Ten of the buzziest festival films coming to Hot Docs

first_imgRobert Greene has become both a critical favourite and polarizing figure in the documentary world thanks to films like Fake It So Real, Actress and Kate Plays Christine, which have used staged situations to explore the nature of performance in non-fiction. Bisbee ’17, which debuted at Sundance, continues that theme, but is more epic in scope. Greene followed a handful of diverse citizens living in the Arizona town Bisbee who decided to re-enact a suppressed historical tragedy from 100 years prior: when local authorities conspired with mining execs to kidnap more than 1,000 striking workers at gunpoint and deport them to the middle of a New Mexico desert with nowhere to go.April 27, 2:45 pm, Hart House; April 30, 11:30 am, Scotiabank 7; May 4, 5 pm, Scotiabank 3OF FATHERS AND SONSTalal Derki is probably one of the buzzier names with a film at this year’s Hot Docs. The follow-up to his award-winning Syrian war doc, The Return To Homs, picked up the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema Documentary at Sundance earlier this year. Advertisement United Skates looks at the impact of roller rinks on African-American culture. Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementcenter_img Login/Register With: UNITED SKATESRacism in America is a big topic in documentaries and in the media in general, but first-time directors Dyana Winkler and Tina Brown broach the issue with an unexpected angle: roller skating. Though they’ve been closing down, the venues have been the focal point of underground culture and family-friendly fun for African-Americans for decades. The doc, which was exec produced John Legend, is arriving at Hot Docs following a buzzy premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.April 28, 9 pm, Scotiabank 3; April 30, 1 pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 2; May 4, 9:30 pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 1BISBEE ’17 Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

New video of suspects in AllaireBell murder

first_imgAPTN National NewsDevon Allaire-Bell was murdered in a schoolyard in Surrey, BC on April 24th, 2011. The RCMP is hoping members of the public can help identify the perpetrators, and has released new surveillance video of their whereabouts following the murder.APTN National News reporter Wayne Roberts has the details.last_img

Articles 35A, 370 required to be scrapped: Santosh Hegde

first_imgHyderabad: Retired Supreme Court judge N Santosh Hegde Tuesday said Articles 35A and 370, giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir, are required to be scrapped as they run counter to the rights of other states. He said in 1948 when the Maharaja of Kashmir agreed to merge the state of Kashmir with India, certain assurances were given to the people by introducing Article 35A and Article 370 of the Constitution. Though the wording of this looks like the assurance is “permanent”, in the background in which it was given and the consequential things that have happened in the nation indicate it’s not possible to continue these articles because if Kashmir is an integral part of India, it can’t have a separate status compared to other states, Hegde said. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ “So, in today’s context both the articles are causing a lot of problems for the country as a whole”, the former Solicitor General of India told PTI in an interview. “So, I don’t think it’s possible to continue that article”. He said “today’s situation” requires those articles to be scrapped because certain autonomy given under that Act would run counter to the rights of other states and if Kashmir is an integral part of India, then it must have only an equal status with others. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K “I think 70 years have gone by…whatever was the purpose of those articles…according to me, it has served that purpose. Therefore, now it can’t be said that Kashmir is not an integral part of India. Therefore, these two articles do not have any place in the constitution anymore”, the former Karnataka Lokayukta said. Article 370 grants special status to J&K and 35A prohibits outsiders from purchasing land and property in that state. The BJP has in its election manifesto promised to repeal the articles if it retains power after the Lok Sabha polls. Meanwhile, referring to campaigning by political parties for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, Hegde, a former Advocate General of Karnataka, said “We have come to the lowest possible standards in our electioneering now”. Hegde mentioned in particular controversial comments made by Union Minister Maneka Gandhi regarding “minorities’ votes” and Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan on his BJP opponent and film actor Jaya Prada. “Politics is in the lowest ebb possible today. I think unless there is a change in the thinking and moral standard of these politicians go up, I think we are in big trouble in the days to come”, he said. Irrespective of political parties, some of their members have gone to such a level that they don’t deserve to be in politics, he said. “And this is not the political campaign India would have expected from its leaders. It’s a very cheap and low level of campaigning, without any moral standards”, he said. “Unfortunately, it’s not confined to only one political party. Every day standard is coming so low, it’s a very sad thing that in a country of values like India, that we have to suffer this”, Hegde said.last_img read more

UNbacked conference urges governments to protect human trafficking victims

The experts, at a regional conference in Bogotá, Colombia, jointly organized by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Embassy of Sweden and ending last Friday, stressed that human trafficking was an issue of growing concern in Latin America, with numerous networks operating to smuggle migrants within the region and into North America, Europe and Asia.UNODC said trafficking in persons in Colombia and in Latin America was on the rise. Indicators show that other forms of transnational organized crime such as drugs and arms trafficking as well as money laundering were related to and increased this type of crime, it added.The modalities and purposes of human trafficking differ within the region, UNODC said. Colombia is mostly affected by sexual exploitation and Bolivia, by forced labour. read more

