stuck in stationary traffic for just over an hour. The 28-year-old, of Sneyd Green, who is in a group of four going to Tenerife, said: “We got on the M6 at Stafford and it was absolutely fine but I hadn’t even got to Sandbach Services and the traffic just completely stopped. “We saw some fire engines go past at 10.35am and we haven’t moved since then. Our flight is 6pm and we have called the airport.” 12:00One lane closed and heavy traffic due to broken down lorry on M6 Northbound between J14 A5013 (Stafford North) and J15 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent).Lane one (of three) is closed. Sensors show traffic is building North of the Stafford Services which are located between the two junctions. 11:19Lanes 1 and 2 now running #M6 #Cheshire northbound btwn J18 #HolmesChapel #Middlewich and J19 #Knutsford following a collision where a lorry came to rest on the central barrier. Recovery of the vehicle is complete, lane 3 remains closed for emergency repairs. Pls plan ahead. pic.twitter.com/TbUbByyubG— Highways England (@HighwaysNWEST) October 25, 201809:58A527 Biddulph Road coming from Brinley Ford Southbound busy but moving at A5272 High Lane roundabout. 09:31M6 Northbound lane closed on exit slip road due to broken down vehicle at J15 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent).Lane one (of two) is closed heading up and round to the lights on the bridge. 09:21Delays on the #M6 northbound approaching J11 are due to ongoing refurbishment works to the traffic lights at the J11 roundabout. Works are due to be finished by Friday (26th) night. Please allow extra time.— Highways England (@HighwaysWMIDS) October 25, 201809:20 Queuing traffic due to the M6 problems on A50 Knutsford Road Westbound from A5022 Holmes Chapel Road (Brereton Green) to A535 Macclesfield Road (Holmes Chapel). 08:47TRAFFIC REMAINS HELD #M6 #Cheshire northbound btwn J18 #Middlewich #HolmesChapel and J19 #Knutsford following a lorry that has collided with the central barrier. Specialist recovery crew’s are on scene working to lift the vehicle from off the barrier, approx 2 hour delays. pic.twitter.com/6elpfl1SS2— Highways England (@HighwaysNWEST) October 25, 201808:39Queuing traffic on A52 Werrington Road Westbound before A52 Leek Road (Lime Kiln Traffic Lights). Travel time is 12 minutes. 08:22A34 Newcastle Road busy but moving between Springfield Retail Park and A500 D Road (Hanford Interchange). 08:21M6 Northbound entry slip road closed at J18 A54 Middlewich Road (Middlewich / Holmes Chapel). In the roadworks area.The slip road has been closed to aid with traffic management due to the accident between J18 and J19. This is as you head from the roundabout towards the main carriageway. 08:19#RoadClosure – The A536 Congleton Road, Macclesfield, is currently closed at the Ivy Lane crossroads in following a serious collision. Please avoid the area. pic.twitter.com/Dt1Aeh7jTK— Macclesfield Police (@PoliceMacc) October 25, 201808:12A536 closed due to accident in MacclesfieldA Cheshire Police spokesman said: “ The A536 Congleton Road, Macclesfield, is currently closed at the Ivy Lane crossroads in following a serious collision. Please avoid the area.”08:08Cobridge this morning…The scene in CobridgePolice are investigating after two Audi cars were torched near health centre.More here.07:58More on that accident on the M6Delays are expected to continue for several hours after the lorry hit the central reservation. More here.07:48Lanes blocked on M6 in Cheshire due to lorry crashing into barrierNorth West Motorway Police say one lane is now running past the scene.Highways England report the accident has taken place on the northbound M6 between junction 18 and junction 19One lane has now reopened past the scene (Image: Highways England)07:08Bucknall Road inbound busy but moving from A52 Leek Road (Lime Kiln Traffic Lights) to Hanley Town centre. 07:08A50 Through The Roadworks busy but moving at B5030 Ashbourne Road (Little Chef roundabout). Travel time is four minutes. 07:07Reports of queueing traffic due to accident on A50 Scotia Road in both directions near Bycars Road. Share this video The video will start in 1Cancel Play now Video Loading Video Unavailablecenter_img Watch again Video will play in  StokeonTrentLive – we’re #localandproud Click to playTap to playlast_img read more

