What are the ten things to know about in the early stage of entrepreneurship

business is not a strength of hard work, a lot of the time, to learn more about some things, for their own career development will have a very big help. As a senior vice president of Fortune 100 companies in the United States, providing IT services for the world’s 48 thousand end users is not an easy thing. Long working hours, high pressure, but also encounter critical customers. Even so, it’s nothing compared to entrepreneurship.

is the 10 thing I want to know before I start a business, because they could have helped me through the more important years of the startup. read more

WeChat can also find good business opportunities

as long as WeChat properly used, it not only allows us to communicate more easily, distance can be shortened, but also can become a good opportunity for us to get rich. For WeChat and Stoudemire with friends, because we bought a private car in her inaugural car, and she is our sales consultant reception. "My micro signal is my mobile phone number, you can add, I often release car dynamic, you can understand the first time."

WeChat has become a very popular communication tool, so I did not hesitate to add her as a friend. In fact, in addition to the content of her WeChat car information, there are some records of life Zero words words. "Today is a good day, my sister got a marriage certificate, and then became a wife……" In December 14th, I look at the circle of friends when she wrote such a talk, then quickly told the husband, he did not open WeChat. And I want to tell him the situation, because in a few days he will open the new car sticker. Stoudemire is our sales consultant, she certainly is to receive, so can we operate husband revealed the cigarette and liquor vendor in the chat, maybe you can contribute to a business. read more

The key to winning the local marketing underwear

to do business gains and losses, this is a very normal phenomenon, there must be a good mentality to do business, if no core competitiveness, in the market economy, a large number of enterprises have achieved brilliant success, there are countless enterprises to be eliminated in the fierce competition in the market so. Leave a lot of successful experience to people, but also to the many lessons of failure.

is known as "some enterprises in the market competition of infinite perfect today, the product (service) is the only magic weapon to win the final victory, this view was relatively high technology content industries and production of large-scale enterprise identity, especially a leader has no doubt, but" marketing experts "hold this view the key to success; second kinds of Views:" winning channel channels and terminal". read more

The 13th Five Year change in eight digital life 2

There is a very good start "

13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, also believe that in 2016 China will get a very good development, let us continue to look at the numbers! Look at the 13th Five-Year change in life!


: one of the goals of economic and social development index of the next five years, the per capita disposable income of residents with an average annual growth rate of over 6.5% residents’ income index is the "13th Five-Year plan" in the most eye-catching, according to expert estimates, in accordance with the per capita disposable income of the average annual growth rate of 6.5% to calculate, 2020 residents per capita disposable income will increase to 30 thousand yuan, a family of three, the average family income in 90 thousand yuan, reached the level of middle-income countries. read more

What are the forms of bundling

often shopping people know bundling, daily life, many people have encountered. So, do you really understand bundling? What are the forms of bundling? May wish to come together to understand!

although bundling has been used for many enterprises, but scholars for the definition of bundling has not yet reached a consensus. Bundled sales have broad and narrow points. In a broad sense, bundling refers to the sale of two or more of its products or services, whether or not the product or service is the same. In a narrow sense, bundling refers to the sale of two or more differentiated products or services (or any difference). read more

The story of catering marketing strategy

The story of

, not only to children, adults we love listening to the story, because we can help the authenticity of some sort of judgment. In the catering industry, you will find a lot of good restaurants do big are telling their own stories, many of the success of the restaurant will also tell you must learn to tell the story, then why these big dining to tell the story? The main reasons are the following.

food and beverage marketing strategy of storytelling

first, these things can clear the connotation of the catering brand read more

What are the location selection techniques

no matter how delicate the store’s products, no matter how high the quality of service, but because the site is not in place, resulting in no customers to visit, such shops naturally difficult to get better development. In fact, the animation is the physical consumption, is the need for a suitable store for business. This is the need to join the franchisee in order to choose their own store location for good, of course, the location of the site requires a certain skill. If you do not know the location of the animation store selection skills do not miss the following article oh! read more

What is the most open fire shop in the university to make the most money

now society, college students is a very broad group, and now there are a lot of people spotted a huge market and profit space in the university campus, shop on campus, so now in the university campus, which have good business opportunities?

entrepreneurs everywhere, no matter what is in place, the school is the student’s paradise, but also the merchant’s paradise, here you can in a very competitive earn income make others jealous, so in college what shop of the hottest


1, freshmen enrollment more than read more

Shop name can not be too self willed


to store an interesting new name, this is every entrepreneur in the pursuit of the goal, however, some owners in order to create attractive target, shop name is also too headstrong"! Recently, friends crazy forwarded a stinky durian mango dessert station grand opening to praise the news.

regardless of businesses using WeChat platform stores like publicity to attract customers a free taste, light is the name is very eye-catching. The reporters found that the people of this name stink durian mango mixed, have Tucao also praise. Recently, the reporter visited the origin of the name of the street personality, found that a lot of people also lamented the name of personality. read more

nvestment in the United States and the United States and the wall is good

in our life, is indispensable for the walls. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice to join a beautiful integrated wall, open their own brand stores, is a very good choice. The choice of business investment in the United States drop integrated wall OK?

beauty integrated wall where? One of the advantages of the product is a healthy, pollution-free, green and environmentally friendly, can be completed immediately after the occupancy. Do not install shovel wall, not the earth, in the form of assembling module on the wall, fast construction, short construction period, 100 square meters of the house to be able to install 2-3 days. Beautiful wall decoration materials are healthy and pollution-free, if you want to stay away from indoor air pollution, then, we must not miss the United States drop integrated wall. read more