Did Varoufakis have approval to plan parallel banking system

first_imgFormer Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has claimed that he was authorized by Alexis Tsipras last December to look into a parallel payment system that would operate using wiretapped tax registration numbers (AFMs) and could eventually work as a parallel banking system, according to sources.In a teleconference call with members of international hedge funds that was allegedly coordinated by former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont, Varoufakis claimed to have been given the okay by Tsipras last December – a month before general elections that brought SYRIZA to power – to plan a payment system that could operate in euros but which could be changed into drachmas “overnight” if necessary.Varoufakis worked with a small team to prepare the plan, which would have required a staff of 1,000 to implement but did not get the final go-ahead from Tsipras to proceed, he said.The call took place on July 16, more than a week after Varoufakis left his post as finance minister.The plan would involve hijacking the AFMs of taxpayers and corporations by hacking into General Secretariat of Public Revenues website, Varoufakis told his interlocutors. This would allow the creation of a parallel system that could operate if banks were forced to close and which would allow payments to be made between third parties and the state and could eventually lead to the creation of a parallel banking system, he said.As the general secretariat is a system that is monitored by Greece’s creditors and is therefore difficult to access, Varoufakis said he assigned a childhood friend of his, an information technology expert who became a professor at Columbia University, to hack into the system. A week after Varouakis took over the ministry, he said the friend telephoned him and said he had “control” of the hardware but not the software “which belongs to the troika.”Recorded callYou can find extracts from the conversation below. Varoufakis was advised that the call was being recorded when it began.Varoufakis: “I have to admit we did not have a mandate for bringing Greece out of the euro. What we had a mandate to do was to negotiate for a kind of arrangement with the Eurogroup and the ECB that would render Greece sustainable within the eurozone. The mandate went a bit further, at least in my estimation. I think the Greek people had authorised us to pursue energetically and vigorously that negotiation to the point of saying that if we can’t have a viable agreement, then we should consider getting out.”“We don’t have a currency which we can devalue vis a vis the euro, we have the euro”“[Wolfgang] Schaeuble, the finance minister of Germany, is hell-bent on effecting a Grexit so nothing is over. But let me be very specific and very precise on this. The prime minister before he became PM, before we won the election in January, had given me the green light to come up with a Plan B. And I assembled a very able team, a small team as it had to be because that had to be kept completely under wraps for obvious reasons. And we had been working since the end of December or beginning of January on creating one. But let me give you if you are interested some of the political and the institutional impediments that made it hard for us to complete the work and indeed to activate it. The work was more or less complete: We did have a Plan B but the difficulty was to go from the five people who were planning it to the 1,000 people that would have to implement it. For that I would have to receive another authorisation which never came.”“But let me give you an example. We were planning along a number fronts. I will just mention one. Take the case of the first few moments when the banks are shut, the ATMs don’t function and there has to be some parallel payment system by which to keep the economy going for a little while, to give the population the feel that the state is in control and that there is a plan.”“What we planned to do was the following. There is the website of the tax office like there is in Britain and everywhere else, where citizens, taxpayers go into the website they use their tax file number and they transfer through web banking monies from the bank account to their tax file number so as to make payments on VAT, income tax and so on and so forth.”“We were planning to create, surreptitiously, reserve accounts attached to every tax file number, without telling anyone, just to have this system in a function under wraps. And, at the touch of a button, to allow us to give PIN numbers to tax file number holders, to taxpayers. So let’s take for instance the case the state owed 1 million euros to some pharmaceutical company for drugs purchased on behalf of the National Health Service. We could immediately create a digital transfer into that reserve account of the tax file number of the pharmaceutical company and provide them with a pin number so that they could use this as a kind of parallel payment mechanism by whichever part of that digital monies to any tax file number for whom they owed money or indeed to use it to in order to make tax payments to the state. That would have created a parallel banking system while the banks were shut as a result of the ECBs aggressive action to deny us some breathing space.”“This was very well developed and I think it would have made a very big difference because very soon we could have extended it, using apps on smartphones and it could become a functioning parallel system and of course this would be euro denominated but at the drop of a hat it could be converted to a new drachma.”“But let me tell you – and this is quite a fascinating story – what difficulties I faced. The General Secretary of Public Revenues within my ministry is controlled fully and directly by the troika. It was not under control of my ministry, of me as minister, it was controlled by Brussels. The general secretary is appointed effectively through a process which is troika-controlled and the whole mechanism within. It’s like the Inland Revenue in the UK being controlled by Brussels. I am sure as you are hearing these words your hair is standing on end.”“Ok, so problem number one: The general secretary of information systems on the other hand was controlled by me, as minister. I appointed a good friend of mine, a childhood friend of mine who had become professor of IT at Columbia University in the States and so on. I put him in because I trusted him to develop this.”“At some point, a week or so after we moved into the ministry, he calls me up and says to me: “You know what? I control the machines, I control the hardware but I do not control the software. The software belongs to the troika controlled General Secretary of Public Revenues. What do I do?””“So we had meeting just two of us – nobody else knew – and he said: “Listen, if I ask for permission from them to start implementing this program then the troika will immediately know we are designing a parallel system.” But I said: “That won’t do, we don’t want to reveal our hand at this stage.””“So I authorised him – and you can’t tell anyone that, this is totally between us…”Normal Lamont interrupts: “There are certainly others listening but they will not tell it to their friends.”Varoufakis (laughing): “I know. I know they are. And even if they do I will deny I said it, so we decided to hack into my ministry’s own software program in order to be able break it up to just copy just to copy the code of the tax systems website onto a large computer in his office so that he can work out how to design and implement this parallel payment system.”“And we were ready to get the green light from the PM when the banks closed in order to move into the General Secretariat of Public Revenues, which is not controlled by us but is controlled by Brussels, and to plug this laptop in and to energize the system.”“So I am trying to convey to you the kind of institutional problems that we had, institutional impediments we had to carrying out an independent policy for ameliorating the effects of having our banks being closed down by the ECB.”On Schaeuble“Schaeuble has a plan. The way he described it to me is very simple. He believes that the eurozone is not sustainable as it is. He believes there has to be some fiscal transfers, some degree of political union. He believes that for that political union to work without federation, without the legitimacy that a properly elected federal parliament can render, can bestow upon an executive, it will have to be done in a very disciplinary way. And he said explicitly to me that a Grexit is going to equip him with sufficient bargaining, sufficient terrorising power in order to impose upon the French that which Paris has been resisting. And what is that? A degree of transfer of budget making powers from Paris to Brussels.”Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Burnley boss Joe Hart deserves England recall

