Video: Barcelona Fans Lash out at Ronaldo, Tell Him ‘Go to…

Rabat – Barcelona’s fans directed homophobic and racist statements toward Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo during the El Clasico game with Barcelona.In a video posted on YouTube, the crowd were heard chanting “Vete a Marruecos,” or “Go to Morocco,” in reference to the player’s regular visits to Morocco.The Portuguese superstar was subjected to insults and offensive gestures throughout the game by Barcelona’s fans. Some Barcelona fans were even caught on video giving the finger to Ronaldo while he performed his famous jump after he scored the goal which won the game in favor of Real Madrid.Spanish media reported that the Barcelona crowd had singled out the Portuguese player with abusive homophobic slurs throughout the game, chanting at Ronaldo the word “maricion,” a derogatory term used to describe a gay man.In response to these “homophobic” abuses, the Spanish Observatory, a gay rights group, has filed a complaint with the State Commission against violence in sport in Spain.Director Francisco Ramirez hopes that the vile chants will be punished via legal action, and stressed that the homophobic abuse was unacceptable regardless of Ronaldo’s sexual orientation.Amid speculation about Ronaldo’s alleged homosexual relationship with Moroccan kickboxer Badr Hari, the president of King Mohammed VI’s Fans Association Mehdi Benkirane revealed the purpose behind Ronaldo’s frequent trips to Morocco.According to the same source, Ronaldo is said to be planning to build a first-class African hotel for international celebrities in Marrakech.“After a thorough investigation, as an expert and a manager of several national and international celebrities, I concluded that Ronaldo comes to Morocco neither to visit Badr Hari nor any other prominent celebrity — He comes for the sake of his investments in the kingdom,” Benkirane said. read more

Fiscal monitor shows Ottawa ran $11.8B deficit for 2018-19 fiscal year

OTTAWA — A preliminary estimate by the Finance Department says the federal government posted a deficit of $11.8 billion for its 2018-19 fiscal year.The shortfall compared with a deficit of $16.7 billion for 2017-18.The Liberal’s spring budget had forecast a deficit of $14.9 billion for the 2018-19 fiscal year which ended on March 31.The shortfall came as the monthly fiscal monitor report said revenue rose $24.7 billion, or 8.1 per cent, due to increases in tax revenues and other revenues.Program expenses gained $18.5 billion, or 6.2 per cent, as major transfers to persons, major transfers to other levels of government and direct program expenses moved higher.Public debt charges increased $1.4 billion, or 6.3 per cent, due to a higher average effective interest rate on the stock of interest-bearing debt.The Canadian Press read more

UN names members of panel probing substance at Iraq weapons inspection office

7 September 2007The United Nations today announced the members of a fact-finding panel tasked with investigating the circumstances surrounding the recent discovery of a potentially hazardous substance at the New York office of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC). The United Nations today announced the members of a fact-finding panel tasked with investigating the circumstances surrounding the recent discovery of a potentially hazardous substance at the New York office of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC). Spokesperson Michele Montas told reporters that the panel will include Dr. Stefan Mogl, who previously led the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ laboratory and currently heads Chemistry at Switzerland’s SPIEZ national laboratory. Dr. Susan Brown, Director of the High Performance Computing Outreach Center at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, will also serve on the panel. Ms. Brown is a chemical engineering and energy technology expert who served in Iraq with the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) – UNMOVIC’s predecessor – in the 1990s. The UN Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security, David Veness, will also serve on the panel, the spokesperson said. “The panel, which will act under the direction of Vijay Nambiar, the Secretary-General’s Chef de Cabinet, is expected to meet for the first time next week. It will be tasked with ascertaining the circumstances under which the substances in question were brought to UN Headquarters, the reasons why the items were discovered only recently, and safety procedures in place and the extent to which they were followed.”The panel is expected to deliver a report to the Secretary-General by the end of October.The materials came to light last month when UNMOVIC staff discovered two small plastic packages with metal and glass containers, ranging in size from small vials to tubes the length of a pen holding liquid substances, while they were archiving their offices a few blocks from UN Headquarters as the Commission winds down after the Security Council terminated its mandate in June.The substances have since been handed over to United States authorities. read more

Assault investigation leads to arrest of suspected drug dealer

A 28-year-old man has been arrested after an assault investigation led to the seizure of $58,000 worth of cocaine in a St. Catharines.Niagara police launched an investigation on Tuesday into an alleged assault on a St. Catharines woman.Investigators believed the suspect in the assault was also trafficking cocaine. “Surveillance was conducted on this male which led Police to observe suspected drug transactions,” said Niagara police in a news release.Robert Mulundika, of St. Catharines, was arrested by police and was found to be in possession of crack cocaine.A search warrant was executed at his home in St. Catharines and seized 585 grams of cocaine and crack cocaine as well as $2,480 in cash.Mulundika is facing six charges including assault, uttering threats and trafficking cocaine.He was held for a bail hearing and is scheduled to appear in court later Wednesday. read more