Judge orders preventive prison for two men arrested in border road scandal

first_imgNo related posts. A financial crimes court on Saturday issued five months of preventive prison to Manuel Serrano and Miguel Ramírez, two engineers responsible for oversight of the construction of Route 1856, a road parallel to the Río San Juan on the border with Nicaragua.Serrano, Ramírez and four others were arrested on Wednesday as part of an ongoing probe of alleged embezzlement during the scandal-plagued project.The preliminary hearing began at 1:30 p.m. on Friday and ended Saturday at 3:30 a.m.The former director of the National Roadway Council (CONAVI), Carlos Acosta, will not remain in custody. He was given precautionary measures, which were not disclosed publicly at the time. The other detainees, contractors David Castillo, Giovanni Baralis and Johnny Muñoz, were ordered to check in with the court every 15 days and are prohibited from leaving the country.Chief Prosecutor Jorge Chavarría said on Friday that the preventive prison request was based on legal aspects: “We believe, and we may be wrong, they are the core group from which all planning was generated. It is therefore appropriate to issue preventive detention,” Chavarría told the daily La Nación on Saturday.Route 1856 is a 160-kilometer road parallel to the Río San Juan, inaugurated by President Laura Chinchilla in February as a response to the country’s ongoing border dispute with Nicaragua.CONAVI has spent more than ₡20 billion ($40 million) on the project to date. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Six companies to offer cleaner cheaper energy during dry season

first_imgThe state-owned Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) on Thursday announced they will grant permission to six private companies to generate electricity in the country.Companies were selected from an initial list of 28 that participated in a public bid last year, and the final decision was made by taking into account lower costs offered for the implementation of the projects, ICE said in a press release.The companies will develop four wind farm projects and two hydroelectric projects that will generate 137 megawatts, enough to supply the average consumption of 225,000 homes.The electricity provided will help meet energy shortages during Costa Rica’s dry season (December-April) and will help reduce the use of oil-generated energy.A national law (No. 7,200) stipulates that 15 percent of the country’s electricity requirements can be generated by private companies. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK — Tony Bennett had few words to say, but many more to sing.Bennett was among the honorees Thursday night at “A Great Night in Harlem,” the annual fundraiser for the Jazz Foundation of America.Introduced by Ben Stiller to a capacity audience at the Apollo Theater, Bennett didn’t have a speech prepared but was ready to perform. His range and timing sharp as ever at age 92, Bennett crooned the Gershwin standard “Love is Here To Stay,” and picked up the tempo for his signature “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” He placed his hand over his heart, extended his arms and left to a sound he’s known for decades— warm and lasting applause.It was a night of celebration, mourning, protest and affirmation, all tied to the anniversary of the death of Rev. Martin King Jr., assassinated on April 4, 1968. Bennett and fellow lifetime achievement award winner Harry Belafonte both knew King well, as did civil rights activist Andrew Young, who stood in for the 92-year-old Belafonte and recalled how much King relied on his input and how much Belafonte contributed financially and through his connections to the entertainment world.Without Belafonte, Young said, “we might not have even had a movement.”A Belafonte friend and disciple, actor Danny Glover was one of the night’s hosts, and he introduced a speaker not previously billed — Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent and candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020.Greeted enthusiastically by a capacity audience at the Apollo, Sanders cited a part of King’s legacy that tied in with the working class themes of his campaign: King had been killed while supporting striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.AdChoices广告Other anniversaries were noted on Thursday, including what would have been the 80th birthday of the South African musician and activist Hugh Masekela, who died last year. Two of his children spoke on his behalf and some of his former bandmates performed his hit “Grazing in the Grass,” recorded just weeks before King’s death and released a month after.With Quincy Jones seated in the front row, and called out by numerous performers, the music spanned a range of styles and genres worthy of Jones himself. The Count Basie Orchestra, for whom Jones wrote and arranged in the 1950s and ’60s, played big band jazz. There was rap from Common and his supergroup, August Greene; punk from Patti Smith and a tap dance-jazz duet between Savion Glover and Patience Higgins. The night ended with a blues jam featuring Sweet Georgia Brown on vocals and a black-hatted Bruce Willis on harp, and Danny Glover leading a sing-a-long of Belafonte’s signature “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song),” calling out “Daaaaay O!” to the rafters and beyond.Hillel Italie, The Associated Press Bennett and Belafonte among those honoured at Apollo gala by Hillel Italie, The Associated Press Posted Apr 5, 2019 3:24 am PDT Keegan-Michael Key walks the red carpet at the Jazz Foundation of America’s 17th annual “A Great Night In Harlem” gala concert at the Apollo Theater on Thursday, April 4, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Brad Barket/Invision/AP) last_img read more