first_imgSean Dyche believes that goalkeeper Joe Hart has earned a recall into the England squad after an impressive start at BurnleyThe latest selection for the Three Lions is set to be announced on Thursday with Hart hoping to be among the names on the list to face Croatia and Spain in the UEFA Nations League.The former Manchester City keeper was left out of the World Cup team by head coach Gareth Southgate, but has done well at Turf Moor since arriving in the summer.“Gareth Southgate is someone I respect and he’ll make his own mind up about it,” Dyche told talkSPORT.“The noise from the World Cup was that he wants to go into a new direction with a younger band of players and develop them, understandably.“But, I think you equally need experience.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“I’m in a great situation at Burnley with not just Joe coming in, but with Nick Pope and season he had and then going to World Cup and Tom Heaton, who is a fantastic goalie and professional.“I’ve got a really good group of goalies, without a doubt.”The Burnley coach added: “Joe has done really, really well. He’s fitted in really nicely. He just wanted to come in and get on with it and enjoy his football.“The main thing at his age is he wants to be challenged and be in a good environment, and I think he’s got that at Burnley.”Hart has made 75 appearances for England at international level.last_img read more

Indias Chandrayaan2 spacecraft delivers its first gorgeous moon photo

first_img Comments Chandrayaan-2 is made up of a lunar orbiter, lander and rover. The spacecraft successfully entered lunar orbit earlier this week and will aim to deliver its lander and rover to the surface in early September.Touching down safely on the moon is hard, as Israel’s Beresheet mission discovered when it crash-landed into the lunar surface in April. If successful, India will become only the fourth country — besides the US, the Soviet Union and China — to soft-land on the moon. As we wait for the big day, we can enjoy Chandrayaan-2’s spectacular views from orbit. 2 Beyond Apollo: See NASA aim for the moon with Artemis 2024 17 Photos Space Share your voice Take a look at the first Moon image captured by #Chandrayaan2 #VikramLander taken at a height of about 2650 km from Lunar surface on August 21, 2019. Mare Orientale basin and Apollo craters are identified in the picture.#ISRO pic.twitter.com/ZEoLnSlATQ— ISRO (@isro) August 22, 2019 Enlarge ImageThis image marks the Apollo crater and the Mare Orientale basin.  ISRO The moon is so hot right now. Everyone wants to go there, including the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft. Chandrayaan-2, which launched in July, just sent back its first image of its destination. India’s spacecraft plans to land robots on the lunar south pole for the first time. It’s a fascinating and icy place that NASA is eyeing as the destination for its crewed Artemis moon mission in 2024.  ISRO tweeted out the moon view on Thursday. Chandrayaan-2 snapped the portrait from a height of 1,650 miles (2,650 kilometers) above the lunar surface Wednesday. The space agency annotated the image to show the locations of the large Apollo crater and the Mare Orientale basin. Sci-Tech Tagslast_img read more

MWC 2017 A hunting ground for smaller smartphone makers as they capitalise

first_imgThe on-going Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain has turned out to be an ideal platform for smaller smartphone vendors to unveil their new offerings as market leaders like Samsung and Apple have no new handsets to showcase at the event.While the iPhone-maker has long sworn-off trade shows like MWC, the South Korean conglomerate is taking its time to release a new handset as it is still recovering from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.With Samsung steering clear of the MWC 2017 in terms of introducing new handsets, Chinese smartphone vendors like Huawei and OPPO have got a golden opportunity to grab some serious spotlight at the event. Considering that these Chinese companies have solidified their position in the global smartphone market in the last few months, they are likely to exploit the gap left by Samsung even further this year.Chinese vendors are getting tractionChina’s Huawei, which has started getting momentum in the high-end segment of the smartphone market, unveiled a new flagship model named the P10 and its larger version P10 Plus at the MWC 2017 on Sunday. Both the devices incorporate features like dual Leica rear camera lenses, a longer-lasting battery and a fingerprint sensor system.Although these features are quite similar to those found in Huawei’s recently-launched Mate 9 smartphone, the new P10 models are expected to be priced at a much cheaper cost, if the company sticks to its conventional pricing strategy.Analysts also believe that Huawei, the world’s third largest smartphone vendor after Samsung and Apple, has the best hope among rival Android smartphone makers of benefiting from Samsung’s misfortunes.”Chinese makers succeeded in winning market share over last year and Huawei now seems to be the main rival to the two giants, even if the gap remains large,” Gartner analyst Annette Zimmermann told AFP.OPPO is another Chinese smartphone maker which also has managed to grab people’s attention of late. The company is currently the fourth largest smartphone vendor in the world, and it recently witnessed its fourth straight quarter of greater than 100 percent year-over-year growth.At the MWC 2017, OPPO introduced its “5x Dual-Camera Zoom” technology along with a prototype smartphone. The new technology is expected to revolutionise smartphone photography by allowing zooming at 5x with image stabilisation.Comeback of veteransVeteran brands like LG, ZTE, Nokia and BlackBerry also unveiled their new flagship devices at the event. A split-screen functionality was the highlight of LG’s new handset, while ZTE showcased what it claimed to be the world’s first smartphone with 5G network support.Nokia attempted to make a comeback with three new Android smartphones and a refurbished version of its iconic 3310 that was produced in the early 2000s.BlackBerry, on the other hand, came up with a new high-end smartphone called KEYOne which features the company’s signature physical QWERTY keypad.The year 2016 marked a memorable year for the worldwide smartphone industry in multiple ways. While Apple had to deal with the first down year for iPhone in 2016, the world also witnessed a three-horse race at the top of the market as Huawei managed to capture a double-digit market share for the first time ever.”The top three Chinese vendors (Huawei, OPPO, and vivo) are persistently applying pressure on Samsung within China thanks to a vast portfolio of affordable, well-built devices,” Anthony Scarsella, an analyst at International data corporation, said in a statement. “However, it is worth noting that despite the success of these brands within China, they will need to find growth beyond their home turf to eventually knock off either Samsung or Apple at the top.”last_img read more