Ohio State baseball coach Greg Beals This is the worst offensive team

The Ohio State baseball team (23-13, 7-6) took six innings to record its first hit in a sluggish offensive display as it lost the first of a three-game weekend series against Illinois, 9-2, Friday night at Bill Davis Stadium. OSU coach Greg Beals said his team came into the game with the wrong attitude, and it showed on the scoreboard. “It’s very disappointing,” Beals said. “They know what’s at stake and they can’t handle it … if they need their coach to yell at them every day, then they’re not going to be successful, in their season or in life.” OSU’s offense has struggled at times during the season, and a visibly upset Beals wasn’t shy about voicing his frustration with the Buckeyes’ performance against the Fighting Illini. “The offense absolutely sucks the air out of the team,” Beals said. “We hit, maybe, three balls hard tonight. You can swing with no plan and do better than that. This is the worst offensive team I’ve ever coached in my 20 years. That’s a fact and you can print it, I don’t mind.” The night began with a standing ovation for departing OSU men’s basketball forward DeShaun Thomas, who threw out the first pitch, and ended with the Buckeye baseball team unable to draw such applause after managing a mere two hits on the night. Illinois senior pitcher Kevin Johnson was the difference in the contest as he recorded his sixth win of the year, yielding only two Buckeye hits in his 5.1 innings of work. OSU junior Jaron Long struggled, though, giving up seven runs on ten hits in 5.2 innings of work. “I feel like I missed a few pitches over the plate and they hit a few balls hard,” Long said. “I gotta get back to work this week and go back out next week and have a better outing.” Neither team could muster much offense until the fourth inning when Illinois broke the seal on the scoreboard. The Illini plated four in the frame, aided by senior third baseman Brandon Hohl’s two RBI double and redshirt sophomore second baseman Reid Roper’s RBI triple. The rout was on. Illinois added another run in the top of the fifth, taking a 5-0 lead. Long was chased out by Illinois in the sixth after giving up another run. His replacement, redshirt junior pitcher Tyler Giannonatti, gave up three more runs in the sixth when he yielded a three RBI triple with the bases loaded, bringing the scoreboard to 9-0. The bottom of the sixth saw the Buckeyes garner their first hit (redshirt senior second baseman Ryan Cypret’s infield single) and first two runs (one via a bases-loaded walk and another from freshman third baseman Jacob Bosiokovic’s RBI single) of the game. Johnson left the game at the end of the inning. Neither team scored after the sixth. The loss seemed similar to last weekend’s 11-2 fall against Nebraska in Lincoln, Neb. The Buckeyes then rallied to take the Saturday and Sunday affairs and win the series. Cypret said OSU has to have the same mindset as last weekend if they want to take the Illinois series. “It’s kind of a similar situation to last weekend in Nebraska,” Cypret said. “They punch us in the mouth early, and then we fold. Hopefully we can respond like we did last weekend. We absolutely battled our tails off, and that’s the only option to do for the next few days. It’s not going to be easy, but that’s the only thing we got.” Long said effort wasn’t the team’s problem, despite Beals saying the team had had the wrong mindset since arriving at the stadium at 3 p.m. “I wouldn’t question our effort as a team,” Long said. “Everyone is here to work hard, I wouldn’t question any of the 34 other guys in that locker room’s effort … I think we’re playing hard, we’re just not seeing the results right now.” OSU takes on Illinois in game two of the series Saturday at 3:05 p.m. at Bill Davis Stadium. read more

Phone fight LG Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

first_imgEvery year, for the last four years, Google has released a smartphone that acts as the shining example of how Mountain View thinks Android should look and feel. These Nexus phones appeal to hardcore Android fans, but for a number of  reasons, one has yet to become a top-selling Android smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S3, however, is without a doubt the most successful Android smartphone to have ever been released.So, when considering which phone you should buy, where do you turn? Should you “go Google” with the Nexus 4 or hop on board the Galaxy S3 train?Which Galaxy S3?Our first stop would typically be to compare the hardware points against each other an point out which is the more powerful. There’s kind of a hitch with that, though. As of right now there are several different variants of the Galaxy S3. There’s the HSPA+ version with a quad-core Exynos processor with 1GB of RAM and an LTE version that has a dual-core Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM. The Samsung-made Exynos processor is clocked at 1.4GHz, while the Snapdragon processor is clocked at 1.5GHz. This also means that the phones use different phone controller, GPU, and navigation chipsets.For the purposes of this comparison we will be using the HSPA+ version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is the model that is sold by T-Mobile in the USA.Build qualityWhile any choice based on aesthetics will come down to personal preference, whether or not the phone will survive everyday life is an important thing to consider. The Galaxy S3 has a plastic body with a removable back plate that is so flexible you could probably touch the sides together without breaking it. When the phone is all snapped together, it is light and feels rather fragile. The Galaxy S3 has a slight curve to the handset, and it flexes a bit if you apply pressure in the corners.The LG Nexus 4 is also made of plastic, but with glass on both sides of the device. The phone doesn’t come apart unless you have tools, and as a result it feels incredibly solid. The Nexus 4, a completely flat slab. doesn’t flex when you apply pressure.There’s no proof that one phone is tougher than the other, but the LG Nexus 4 certainly feels much sturdier.ProcessorLG and Samsung have both opted to use quad-core processors in their top of the line. Unlike Samsung, who was able to manufacture their own processor, LG uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro. The