How to open a new home textile stores ask yourself three questions

a lot of people have the intention to open home textile stores, but for the specific skills do not actually know the shop. How to open a new home textile stores? Open home textile stores need to pay attention to what matters? Before you open your home textile stores, ask yourself the following three questions.

problems: Home Textile stores choose what brand to join?

general to buy home textile products to join, used to look the color pattern, then the price of fabrics, processing and packaging. So you have to choose the products, after the Company re choose the brand, service. The more complete the product, the larger the sales. The so-called home textiles to join, that is in the home, the Chinese still does not have a complete company and store textile products do join, choose the brand to choose the product is complete, at least the bedding and curtains to match, the local brand awareness is higher, the price can meet you set of consumer groups. read more

20 thousand and 110 big money to join the project looking for entrepreneurial projects click here

      20 thousand and 110 big money to join the project, since the entrepreneur is the first to consider the capital adequacy, it is more important to find a good business projects, it can be said that this is the entrepreneurial soul! Understand the current hot investment industry, the rapid discovery of entrepreneurial projects, the early realization of small U88 today to get rich! We’ll take a look at what are the 20 thousand and 110 most popular

industry to make money!

read more

2 billion 500 million yuan entrepreneurship subsidies why no application

countries to increase the venture funding assistance, have generous subsidies for young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, technology entrepreneurs and groups, such as the Guangzhou some time ago on the introduction of the new policy, entrepreneurs can receive a maximum subsidy of 250 thousand yuan venture. But in fact, people do not want to apply for subsidies and more than 2 billion 500 million yuan of subsidies in Guangdong province does not go out.

25 billion subsidy subsidies do not go out! This is a headache for the Guangdong provincial government. Is the policy threshold is high, down to earth or not? Entrepreneurial talent in the introduction of what the problem, what kind of support? read more

2016 to help you set up a business venture will be held successfully

everyone to gather firewood flame high, entrepreneurship is also so. China has not yet formed a mature mature chain model in entrepreneurship. Rely more on the knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs and learn from each other, a variety of entrepreneurial activities have become a platform for the exchange of these customers.

"is" help you sail "entrepreneurship competition let this group of people together, mutual help and common progress! Also help you set up entrepreneurship training let me clear their career direction, made today’s small achievements……" Yesterday, sponsored by the Banan District Bureau of employment, the Communist Youth League Committee of Banan 2016 will help you sail venture share FLOWER FLOWER hall in lush spring held a posture, help you sail that the flight was delayed because of entrepreneurial activities together entrepreneurs have to tell their story, share their own entrepreneurial experience, and the initiative was established Banan district "help you sail entrepreneurship club, in order to achieve interoperability between the shared resources of entrepreneurs. read more

How to find the characteristics of food and beverage franchise project

now invest in food and beverage projects, franchisees will choose some of the characteristics of the brand, so as to be more attractive. If you open a special restaurant franchise, then how should we do to improve the success rate? If you are interested in this issue, you can take a look at the small sum up a few tips, I hope to help you.

project 1: accurate evaluation of the characteristics of food and beverage franchise. At present, China’s franchise business is at a stage of rapid development, opportunities and risks coexist, the franchisee can not only explore the surprising gold mine, may also fall into the trap of evil. How to choose a good food chain franchise business, has become a chain of small and medium investors want to join the chain of food and beverage success or failure of the focus. read more

How to choose franchisees to join the food and beverage industry

food and beverage industry is the most market, the most promising investment industry. At present, China’s franchise business is in a stage of rapid development, opportunities and risks coexist, investors may be able to explore a surprising gold mine, may also fall into the trap of evil. How to choose a good food chain franchise business has become the key to the success of small and medium investors to join the chain of food and beverage industry.

Study leader read more

How to do a good job in the promotion of fast food outlets

fast food franchise is a common choice for many investors, as long as the choice of lots, ready to work, you can easily set up shop. But in the course of business, also need to grasp some business skills. For example, sales promotion, how to do a good job? You know what? A lot of people do not understand the problem, look at.

A: to highlight the theme of the promotion. Promotional activities to give customers a fresh feeling, you must have a good promotional theme. In the fast food franchise promotion subject should have the following characteristics: first of all to have impact, left a deep impression to customers; secondly should be attractive, to key words short enough to stimulate customer interest after the original. In order to impress consumers, fresh. read more

How to choose the location of Rice noodles noodle

a lot of entrepreneurs choose to operate Rice noodles noodle shop, in fact choose to choose a good business Rice noodles noodle shop, location, business will be more prosperous, so business Rice noodles noodle shop, how to choose the right place? Look at some of the analysis in the text.

then from the initial purchase shops, how in the shops on the choice in a good position to become an important topic now.

if this street business is booming, so here is right, but you have to consider what is the best business Rice noodles noodle, different types have their own characteristics, such as are the same, then you must be higher than the others in the taste, then on the other hand, it should be long. Otherwise there is no competition. Small open noodle is desirable Rice noodles. But to consider the size of the scale, the same kind of competition, the positioning of the pot and the price and gross profit and other factors. General talk shop should be small to the benefits and characteristics of heavy. read more

How to grasp the key points of energy saving product agent

is China’s energy saving and emission reduction in order to meet the call, the call, in the use of many products are a very high demand, some families now on the demand for energy-saving products increased significantly, which promote the development of energy-saving product market, some entrepreneurs choose such products agency, so yourself. Energy-saving products agency marketing focus how to grasp?

cheap goods are more popular with consumers. From the energy-saving products agency consumer psychology, consumer shopping in such products are mostly want to take goods from manufacturers, don’t think so, the product quality problems, the price is cheaper, but there is a middleman involved, will make people feel a certain price increase, not favorable enough or not enough goods reliable. read more