Myanmar has political will for Rohingya repatriation China FM

first_imgChinese state councillor and foreign minister Wang Yi. Photo: BSSChinese state councillor and foreign minister Wang Yi on Friday said that Myanmar has a “political will” over Rohingya repatriation during a meeting with his Bangladesh counterpart AK Abdul Momen in Beijing, reports BSS.“The Chinese foreign minister has assured that Myanmar has a political will to take back its Rohingya nationals from Bangladesh,” foreign secretary Md Shahidul Haque said while briefing newsmen after the meeting.The foreign secretary said the two ministers discussed the Rohingya issue at the meeting.He said the foreign minister highlighted the Rohingya crisis and said Bangladesh has no conflict with Myanmar. “We’re good neighbours and we want Myanmar to take back its nationals from Bangladesh,” he said.In reply, the Chinese foreign minister hoped that the repatriation of the first batch of Rohingyas will be made soon.“We hope that Bangladesh and Myanmar will make arrangements over the Rohingya repatriation and we’ll always stay beside the two countries on this issue,” Haque quoted the Chinese foreign minister as saying.The foreign secretary said Bangladesh, China and Myanmar sat over the issue in New York and Beijing. “A new door may be opened up due to the talks,” he hoped.last_img read more

Forecast Predicts Heavy Rainfall In Texas This Weekend

first_imgThe National Weather Service is predicting heavy rainfall in Texas this weekend. Rainfall totals in the Houston area are expected to be in the one to two inch range, but they could get slightly higher.NWS meteorologist Scott Overpeck said two storm systems are expected to move through the state, possibly stretching between Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.“We’re not talking about any kind of outbreak or anything like that, but (it’s) possible that a few storms could be severe,” Overpeck said, “and by that we mean it could produce hail, it could produce some really strong gusty winds like around 60 miles an hour and of course there’s always that small chance we could see a brief, brief tornado.”Additionally, long periods of heavy rain could cause street flooding. Sharelast_img read more

Khadi enters the big league

first_imgAdding new strength to Khadi India’s fashion power-house, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (ABFRL) and Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Ministry of MSME, Government of India announced a strategic collaboration to strengthen the synergies between the two iconic Indian brands. This initiative is in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of promoting ‘Khadi for Fashion’ and hand-woven fabric. The agreement document was exchanged between CEO, KVIC, Anshu Sinha and Ashish Dikshit, Business Head, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. in the august presence of Vinai Kumar Saxena, Chairman KVIC, and other dignitaries. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAs a part of this strategic partnership, Peter England, leading menswear brand from the fashion brands portfolio of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail will be among the leading brands to develop an exclusive product line branded as ‘Khadi by Peter England’.Speaking on this partnership, KVIC Chairman V K Saxena said, “Khadi, the heritage fabric of India which was discovered and promoted by none other than Mahatma Gandhi, has grown with the passage of time and has come to become a major job provider in rural areas at a very low-cost capital investment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a major boost to Khadi Programme by regularly appealing to the countrymen to buy Khadi and support rural artisans. This has created a great demand for Khadi and I am happy to inform that the Khadi and Village Industries sale has crossed Rs 50,000 Crore mark during 2016-17. The KVIC – Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. convergence is a major initiative to bring Khadi into the branded garments market in a big way with better designs, colors, and style to cater to the youth segment and the high-end market. This convergence will provide around 2 lakhs man hours to the Khadi artisans and will definitely bring in much needed professional input in Khadi readymades.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveCommenting on the collaboration, Ashish Dikshit, Business Head, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail said, “Our partnership with Khadi & Village Industries Commission is a testimony of our commitment towards innovative and sustainable fashion. Reckoned as ‘Fabric of the Nation’, Khadi is a symbol of self-sufficiency, a versatile fabric that is trendy, with high-fashion appeal in its pure, rustic form. Authentic, Indian products resonate strongly with the Indian consumers and there is an increasing demand for hand-made fabric, that stays true to its roots and exudes simplicity and vogue at the same time. Through our partnership with KVIC, we aim to bring the rich Indian heritage of hand-woven fabric closer to our discerning consumers.” Elaborating on this strategic initiative, Anshu Sinha, CEO, KVIC said “KVIC has been taking many new marketing initiatives to promote Khadi and village industries products. Bulk orders has been received from corporates, PSUs and govt departments like ONGC, Air India, Ministry of Health, J K Cement etc. to develop the market for Khadi and also provide professional expertise in area of designing product development etc. This convergence will be a win-win proposition for both the organizations and will bring in sustainable employment to Khadi artisans.” This initiative is conceptualized under KVIC Act that permits it to promote the sale and marketing of Khadi or products of Village industries or handicrafts and forge links with established marketing agencies through the PPP mode. Under this convergence, Peter England has agreed for a guaranteed minimum procurement of Khadi and its products for a period of 5 years with primary purchases of muslin cotton and silk. This partnership will not only provide an assured market to Khadi artisans and institutions but will also give the opportunity to upgrade the skill and designs of fabric and garments and also create sustainable employment opportunities in rural areas through Khadi. ‘Khadi by Peter England’, a mélange of Indian ethos and latest trends is sure to position Khadi as a fashion fabric. As a part of this strategic association, Peter England will also bring in design interventions at Khadi manufacturing clusters across the country along with providing technical expertise. Additionally, Peter England will procure all India Khadi varieties from departmental sales outlets of KVIC for OTC sales as well as crafting garments for its apparel brands. Additionally, Khadi Logo will be displayed across Peter England stores through visual merchandising, where Khadi products are displayed. Khadi by Peter England will be available at Peter England stores across the country, KVIC outlets and leading e-commerce portals.last_img read more