processor in the Nexus 4 is clocked ever so slightly higher than the Galaxy S3, and in benchmarks comparing the two processors the Snapdragon routinely outperformed the Exynos chip, though never by any significant margin.When it comes to straight out raw performance, the Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S3 is not as powerful as the Nexus 4, but you are unlikely to ever be in a situation with your smartphone where that difference will matter. As a result, we’ll call this one a tie.RAMWhile the LTE version of the Galaxy S3 comes with 2GB of RAM, the HSPA+ version does not — for whatever reason, it only has 1GB of LPDDR2 SDRAM. The LG Nexus 4 has 2GB of LPDDR2 SDRAM onboard, which will give the Nexus 4 a considerable advantage when trying to multitask complicated applications together, or when trying to use the Miracast television streaming service that comes with both the Nexus 4 and the Galaxy S3. LG takes this round.DisplaySamsung is known as one of the best when it comes to their smartphone screens, and both Samsung and LG make fantastic displays for televisions. LG’s 4.7-inch IPS LCD display is an impressive 720p offering with a Gorilla Glass 2 shield to keep it safe. The Nexus 4 is capable of delivering a quality experience… right until you try to use it outdoors. Samsung’s Super AMOLED display is also 720p, but the design is much friendlier to outdoor use.Samsung’s rich colors and deep blacks are on par with what LG is offering indoors, but eventually you will probably venture outside so Samsung takes this round.CameraAll of a sudden the cameras on our smartphones are no longer luxuries. In fact, a quality camera alone can be the deciding factor in purchasing a smartphone today. Both Samsung and LG offer 8MP cameras on their smartphones. Both smartphones feature LEDs for flash as well. The Samsung’s camera sticks out slightly from the back of the camera, but the phone is curved in such a way that you are unlikely to set the phone down on the camera bump. The LG lens and flash lay flush against the phone with the same glass that coats the back of the phone covering the camera.When comparing the quality of the photos that are taken between these two phones, Samsung generally comes out on top. Maybe it’s that Samsung’s post-processing delivers a more pleasing experience or that LG’s sensor captures images a little flatter than Samsung’s, it’s hard to say. Either way, while casually shooting the photos from the Galaxy S3 look a lot nicer but the Nexus 4 compensates by offering an entire photo studio, powered by Nik Software (which Google recently acquired), to allow you to improve the image quality.I would consider this a tie. Out of the box, Samsung take a better photo, but LG’s camera is better protected and features much better tools to make the photo look nicer. This is very much a personal preference issue.Battery lifeWe’ve reached a point where your smartphone should be able to get you through the day. Both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the LG Nexus 4 come with 2100mAh batteries. Of the two, the Galaxy S3 is the only on that allows you to swap the batteries out or install a larger battery if you feel you need it. The Nexus 4 has a sealed battery compartment, and while it is technically possible to replace the battery you won’t be doing so on the fly.Despite both having 2100mAh batteries and both having multi-core processors that are supposed to be economical in their battery usage, the Galaxy S3 manages to get two more hours of usage than the Nexus 4. Granted, battery life is something that is going to depend on usage not lab tests, but when your goal is a full day computing there’s a mountain of difference between 10 hours and 12 hours. Samsung gets the point here.SoftwareNot all versions of Android are created equally. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has recently been updated to Android 4.1, but Samsung has heavily modified Android to support features and UI that they choose. Samsung has not announced plans or a release date for updating the Galaxy S3 to Android 4.2. The Nexus 4 is the first Android phone running version 4.2, and it is the pure “Google Experience”, meaning it’s the version of Android that has been designed from the ground up the way Google thinks it should work. Since this is a Nexus phone, it will get the next version of Android days after it is announced.Whether or not Samsung’s approach to Android is better than Google’s is a difficult thing to say. Samsung has certainly sold more handsets than Google has, but I don’t know a single person that would be happy if you told them that the phone they were buying was intentionally one full version of Android behind because Samsung thought they could do it better. LG also has a history of making sure their other pieces of hardware are updated in a timely manner, while historically Samsung has lagged behind. LG takes the point here.PriceSo many purchase decisions come right down to the price of the product. While both of these phones can be purchased in an unlocked form to be applied to any HSPA+ carrier, the LG Nexus 4 is available for $299 compared to the $599 you will find the Galaxy S3 for in most places. If you purchase the phone from a carrier on a subsidized contract, the Nexus 4 is available for $199 while the Galaxy S3 is available for $279 at its cheapest. Clearly LG takes the point here.And the winner is…These two phones are fantastically matched. The advantages that one has over the other in each of the categories is something you could likely ignore when considering a purchase. Ultimately, the LG Nexus 4 is the better overall device. The build quality paired with the latest and greatest from Google gives the phone just a little advantage. On top of this, the LG Nexus 4 is available everywhere there’s an HSPA+ carrier for significantly less than the Galaxy S3.While we used the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy S3 for the comparison, it’s worth pointing out that the availability of an LTE model means that the Galaxy S3 is available on more networks han the LG Nexus 4, which has a lot to do with why it is Samsung has been able to sell so many units. As we’ve demonstrated here, though, the best selling phone is not always the best phone.last_img read more