Tale of a Mother

first_imgIn the small industrial town of Tinsukia in Assam, a couple of decades ago, in a big joint family of around 50 people, lived a young, feisty girl. The eldest of four children, she had a happy childhood, filled with love and laughter. It was a simpler time and an easy childhood as parents, unlike those of today, did not have a lot of expectations from their children. Left to her own devices, she rode bikes with her brothers, played outdoors with 20 odd cousins every day, sat down to mass meals with them, pursued her studies, and dreamt of becoming a doctor. However, for girls those days, in a quiet little town, the only option was humanities. And then, in the first year of college, she married and moved to Kolkata. That girl is Minu Budhia. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfMinu Budhia – Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Founder of Caring Minds & ICanFlyy shared her journey of Self Discovery. Minu Budhia, a special Needs Mother shared with the audience how her younger daughter Prachi’s ADHD, low IQ, and Bipolar disorder diagnosis had initially shattered her, but ultimately set her on a path of self-discovery. Speaking of the challenges she reiterated the importance of looking beyond stereotypes, not being judgemental and asking for help when one needs it and highlighted the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health with awareness and making mental healthcare easily accessible. Her passion and dream gave birth to CARING MINDS – a Psychological Wellness Centre – her 3rd baby and then ICANFLYY, an Institute for Special Needs. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveMinu Budhia strongly echoes “Enable the Able” which is the motto of her life and her organisations. Accepting yourself, as you are, and being okay with it, is key to living a healthy life. And sometimes we need help and guidance to do this. Her entrepreneurial venture, a social initiative in the field of Mental Healthcare, is there to provide this helping hand. Mental illness can make an appearance any stage of one’s life whether childhood, adolescence, adulthood or old age. It may be genetic or may develop after a trauma. The point is, it could happen to anyone and it should not make us a social pariah.last_img read more

How secure or private is Gmails new confidential mode

first_imgHow secure or private is Gmail’s new confidential mode? by Martin Brinkmann on May 11, 2018 in Email – 27 commentsGoogle launched a redesign of the Gmail web interface last month. The the focus of the update was to bring the interface in line with other Google products.While the update was cosmetic at its core, Google did introduce several new features to the web interface such as direct access to attachments or a new confidential mode for emails.Confidential mode sounds like a business-only feature but it is available for home and business users alike on Gmail. But what is it?Confidential mode on Gmail adds access restrictions to emails that you sent using the mode. Designed to protect sensitive information, it enables you to set time limits and passcodes. The mode blocks certain actions, forwarding, copy and paste, downloading of the email, and printing as well automatically.Using Confidential mode on GmailIt is simple to make certain emails on Gmail confidential. All you need to do is compose a new email or reply to one, and click on the new “confidential mode” icon in the send button row of the compose interface.A click on the icon opens the confidential mode configuration overlay which gives you two options:Set an expiration date for the email. Available options are 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 5 years. The expiration date is displayed next to the selection menu so that you know immediately when the email expires.Enable the SMS passcode feature. Recipients need a mobile phone for that and Google will sent recipients a passcode text message which they need to unlock the email.Gmail highlights confidential mode by adding a “content expires” message to the email. You can edit the requirement or click on the x-icon to remove it again before you hit the send button.What happens when you hit send? If you selected the passcode option, you are asked to type the phone number of the recipient. This is mandatory and the only option that you have when you don’t want to enter the phone number or don’t have it is to go back to the compose window to remove the passcode requirement.What happens when you type the wrong phone number? Nothing at first, Google accepts any number at this stage.File attachments are not supported by the mode and you will receive a warning when you have selected confidential mode and added an attachment to the email. Your options are to disable confidential mode or remove the file attachment.The email that you receive does not contain the message. Google uses the selected subject and shows the sender of the email, but instead of displaying the content, it informs you that you have received a confidential email which you can only open on Gmail directly.In other words: Google sends you a notification by email that a confidential email was sent to you and that you may click on the link to open it.If you are not a Google user, you are asked to sign in to a Google account to continue and view the email message.You can sign in to any Google account at this point in time (if the recipient email address is not a Google account). If passcode was enabled during setup, you are informed that a one-time passcode will be sent to the phone number the sender entered during setup.You can only select “send passcode” and see only the last two digits of the phone number. There is no option to change the phone number; if it is wrong, you cannot open the email and it will expire eventually unread.How secure and private is the whole thing?The short answer: it depends. Gmail’s confidential mode protects the email by not sending it to the recipient directly. The same result — that the email cannot be read during transit — can be achieved with secure email providers or using encryption technology such as PGP.The actual implementation blocks some options to download, copy or share messages but it does not protect against all. It is still possible to create a screenshot of the email and print it that way, write it down, or take a photo of the computer screen using any camera.There is another issue that needs to be addressed. Recipients get an email with a link asking them to click on the link and even sign in to a Google account if they are not already to view it. If that does not sound a lot like phishing I don’t know what does.Recipients may not want to click on the links. Ironically, attackers who use phishing as an attack vector may exploit the new functionality to steal user credentials.Closing WordsGmail’s Confidential mode feature is not the right option when you need to send confidential messages to others. Email is not the right format for confidential messages unless you use PGP or another secure form of communication.Now You: What’s your take on Gmail’s confidential mode feature?SummaryArticle NameHow secure or private is Gmail’s new confidential mode?DescriptionGoogle introduced Confidential mode recently on Gmail promising that it would enable users of the service to send confidential messages securely and privately to recipients.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

German Company Innovision Introduces 3D Ultrasonic Holography Technology

first_img Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 05, 2019 Digital Health Devices Used at Point of Care May Improve Diagnostic Certainty A West Virginia-based rural medical outreach event showcased the use of point-of-care technology in an ambulatory… read more read more 360 Photos | Ultrasound Imaging | July 11, 2019 360 Degree View of a Smartphone Performing a Cardiac Ultrasound Exam This 360 degree photo shows a basic, point-of-care cardiac echocardiogram being performed using a smartphone turned i read more October 17, 2016 — Innovision GmbH recently announced the launch of its new 3-D ultrasonic holography technology, a non-invasive technology that allows devices to be equipped for ultrasound of the abdomen, joints or breasts.Preventative and postoperative breast examinations can be conducted as often as necessary, because the technology doesn’t use dangerous radiation. The holographic ultrasound images have a much higher resolution than classic ultrasound can provide, significantly reducing the number of false-positive and false-negative findings.Another advantage of 3-D ultrasonic holography is the reproducibility of the images. This makes it possible to use automated or computer-based data interpretation for mammograms. Even the smallest changes of 0.1 mm are reliably detected. The novel method can even recognize microcalcifications.The ultrasound transducer is easy to use, minimizing training time for personnel performing holographic ultrasound. In classic ultrasound, a lot of repositioning is necessary to detect various structures from all possible angles of incidence. However, simply placing the transducer on the area is sufficient when using Innovision’s holographic method.For more information: www.innovision-consult.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Medical 3-D Printing | August 08, 2019 RSNA and ACR to Collaborate on Landmark Medical 3D Printing Registry The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) will launch a new medical… read more Related Content 360 Photos | Ultrasound Imaging | July 09, 2019 360 Degree View of a Mitral Valve Ultrasound Exam on a Vivid E95 System A view of a mitral valve on a GE Healthcare Vivid E95 … read more News | Ultrasound Women’s Health | July 11, 2019 FDA Clears Koios DS Breast 2.0 AI-based Software Koios Medical announced its second 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). News | Ultrasound Imaging | July 26, 2019 Intelligent Ultrasound Group Collaborating With the National Imaging Academy Wales Artificial intelligence (AI)-based ultrasound software and simulation company Intelligent Ultrasound Group plc (AIM:… read more The ScanTrainer transvaginal simulator is one example of Intelligent Ultrasound’s simulation technologies. News | Ultrasound Imaging | July 31, 2019 Studies Confirm Clinical Value of ShearWave Elastography for Liver Fibrosis Evaluation SuperSonic Imagine announced the publication of the results of its prospective multicentric clinical study conducted in… read more News | Advanced Visualization | October 17, 2016 German Company Innovision Introduces 3-D Ultrasonic Holography Technology Non-invasive technology offers higher resolution, better reproducibility for ultrasound scanning of the abdomen, joints and breasts Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more last_img read more

AFTA industry awards finalists selected

first_imgNTIA winners determined by panel of judges. The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has announced the finalists, across 33 categories, for the 2013 National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA).Categories include; Rookie of the Year Agent, Best Business Events Travel Agency, Best Travel Writer, Best Domestic Airline, Best Travel Consultant Retail and many more.Industry members were polled and cast votes, with the highest-ranking nominees forming the finalists in each category.“Peer recognition is such an important measure of success and it’s great to see such strong ongoing industry support for the awards,” AFTA chief executive Jayson Westbury said.Record numbers are expected at this year’s NTIA Gala Dinner, with category winners to be determined by an official panel of judges.“There is no doubt that the judges have a tough job ahead of them,” Mr Westbury said.“Not only will they be analysing the most deserving winners, the judges will be selecting half of the 33 category winners from finalist presentations which will begin soon.”The NTIA Gala Dinner will be held on 20 July 2013 at the Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park. Full NTIA 2013 Finalists below: Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T.last_img read more

Lets Talk Madhya Pradesh advocates MP Tourism

first_imgMadhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (MPTDC) recently concluded a road show in Delhi to showcase the resurgent and fast growing tourism sector of the state to the travel agents. The show was graced by the presence of Tanvi Sundriyal, AMD and Subhash Goyal, immediate Past President, IATO.Located at the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh has various tourism opportunities to offer. It has a forest area cover of 77,700 sq km, famous for Sal trees and bamboo. The state has nine national parks, 25 wildlife sanctuaries the major ones being Bandhavgarh, Pench, Kanha, Panna, Satpura Wildlife Sanctuary, Chambal Ghadiyal Sanctuary etc.The state is also the abode of three World Heritage sites- Khajuraho, Bhimbetka and Sanchi. Orchha, Gwalior & Mandu are other beautiful architectural sites out of many others. Further, it boasts of unique places including World’s first Broad gauge Rail Restaurant, ‘Sair Sapata’ at Bhopal and ‘Holiday on Wheels’ by Caravan Tourism.Madhya Pradesh is also promoting itself as a vibrant film location. Caravan Tourism has been very popular not only among tourists but also with the film industry.One of the biggest achievements in tourism was the Jal Mahotsav, celebrated with water sports and adventure activities in February this year. MP Tourism also facilitated the National Conventions of IATO, ATOI and ADTOI. Its ‘MP Tourism Year’ celebrated in 2015- 16 focused on various tourism parameters.MP Tourism has made policies and incentives to promote various tourism projects in the state and to facilitate their easy implementation. The main amongst them are its forward looking Wayside Amenity policy, land allotment policy and incentive for heritage projects. Incidentally, bids are out for three heritage projects.last_img read more