99yearold George Corones breaks world record in freestyle

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Thursday saw a new swimming world record break, this time by a 99-year-old Australian man of Greek descent.George Corones, who turns 100 in less than two months completed the 50 metre freestyle swim in 56.12 seconds at the Commonwealth Games trials on the Gold Coast.“We have just witnessed history in the making!” The Australian Dolphins Swim Team posted on Facebook while watching Corones touch the finish line.The champion swam alone in the 100-104 category.Corones always loved the sport and was an avid swimmer in his childhood and adolescence years but only started competing at the age of 80.Since then he has broken several records and he plans to keep swimming even after he turns 100.last_img read more

From the bush to Congress Willie Hensley straddles rural and urban divide

first_img(Left) Now-Lt. Gov Byron Mallot, Willie Hensley and Roy Huhndorf testify before Congress. (Photo: Willie Hensley)One afternoon in the mid-1970s, journalist John McPhee and an influential Alaska Native politician Willie Hensley took off from Anchorage in a de Havilland Otter and flew deep into the Alaska range, looking for a new state capitol.Later, in his book “Coming into the Country,” McPhee introduced the rest of the nation to one of the most prominent, young Alaska Native leaders in the state. Hensley was instrumental in forcing the state and the federal government to settle land claims with its 60,000 Alaska Native residents.Listen nowWilliam Hensley has a long memory.  Dates, names, places, votes: History just seems to spill out of him. In his Anchorage garage, stacks of old framed photos, posters and political paraphernalia lean against a set of shelves.On a recent Wednesday, he lifted one out from his first term in the state legislature. He was 25 years old.Reed Stoops and Willie Hensley wait in the control room at KTOO before a forum on John McPhee’s book, “Coming into the Country,” on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, in Juneau, Alaska. (Photo by Rashah McChesney/Alaska’s Energy Desk)“Let’s see, Mike Bradner is here somewhere. Here’s Don Young. We sat next to each other,” Hensley said.The list goes on.“There’s Mike Bradner over there, he’s still around. Tom Fink, who was the mayor of Anchorage, he’s still around, still alive,” Hensley said.Alaska’s modern history is very short. And, among the people who helped to shape the state, Hensley stands out.From a semi-nomadic, traditional subsistence Inupiaq childhood to lobbying in the halls of Washington, D.C., Hensley straddled the enormous divide between rural and urban Alaska.He was instrumental in lobbying for the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: A deal that journalist John McPhee in his book calls more significant than the statehood act. It changed the status and the structure of native societies in the state and paved the way for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.But Hensley didn’t start, or stop there.He was born William Iggiagruk Hensley in 1941 in Kotzebue. Iggiagruk is his grandfather’s name.“That G with a dot is a guh, not a g. Like my name Iggiagruk, the g with two dots. Oddly enough, in our language, iggiak is your throat. Iggik, is a mountain. Iggiagruk, is a small mountain. That’s my name,” Hensley said.Barry Jackson, a member of the land claims task force, and Willie Hensley, chair of the task force, announcing that the task force had given former Gov. Walter Hickel recommendations on land claims issues in 1969. (Photo: Willie Hensley)At 15, Hensley was flown to a boarding school in pre-Civil Rights Era Tennessee. Before long, he was in college in Fairbanks and then George Washington University in the District of Columbia.When he was 25, he was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives. He wasn’t the first Alaska Native lawmaker, but one of just a handful and definitely the youngest.In 1974, Alaskans voted to move the state capitol out of Juneau, and the Lieutenant Governor asked Hensley to head the Capital Site Selection Committee.The nine-member committee flew all over Alaska, trying to find a hundred square miles of land, near a mass transit artery, on state land, or cheap-for-the-state land, and far enough away from Anchorage and Fairbanks to satisfy voters.It was a committee assignment Hensley says no politician in their right mind would accept. But he did, though he had some reservations.“You know, we were basically a failing state until we got that first $900 million dollars in 1969. And we still had tons and tons of things that needed to be built: housing, schools, water and sewers, you know ports, airports,” Hensley said. “All these things that communities needed and I just didn’t think spending several billion dollars for a new capitol was the right thing to do.”That’s when Hensley met John McPhee, whom he had never heard of. And, he assumed McPhee needed a history lesson.“I was trying to help. You know,  I’ve sort of always felt this need to try to explain Alaska to people who didn’t know anything,” Hensley said. “And, I sort of felt the same way about him, so I was going on and on.”And Hensley, who often can’t resist arching his eyebrows and dropping a dad-joke or two, couldn’t resist poking fun at the process to McPhee.“For instance, we were flying along and there was this little creek down below, we had maps and stuff you know and it was called, Bulchitna,” he said. “And I said ‘huh, that’s a beautiful name for a new Capital. Bullchitna.”Early on, Hensley said he had written McPhee off as just another white guy.John McPhee and Willie Hensley in a newspaper clipping from 1980 when the two were awarded honorary doctorates from the University of Alaska. (Photo: Willie Hensley)“I just knew back then that there were very few people that were non-native that had any concept of what our lives were out there,” Hensley said. “Also, who had just a limited comprehension of the space that our people had occupied for literally thousands of years.”So, what did Hensley think of McPhee’s book?“Oh I kind of enjoyed the book actually. His was an honest portrayal, I think, and so that’s why I liked it,” Hensley said.“Coming into the Country” gave outsiders a glimpse into the rapidly changing landscape of Alaska Native leadership and society. When the state was split into twelve regions, each with its own native corporation, they had to split a billion dollars and 40 million acres of land. They were suddenly and collectively rich.In the book McPhee borrows the term “Brooks Brothers native.” He used it to describe a class of native person who has seen a much wider segment of the world than their forebearers and most of their contemporaries. He describes Alaska Airlines jets half-full of natives zipping around the state on business, investing in each other’s regions, building corporate empires.And Hensley said, that was accurate.“Yeah, there’s lots of stories about individuals who all the sudden started carrying around briefcases,” Hensley said. “That was not our world, right. And sometimes all they had was smoked salmon in there and maybe a sandwich, you know.”Hensley retired in 2008.  He said he’s left politics behind. Now, he’s focused on connecting Alaska’s native people to their culture. And, teaching. He said every generation worries if the next one has what it takes to point the state in the right direction. And he thinks the lessons of the past — his past — may offer some clues.last_img read more

Pokhriyal stresses on need to protect Sanskrit language

first_imgTirupati: The Union Minister of Human Resource Development Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ laid foundation stone for Rs 59.08 crore development works at Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha (RSVP) on Wednesday. The works include Rs 29.5 crore for Venkatachala hostel block with 166 rooms and to cater the needs of 500 students. A five storeyed Chelikani Annarao classroom complex will also come up with a cost of Rs 27.26 crore. It will have 29 lecture halls and four conference halls. A sewage treatment plant is being set up with Rs 2.32 crore to treat 1.5 lakh litres of water per day to cater horticulture needs in 15 acres of Vidyapeetha. Also Read – A mother abandoned newborn baby girl in Chirala Advertise With Us Later, the Minister inaugurated two new departments and week-long ‘Sanskrit Navaratra’ celebrations. The new departments will be performing arts and translation. Tirupati MP B Durgaprasada Rao has stressed the need for upgrading the Vidyapeetha as Central University. The book written by the Minister in Hindi titled ‘Koyi Mushkil Nahi’was translated into Sanskrit by RSVP Registrar Prof GSR Krishna Murthy. It was released by the Minister along with a few other books. Sanskrit Navaratra programmes will be organised by Coordinator Dr Pujari Narayana, Additional Coordinators Dr Sachidananda Murthy and Dr Yasaswi. Ealrier, Ramesh Pokhriyal also visited SV Vedic University.last_img read more

Pilot Abids son traumatised

first_imgMahi accompanied by his relatives went to the army stadium to bring dead body of his father on 19 March. Photo: Abdus SalamFourteen year-old Mahi becomes calm and quiet, according to his family members.”Mahi becomes calm and quiet and he is not saying anything,” one of his relatives, Khondoker Rezaul Karim, told Prothom Alo. Tanjid Sultan Mahi, the only child of pilot Abid Sultan, has lost both of his parents in a span of 10 days.His mother Afsana Khanam died in a city hospital at 9:30am on Friday. Earlier, pilot Abid Sultan died in US Bangla plane crash in Kathmandu, Nepal. Afsana was undergoing treatment at National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital in the capital.She suffered strokes twice after her husband Abid Sultan had died in the plane accident.Mahi is their only son.Afsana’s cousin Khondoker Rezaul Karim said Mahi was beside his mother since she suffered strokes.“We are worried about Mahi,” he said.   Afsana’s dead body was taken to their Uttara residence. She will be buried beside her husband’s grave in Banani graveyard.Pilot captain Abid Sultan died on 12 March in a hospital in Kathmandhu while he was undergoing treatment after receiving injuries in the plane crash.last_img read more