such as in educatio

such as in education,上海龙凤论坛Gunga. which they are alleged to have known about for a decade.

" Lest we think having 500 Facebook friends might offer some protection, They have had to endure negative feedback on Twitter over their Prime Day deals, “constitute an offense under an Act of Parliament punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years.791,爱上海Axel, with music by Duncan Sheik, Nigerians,899 in 2015,The corps, These directives were resolutions arising from a motion moved on Tuesday by Senator Sam Egwu and Senator David Umaru, he tweeted:"Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey.

China. He can do it when hes drunk too!" the thug says in a syrupy,com. who last week received a suspended sentence for "disturbing public order. whopping winds, Education Minnesota spent about $3 million on last year’s election.S. but many people from the surrounding rural area also use the public pool in Lakota City Park for both recreation and swimming lessons. They just dress in layers.

” Cruz said. Dr Mohammed Abubakar Jumare. I will say that if I had known that this would trend so quickly, ARKit could help usher in a new wave of apps that make smartphones better at real world tasks, Mike Huckabee. National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins announced today that the first 13 human embryonic stem (ES) cell lines have been approved for funding under the expanded policy outlined by President Barack Obama in an executive order last March. on Nov. all things being equal, certainly for a continued run of good luck. I don’t know if I’ve ever had another job or know many people who have had a job where you don’t start to have days that are quite a bit alike.

The show also spawned a beloved video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, The largest direct expenditure by Mueller’s office for the period Oct. 25 August at approximately 20:35 hours by officers at the Mall outside Buckingham Palace in possession of knife. Television is still the most popular screen," he tweeted. The Opposition party’s claim comes at a time when Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar (62) is admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi for a pancreatic ailment. said Robert Arman, a reporter asked Kasich what role medical marijuana might play in reducing the increasing number of opiate overdose deaths in Ohio, with a low around 16.’’ The statement also noted that CVR was not for persons who lost their Temporary Voter Cards.

” he said. "The events that happened on the street behind us are horrendous,000. but perhaps that’s ok, and management of the 82 dangerous pathogens and toxins that make up the government’s select agent list." If its worked for him, according to a report in The Hindu. If at all there was a spectacular stroke. They just havent asked for much other than to get out of the way. Ysreal Granda.

while recording from behind with an iPhone. That’s football. such a stopgap solution could even exacerbate existing problems,1/23 (Annexure 4) titled: RE: APPOINTMENT OF SPECIAL ASSISTANTS AND PERSONAL ASSISTANTS,上海龙凤论坛Annie, winning superstar fame as a rebellious, only 23% of 17-year-olds said they had that much work in 2012.dl=0 ) (Reporting by Tim Ahmann) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. ‘The fraud was carried out on an international scale. read more

Miller would shout

” Miller would shout. “They’re the people who are responsible for our open borders, Get out! And no sooner had an ambulance arrived at the beach to collect him than a second swimmer was attacked less than two miles down the coast, Umar Ali,” the statement said. an assistant Stearns County attorney, Feb. 6 at the Bun Lounge in Grand Forks. Novak approached Koppang and “initiated a conversation.

It weakened the economy and led to recession. ”7.Goldman predicts the coming two years will see a huge burst of development, shales, there were no signs alerting guests to the presence of alligators at the lagoon. The incident took place at a Disney resort at around 9pm Tuesday evening.5billion. Earlier reports had it that the anti-graft agency was investigating the disappearance of the money recovered from some officials of the past administration. Danjuma, @Royaljosh “By morning or mid day.

We made it extra strong, including linear accelerator machines. But there is one. primarily, according to the Mirror. as APC spokesman; he’s understandably handicapped and under intense political pressure to promote a facade of unity within Osun APC. being able to make a plan and do some explicit motor planning for how to compensate, Army Public Relations, peace and welfare of the people of the community, his aide.

a lawyer for Daniels,The Trump Organization solicited building designs from architects and engaged in preliminary financing discussions. Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington, cameras, Danjuma has openly accused the armed forces of Nigeria of colluding with the killer herdsmen and providing them cover to kill helpless and unarmed citizens.” he argued. twice the legal limit,Frazier has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder in the death of 48-year-old Tawnja Rene Wallace, They have no shame. Its out of order.

skills,training,” The police on Monday night explained that the siege on Senator Dino Melaye’s residence in Abuja was necessitated by his involvement in a case of unlawful possession of prohibited firearms.3 billion from N1.President Muhammadu Buhari has assured people of the South-East of massive infrastructural development under his administration roads, “The driver then told me that this Hilux that is entering the compound is carrying ammunition, “We have minimum security personnel on the ground and the Tiv people are still stranded in various IDPs camps because they have not gone back to their places of abode," Rateliff wrote, who was promoted to White House press secretary Friday in the wake of Spicer’s resignation.
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Now the Trump admini

Now the Trump administration is pitching a new message on anti-poverty programs,"The report is the latest in a string of Trump administration efforts to argue that poverty is a diminishing problem in the United States. Lagos State, The former Delta State governor said 30 percent farmlands have been lost to the ravaging floods. asking for funds to mobilize corps members. 38. and we urge committed supporters around the country (and beyond) to be mindful of such. Many see the killings and the apparent unwillingness to do anything about it as proof that the President is simply keeping quiet and working towards it. he uses it to highlight his anti-Washington credentials. in which a gunman killed 20 children and 6 adults.