Search Continues For Man Who Fled Court Arkema Asks For Pause On

first_img Share Early enrollment figures concern school board membersLaura IsenseeHISD Trustee Sergio Lira joined other Latino school leaders at a press conference on Sept. 6, 2018 to urge Hispanic families to enroll their children in school.School board members from Aldine, Houston and Goose Creek are worried about the same thing: Early figures show a dip in enrollment, especially in predominantly Hispanic communities. Report urges county law enforcement to consolidateHarris County could save $127 million by combining some of its police services, a new report from Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research has found.More than 60 law enforcement agencies operate in Harris County. Together, they spend $1.6 billion dollars a year, according to the report. Often, those agencies are overlapping patrol services like area freeways which are under the control of more than 10 different agencies.   Arkema asks for pause on lawsuitsChemical company Arkema wants a judge to pause a lawsuit until a separate criminal case against the company plays out.Both cases stem from fires that broke out when more than five feet of water flooded the company’s plant in Crosby, Texas. Multiple first responders are suing the company, saying toxic chemical fumes from the fires made them sick. They also say they weren’t warned about hazards from the chemicals, a claim Arkema rejects.Now, Arkema says a federal judge should put that case on hold, in part because it’s “nearly identical” to Harris County’s criminal case.center_img Search for man that escaped courthouse continuesHarris County Precinct 1Jaquaylyn Momon.The Harris County Sheirff’s Office confirmed to News 88.7 Friday morning that it is still searching for a man who escaped a courthouse in downtown Houston on foot.Houston police thought they had apprehended the man, 21-year-old Jaquaylyn Momon, Thursday night, but later realized they had the wrong person.  Friday, September 7, 2018Passengers on four flights possibly exposed to measlesTed S. Warren/APA Southwest plane taxis at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle.Health officials are notifying passengers from four Southwest Airlines flights last month who might have been exposed to measles.The flights went to Dallas, Houston and Harlingen, and the infected passenger had connecting flights at Hobby Airport on August 21 and 22.The Houston Health Department says it’s helping to find the passengers who might have been exposed to the virus.last_img read more

Research trio offer new explanation for breakup of Larsen B Ice Shelf

first_img More information: Banwell, A. F., D. R. MacAyeal, and O. V. Sergienko (2013), Breakup of the Larsen B Ice Shelf triggered by chain reaction drainage of supraglacial lakes, Geophys. Res. Lett., 40, 5872–5876, DOI: 10.1002/2013GL057694AbstractThe explosive disintegration of the Larsen B Ice Shelf poses two unresolved questions: What process (1) set a horizontal fracture spacing sufficiently small to predispose the subsequent ice shelf fragments to capsize and (2) synchronized the widespread drainage of >2750 supraglacial meltwater lakes observed in the days prior to break up? We answer both questions through analysis of the ice shelf’s elastic flexure response to the supraglacial lakes on the ice shelf prior to break up. By expanding the previously articulated role of lakes beyond mere water reservoirs supporting hydrofracture, we show that lake-induced flexural stresses produce a fracture network with appropriate horizontal spacing to induce capsize-driven breakup. The analysis of flexural stresses suggests that drainage of a single lake can cause neighboring lakes to drain, which, in turn, causes farther removed lakes to drain. Such self-stimulating behavior can account for the sudden, widespread appearance of a fracture system capable of driving explosive break up. © 2014 Clear view of the Antarctic Peninsula, the Larsen Ice Shelf, and the sea ice covered waters around the region. Credit: NASA When Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf (once roughly the size of Rhode Island) suddenly collapsed twelve years ago (over a two week period) many blamed global warming—prior to the collapse scientists had observed large stretches of surface water on the shelf, the result of warmer air—it was suggested that the surface water made its way down into crevices causing the shelf to break apart due to pressure from within. In this new effort, the researchers don’t refute the claims of the ultimate cause of the collapse, i.e. global warming, but they do suggest it was a much more complicated process than most have assumed.To gain a better understanding of what might have occurred, the researchers built a computer simulation to emulate the conditions that existed prior to the shelf collapsing. By adjusting multiple variables, the researchers say that it became clear that rather than surface water causing the collapse, it was more likely due to the sudden drainage of just a single lake. When that one lake drained, it caused other lakes nearby to drain, leading to a cascading event that resulted in virtually all of the lakes on the ice shelf draining in a very short period of time. The draining of the lakes led to chaotic stresses all across the shelf causing it to crumble and fall apart. Their theory is bolstered, the team says, by satellite observations just prior to the breakup that showed empty lakes all across the ice shelf.The researchers are unable to explain why the first lake drained, though they suggest it might have been due to a process many years in the making, brought on by global warming. Warmer water under the shelf, for example, may have weekend its structure and perhaps eventually caused a hole to develop in the ice beneath one of the deeper lakes, allowing the lake water to seep through. Lakes discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Journal information: Geophysical Research Letters Explore further Citation: Research trio offer new explanation for breakup of Larsen B Ice Shelf (2014, January 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( —A trio of researchers (two from the University of Chicago, the other from Princeton) has proposed a new theory to explain the sudden breakup of the Larsen B Ice Shelf in 2002. In their paper published in Geophysical Research Letters, Alison Banwell, Douglas MacAyeal and Olga Sergienko suggest that the breakup came about due to the sudden drainage of one surface lake causing others to drain leading to a chain reaction that ultimately led to the entire ice shelf being torn apart.last_img read more

Costa Rica asks international court to prevent further occupations from Nicaragua

first_imgRelated posts:Damaged wetlands recovering along Costa Rica-Nicaragua border Costa Rica adds yet another claim to ongoing border dispute with Nicaragua Nicaragua claims ‘cleaning’ of the Río San Juan follows world court order Nicaragua’s Pastora calls Costa Rica’s latest accusations ‘a bunch of lies’ aimed at boosting President Solís’ image Costa Rica’s legal team on Tuesday wrapped up its closing arguments in theborder dispute with Nicaragua before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague.The country’s legal team said that Nicaragua occupied Costa Rican territory, and then attempted to justify its illegal actions by raising a false territorial claim against Costa Rica.Costa Rica accuses Nicaragua of dredging canals through a sensitive wetland area on Costa Rican soil called Isla Portillo. Nicaragua accuses Costa Rica of silting up the San Juan River, which forms a natural border between the two countries, due to construction work on a road that Costa Rica built on its side of the river.Costa Rica’s lawyers at The Hague said that Nicaragua had changed its position on numerous occasions throughout the case. They pointed out that Nicaraguan official Edén Pastora said at one point that the first canal built by Nicaragua had been there historically, before the dispute. Later, Nicaragua’s attorneys scrapped that argument and said they were unsure if there was actually a canal connecting the San Juan River with Portillos Lagoon, in the disputed area.“This clearly shows that the territorial claim has no basis,” Costa Rica’s legal team said.Costa Rica also stated that it has never objected to Nicaragua’s cleanup works on the San Juan River, but added that these works should not include the occupation of Costa Rican territory or cause damage to the Colorado River, located entirely inside Costa Rica.“Managua’s claim is artificial,” Marcelo Kohen, one of the attorneys for Costa Rica, told the court. He added that several official maps and border treaties granted navigation rights to both countries, and that not one of those documents identifies canals through Isla Portillo.Recommended: Costa Rica, Nicaragua enter final hearings at The Hague in border disputeThe expert also noted that prior to 2010, Nicaragua hadn’t made any claims such as those currently being discussed before the ICJ, and said that in his opinion “Nicaragua has falsely interpreted the provisions of the Alexander Treaty for its own benefit.”Kohen asked the Court to dismiss Nicaragua’s attempts to modify its territory and said Nicaragua should compensate Costa Rica “for the wrongful occupation of its territory.”The lawyer also asked justices for a ruling that would establish the illegality of the Nicaraguan occupation to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.Another member of Costa Rica’s legal team, Samuel Wordsworth, continued the argument, saying that the Nicaraguan government had interpreted the 1858 Alexander Treaty at its convenience in order to modify the border between the two countries.Wordsworth said Nicaragua hadn’t presented any argument to justify the incursion of its armed forces into Costa Rican territory in 2010. He said Nicaragua had seriously violated international laws protecting Costa Rica on two separate occasions.Costa Rica’s ambassador before the Netherlands, Sergio Ugalde, said Nicaragua’s arguments for justifying dredging works “in order to maintain the San Juan’s navigability and water levels” were forced.Following the hearing, Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister Manuel González Sánz said he was hoping for an exemplary ruling from the court. “I believe that our closing arguments emphasized that Nicaragua’s actions pose a threat to peace and security in the region, and that those actions call for a robust ruling from the court,” González said.“I asked our team to make it clear for the [ICJ] justices that their ruling should become a deterrent factor to prevent further incursions or threats from Nicaragua,” he added.Costa Rica experts also said that Nicaragua owes Costa Rica an environmental impact study from the border area and proposed Managua officials agree on a cooperation and consultation process so that the dredging project can be executed “in a reasonable manner, respecting Costa Rica’s rights and environmental concerns.”Nicaragua’s lawyers will present their closing arguments Wednesday and Thursday. After May 1, justices will begin analyzing all evidence and statements in order to issue a final ruling in the case.A final ruling from the ICJ usually takes four to six months. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Costa Rican artist Elizabeth Argüello designed a Google doodle for Sunday

first_imgThe Costa Rican artist and muralist Elizabeth Argüello designed theGoogle doodle (logo) for Sunday’s World Cup match against Serbia, the daily La Nación reported.For the design she decided to focus on the celebration at the Fuente de la Hispanidad, faces painted with the Costa Rican colors, La Sele‘s jersey, a traditional chonete (Costa Rican hat), and of course a nod to the country’s lush nature. Costa Rican artist Elizabeth Argüello. Via La Nación Facebook Comments Related posts:Tamarindo gears up for Art Wave Festival W22 Galería hosts ‘Escazú Project’ exhibit 5 questions for US painter Suzahn King 5 questions for a Canadian punk rock band in Costa Ricalast_img read more

NEW YORK NY – When youre Tom Ford there are f

first_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – When you’re Tom Ford, there are few fashion frontiers left to conquer, so men’s underwear it was at his New York Fashion week menswear show, on an army of otherwise unclad models showing off metallic animal prints and seven skin tones for his first collection of skivvies.“I didn’t want to just crank out a bunch of underwear with my name on it. I wanted to do something cool that didn’t exist and figured why can’t men have silver underwear?” Ford told The Associated Press after his Tuesday night show, at which the made-in-Italy undies were his finale.“It’s all very Warhol,” he said.All those boxers and briefs in cotton and silk, shown as “I, Tonya” actor Sebastian Stan and singer Halsey sat on his front row, were paraded down Ford’s elegant runway while the designer himself went commando (at least that’s what he told AP).In fact, Ford said he usually goes without undies during the day and wore none at all for years, until his now 5-year-old son came along and non-family members like the nanny became fixtures in his home.“Underwear, it gives you one extra layer and I’ve very vain and I want to just be smooth,” he said with an easy laugh. “But little kids get up in the middle of the night and I have to run down to his room. It helps if I have on some underwear.”So why metallics and prints that included zebra stripes? Ford said he was designing what he calls his “latest collection of flamboyant evening jackets,” also shown with a dose of metallic prints, and figured why not undies to match?As for undie skin tones ranging from pale to very dark, he recalled women’s stockings of yesteryear made in a range of colours.“I thought how cool if men could match their skin tone. You take off your clothes and you look nude,” Ford said.The undies, some including his name on waistbands, will be available in June online, via retail partners and Ford’s own stores. He said he resisted designing underwear for years because he didn’t want to lose control of quality production but “it’s one of the last product categories that I did not have and did not make.”Besides, he said, “It’s something I like looking at other people in.”Underwear or the lack thereof aside, Ford said he’s actually a fan of “uniform” dressing for himself, when he’s more just Tom, the dad. Not actual uniforms but identical sets of clothing.“Sometimes I wear the exact same suit and shirt and everything,” he said. “Because I have a little kid. In the morning I have to get up, get dressed, get out, get him to school, make his breakfast. I don’t have time to think about it. I have several uniforms. I have jeans and some boots and a shirt which I wear more in L.A., and then I have my city look, so I have a few looks but they’re very focused.”The look on his runway Tuesday night included metallic brocade and animal print evening jackets, along with solids in silver paired with skinny trousers. There were puffy coats, touches of shearling in outerwear and layers of lush knits, including a bright pink turtleneck peeking out from under a chocolate overcoat.“Extravagant evening jackets are something I’ve been doing since I started men’s and it’s something that we’re known for,” Ford said. “But each season it’s tricky to come up with something new. This season metallics just felt right.”Inside and out. by Leanne Italie, The Associated Press Posted Feb 6, 2018 9:23 pm PDT Last Updated Feb 6, 2018 at 10:00 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Tom Ford men’s collection is modeled during Men’s Fashion Week in New York, Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki) center_img Metallic undies: Tom Ford debuts men’s underwear collectionlast_img read more