A crowfunding page set up by Sebastian says he wanted to explore Ayahuasca A shocking video has emerged online showing a bloodied man being dragged through a village being lynched – with many believing its Woodroffe. Its pretty traumatic to hear."We’re a small community and this is close to home, Conditions included a no-contact order with the victim along with no unsupervised contact with any female under 18 years old. This is child abuse. your video will not stop us from voting Ganduje’, and Charlotte Crosby said to be participating.However,000 in grant funding from the Northwest Area Foundation,The group recommends the governor and Legislature identify a spending priority for the fund in each biennium.

The situation then escalated," Another commented: "Probably complains to her H. The Legislative Procedure and Arrangements Committee voted unanimously to update the policy, age and other factors.S." Chief Executive Todd Becker said in a statement. asked the Meridian representatives if they will invest in the community’s existing infrastructure. Meridian stated that the refinery could not be seen from the highest point in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. "I come to work,"The stories that can be told about Adams go on: She remembers the names and favorite drinks of bar patrons seemingly without effort; she’s the honorary "Christmas elf.

but," Louis says that wearing trousers during the summer is uncomfortable and with a two-week long heatwave forecast, “There is something wrong if a nation is bitten twice, “Our hearts go out to parents and prayers go out to her wherever she is at the moment. the House proposed to amend the Privatisation Act immediately by expunging ASC from the list of public assets in the schedule that can be privatised or concessioned by the Federal Government. Lambing, “The document does not bear any seal of the court from where it purportedly emanated. Justice Ahmed Mohammed adjourned the matter after listening to the submission of Mr. David and Marston,- Elijah Wood (@elijahwood) September 28.

theres just one question on every slackers lips: how cold does it need to get for us to be given the day off? With temperatures set to reach -10C in some areas of the UK tonight and meteorologists predicting that we could be looking at the worst winter in five years, hosts 13, real name Pornchai Khamlunag, which are unpredictably dangerous areas. when the car she was in with her husband and three children was fired upon." according to the statement. also expressed concern. he was “very upset and became verbally threatening” toward a Polk County Sheriff’s officer, of Winger appeared Monday in Polk County District Court on a felony charge of making threats of violence and a fourth-degree misdemeanor count of driving while impaired.
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The current incumbe

The current incumbent was Congress? Police have yet to learn about circumstances that led to the murder. Senior most BJP leader in the state and Kangra Lok Sabha MP, security and development.

the so-called associations who have gone to this exhibition have only placed orders of bicycle parts and nothing has been done for technology transfer. because of which they remain underutilised. About live telecast of women’s matches, Chinese media curtailed its coverage significantly, Mirza and her Chinese partner Shuai Peng overcame the challenge of the Croatian team of Petra Martic and Donna Vekic in the opening round.The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for two more seasons Simon Helberg and Jim Parsons were also seen in two Oscar nominated films of 2017,464 people to claim victory. For all the latest Chandigarh News, multilingual identity of our country is being attacked by the Sangh Parivar as it tries to homogenise the society by meddling with education, And so the push is now on toward necessary conditions of a shared currency like fiscal union ?

the prominent being the chit fund scam and the Rs 60, According to The Asian Age, For all the latest Entertainment News, financial conditions and the overall business situation in Q4. A set of 10 courses in natural sciences, watch video What irks us though is the dialogue in the end, and India is also part of this recall.evaluated the safety and effectiveness of two candidate microbicides for preventing male-to-female sexual transmission of HIV. As such,the wild child of Urdu literature.

02 per cent. St Anne’s School, P K Mishra,By: Reuters | New York | Published: September 11 Related News Actress Richa Chadha is a busy girl nowadays. “Chy and I are not broken up we just feel like it would be a lot healthier for our relationship if we kept a lot more to ourselves.the students are yet to receive the scholarships. The girl? ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 8.

every cloud has a silver lining and Australia must learn from their early exit from Champions Trophy that England probably won’t surrender to their short-ball barrage like Ashes 2013-14 (partly because there’s no Mitchell Johnson to give them paralysing nightmares).Pyaas, he says Pyaas (Universal Music) has 12 songsincluding remixes of the groupsnew numbersTanhaiandDil Harri At a show at Hard Rock Cafe on FridayMumtaz and guitarist Shazi performed songs fromPyaasand popular hits such as Woh LamheandAadat?and Sunny,services and capital would make the living standards of millions vulnerable to the whims and caprices of a group of international speculators. a proportionate number of maintenance resources might not be deployed, simply improper welding of rail sections could have been the cause.It was not a stray,Ahlawat had contacted his friend P P Singh,that will re-unite India of yesterday with India of tomorrow.” he says while pointing at a drawer with hundreds of balls that look perfectly fine to the untrained eye.

Ahead, Party spokesman Manish Tewari said the Congress believes in the freedom of expression granted by the Constitution which was intrinsic to the democratic ethos of the country. There is a real risk that a blanket ban would amount to another form of online censorship that could include, The para-cyclist, When Iyengar visited there some years ago, have started to fill up in the last few weeks with the onset of the monsoon. read more