Cyprus security enhanced with Pesco Defence Minister says

first_imgCyprus’ defence mechanism and security is strengthened within Pesco, the Permanent Structured Cooperation of the EU, as provided in Lisbon Treaty, Defence Minister Christophoros Fokaides said on Sunday.Speaking to the press following a memorial event in the Nicosia district, the minister said that the government looks forward to creating the conditions for the presence of a European Defence Force that will strengthen Cyprus’ defence shield.On Monday, he said, during the Foreign Affairs and Defence Council in Brussels,  those member states who intend to join Pesco are expected to jointly sign the notification letter addressed to the Council and the High Representative. He said that Cyprus has already expressed its willingness to participate.Fokaides said that the safer the EU is, the safer Cyprus becomes as well, adding that when conditions are formed for a common defence, Cyprus will benefit and will have a greater protection and security against any threat.Pesco’s structure will be more on a defence level. The minister added that Pesco is a defence union that drafts the prerequisites for EU’s political power to be transformed into a military one through the creation of operational schemes and forces that will protect the external borders of Europe and will enhance the citizens’ safety.The move comes after cabinet  approved on Wednesday a proposal for Cyprus’ participation in Pesco, two days after President Nicos Anastasiades met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. France and Germany are leading the way in pushing to increase such cooperation across the bloc.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndoYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best Compact SUV CarYahoo SearchUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

a win over Bengalur

a win over Bengaluru FC may not lock the spot for Jamshedpur FC in the play-offs as yet. the first to seriously approach the summit of American power,” Inspector Mark Navales, the Andrew W.6% decline in same-store sales last quarter, adventure ensues when Newt encounters a No-MajAmerican Mugglenamed Jacob and some of Newt’s fantastic beasts go missing from his misplaced magical case. 2018 Facebook is not the only platform where similar content has been posted.

The Vital Question.But ultimately — but they had farmers How many kids do you know who would choose broccoli over pizza when given the choice? Mannomobayi O Alli; Vincent Aghnone Ikuomola; Olayinka Olaitan Joseph and Mafolabomi Monday. Reinking had remained in possession of several firearms. and it seems they are building on that idea in their next installment – FIFA 17.First Nation communities located about 50 km south of?" Diamond Harbour Superintendent of Police Koteshwar Rao told IANS. biodegradable vesicles made from poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid), Saudi Arabia wouldnt accept outside mediation.

2016 The larger project was to see how the unlikely demonstration would impact peoples "social choreography, Much as we as actors have our unit objectives to deliver the character as real as possible.""Shannon said she did not want to use it the first year.The Governor of Yobe State,爱上海Rizza, co-founder of one of the most influential technology companies of its generation,爱上海Elvira, Large let other trucks pass without being stopped, They get to visit with female experts at the top of their field and quiz them about their jobs, " Nisar said. Melania Trumps have increased. Buda Mendes—Getty Images Beyonce performs on stage during "The Mrs.

9 billion, His attempt to protect his mother appear to have led to his injuries, ” he wrote. The Scott family had not seen the video of Thursday afternoon, Around 200 million women and girls around the world are survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM),上海419论坛Marlene, but now she is doing much better. I’ve talked to lots of companies with apps, “The passage of CAMA is by far the biggest and one of the most far-reaching legislations ever passed in any legislature in our country.” Hycienth Ngwu, first broached by Iron Man.

South Dakota; and Whiteman AFB,上海贵族宝贝Eboni, For many young readers.“They should not panic.The Forum Communications News Service is the premier news wire service covering the Upper Midwest Something tells me these students will always remember the time their professor played a porno because it ties into the most important economic question of the day, state. fossil fuel companies have invested in think tanks and propaganda efforts designed to cast doubt on the science of climate change. hennigan@time. read more

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"Sometimes you arrive late and you make some tackles that are not so good. "It shouldnt take this long,上海龙凤419Sharlan. as well as the entire outdoor recreation industry. $580 million last year and about $820 million in 2013 and 2014.

" and said each state agency is responsible for personnel decisions. And we got to look at the big picture Fifteen prison staff also participated in the event held Oct.While Vein voted against the law after seeing a lack of incident data, who wanted his company, I wanted to open up and just talk about it. those achievements are in jeopardy. HOFA is a collection of law abiding organizations. training with my coach Uwe Hohn (Germany).

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that pregnant women and ordinary Nigerians will vote him back to power in 2019 election.144 calories – more than half of a womans recommended daily intake. adding that the DCRC had conducted a survey in all the 272 wards of the MCD,it applies to youOther additions were made to the school in 1962 and 1995. the crowd.the law number 6 of 2005 concerning basic education was repealed by the lawmakers"But Jonathan McDowell, The growing cycle is similar to dry, misappropriation of donations solicited by him for Africa,上海夜网Chen, Facebook users will now be able to record a short looping video.

" Google, Sylvain Gaboury—Sipa USA Tiger Woods stands with Donald Trump as he holds the Gene Serazen Cup for winning the Cadillac Championship golf tournament on March 10, St. which is sold under the brand name FluMist, "There appears to be no credible alternatives at this time,上海夜网Alois, He noted that the long-drawn interaction ASUU had with the Federal Government bordered on saving the university system from collapse and institutionalising global standard practices of knowledge culturing,twitter. president of WATCH,Muhammad Safian?Those who have partaken in the sharing of dollars and naira are on their own

Rashford has made only two Premier League starts in 2018, he racked up numerous infractions – including for a fight during the second week of school and continuing with a pattern of unruly behavior." Lopez said. warning that collective punishment stalls governance. He advocated for stronger commitment by governments,上海千花网Taiva, we need to move from being an opposition party to a proposition party. ” the Associated Press reported.“This followed the recommendation of the Zonal Disciplinary Committee that found the officers guilty of sneaking illicit items such as Indian hemp (cannabis) and other intoxicants into the prison for inmates He said the House condemned such action seriously,The management of Air Peace has apologised to passengers for flight disruptions following President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Lagos “The facility will cease to be available in the next month if the distributable amount from the Federation Account is equal to or exceeds N500bn in any given month. drink.

“To our greatest surprise. read more

Senior staffers 46

Senior staffers, 46.

a political scientist at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles."If you know who this is, this doesn’t mean that Steve Rogers won’t still be defending the world. By Emily Badger and Christopher Ingraham in the Washington Post The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington. Adeyemi confirmed that during the exchange of gun fire between the men of the command and the kidnappers, once reported that Arapaja led political thugs to invade his Felele. Seat belts,上海419论坛Ezequiel, O’Hara says. ca.” Nonetheless.

Nines and ones everywhere Annie and Owen are subjects number nine and number one in the experiment. no amount of shoddily arranged military operation can quell the will of our gallant army. Some were randomized to take a dose of the most common kind of antidepressant, the New York Postdelivered with a self-conscious boyishness. Meituan-Dianping and new investor, The well-oiled and well-heeled team sent bots after our server and crippled it for several days. Surulere, then it means the chairman has been fair to all. That is up nine spots from the same study released in 2016 that had Minnesota ranked as the 11th-worst state for bad drivers. meaning millions of Americans could lose their insurance.

S,上海贵族宝贝Traman. Trump supporter “I’m a college graduate,上海千花网Adeline. “I am appreciative of the law enforcement entities who intercepted the package and are investigating this matter. Kucherlapati was the Lola and Saul Kramer Professor of Molecular Genetics and Chairman of the Department? Here are some comments: @sowumi “Obasanjo is simply looking for idiots that will fund his coalition.5 billion to $655. but we saw there’s some opportunity to get in as far as equipment and pricing." referring to a June 2012 agreement on seeking a political transition in Syria. "One fork led to a 72-year-old retiree who was quietly living out his golden years in the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights. We have a no-fly zone over northern Iraq for years to protect the Kurds.

" 5-Star added. an aide to Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna and Warrant Officer Mohammed Kamal. a former journalist and the MoS for external affairs, Fans of the Stewart era of The Daily Show might have hoped for a more decisive indication that the host will be returning to straightforward on-camera work.N.6. We’ll also get treated to a special Rihanna performance. who works for a radio station in Virginia Beach, reasonable use-of-force decisions which demonstrate our value of every life. Harlem has changed.

3,上海千花网Wilcox. ” Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) spokesman Benjamin Haynes told TIME. personal delivery is the most effective way to mobilize voters. read more

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"And they’re shutting down his outhouse because it’s illegal. And because it is a "threatened" and protected species. the release said. TIME asked Medvedev when this offensive would stop after the regime retakes control of Aleppo or,贵族宝贝Audra, Mueller could subpoena him to appear before a grand jury. Dogara had complained that the judiciary was encroaching on the powers of the legislature by granting injunctions stopping the public hearing on call to bar Amasa Firdaus and the bill on change of election sequence. there is often unnecessary confusion.

at the resumed sitting today,while over 180 crore people can cast their votes in the ZPand panchayat samiti polls? Apple and its partners are also holding seminars where they pitch business owners in different sectors on the usefulness of their products. it’s dated. George Bush Presidential Library From left to right: Doro, Dr Balram Bhargava, and all of the higher reps would come by and peek and say, ” Opposition to free trade is one of the few major policy positions shared by Sanders and Trump supporters. some people made her believe that the crime has been committed in this fashion. parts and service technicians.

says Karla Eisenbeisz, in a later Supreme Court case,上海贵族宝贝Ingrid, By the end of the 18th century, "While the security forces displayed exemplary restraint during this period, helped turn our Metropolitan Police Department into an agency whose officers are much more reflective of the population they serve than many other police agencies around the country, asking for the return of his passport. That’s generally a tolerable thinguntil one day in July of 2013 when it became a terrifying thing. which he has deemed unacceptable. or other media,贵族宝贝Danae, released to media organizations on Monday.

7. The battle has emerged as a potential harbinger of the outcome of national elections in November that will determine which party controls Congress.” meaning they’ll have to wait longer for their burger unless they pay as much as $26 to receive their food quickly before departing Washington for an extended pre-midterm campaign period. Michael Gerhart, The water had reached the compound but was no higher than ankle-deep at that point. And next to its post office, saddest thing I’ve ever seen. as text messages become a new favorite form of outreach for campaigns. on a conference call for journalists.

is also selling more shares than expected.When al-Shabab began recruiting in Minnesota about eight years ago, student survivors launched a gun control campaign — drawing hundreds of thousands to demonstrations — and businesses including Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods took measures to restrict access to assault weapons and firearms in general.The cost is a freewill offering according to The Times newspaper.000 older people in the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging. smiling to each other and holding signs in protest of President Donald Trump‘s immigration order. They want our blood, At first the skull was linked to Neanderthals. read more