Wangzhuan is actually a process of cultivation

twenty-first Century, the network has created a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for us. There are several very distinct characteristics of Wangzhuan: grassroots, low threshold, entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity. This has created a large number of Internet users continue to pour into the market, everyone wants to share this cake. But don’t understand the situation before the very reckless drip this muddy water the fact that some people not only waste a lot of time and go more and feel that life is not a direction of lost confidence, some people began to doubt whether this road is impassable? Here to remind you to engage in Wangzhuan novice friends, if you now if you are still confused, for their own future, also does not have a very clear understanding and to pursue, then please put down all things, spend two days to think, what to do? I am exactly wrong where? A building is made of reinforced concrete. There is a causal relationship between things, the world does not exist a fool, just to see if you are willing to go on, would be willing to change. There is always a cause and effect. Think of all of this, and you’ll have to figure out where your life is going and where you need to improve. read more

Why don’t make money

network to make money, why I did not make money? This topic is a lot of money to do the network are more headaches. Personally, I think, in fact, for the money to make money for the new network, often on the Internet to make money is skeptical. Always feel that there may be others to make money online is to deceive you, in fact you think, if a regular website, to help you in the promotion of it is to help its operation at the same time, why it will cheat you? Need someone to visit your website, visit others, give you money, this is normal. You help them make others access or registration, website owners to give you the money is also normal. So, always try holding the attitude of the industry to join the network to make money, ronin think this may be an important factor that you can’t earn money! It is because of this psychological existence, only to hinder the development of your efforts, you are not willing to make more efforts to make money online this occupation. The final result is only to give up and failure, so you don’t make money, so you feel the nature of deception. You may have to do the payment, or will be harvested, but you give up, it is possible to leave ah! What do you look for the occupation, as long as you want to do, or you must discourage ronin you do so! I keep a little faith in yourself, if you are wrong, all wrong go wrong to you will finally become the truth. read more

A media man forced to do poineering work how to a ten

this is a media practitioner entrepreneurial story in the media industry. Zuo Zhijian graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2001, in the twenty-first Century economic report from trainee reporter to do the first section of the news director, is the industry’s famous investigative reporter, CITIC Publishing House signed a writer. November 2012, officially quit the business, is now the founder of thumb reading, and just get the latitude and longitude of China’s tens of millions of angel investment. Look at how he came over the year: read more

More than 3 months my site experience

The outdated mix also have a long time, diving is even most willing to work, no way, a lot of posts have the impulse to reply, but need behind can in other threads, a long time will sprout want to fall behind the idea, but the individual ability is limited, the rookie level, so has been hesitant to what to write, and now finally decided to try, outdated!       learn about your site this time feel and experience it, and hope to have more exchanges and common hobby friends!

in construction read more

Google alliance three days to change what is the purpose of the two

Google alliance is also Daozu, webmaster for fish, and the face of the recent news of Google alliance, the "Shanghai construction search" to "Google Corporation", the original RMB into dollars, how to interpret this? A change back to the original look what to? Is this so-called relationship according to the "Google Corporation" no legal benefits did not specify with Google, when the owners rights have been violated is not to silence a lot of doubt?.

puppet company "Shanghai structure to find out the Google alliance plot read more

Suichang model how to make agricultural electricity supplier platform successfully landing

sung west corner of Suichang County, fifty thousand of the population of the county has gathered thousands of shop, on the basis of the birth of the electricity supplier of agricultural products around the "Suichang model": one of the characteristics of agricultural products is to build a public service platform for local; the two is called "new rural e-commerce service station of the rush street".

last week, Ali Institute issued a "white paper on agricultural e-commerce (2013)". Data show that in 2013 the number of sales of agricultural products on the Ali platform for 394 thousand. Which Taobao (including Tmall) sellers for 377 thousand and 900, B2B platform merchants about 16 thousand. 2013 sales of agricultural products continue to maintain rapid growth Ali, an increase of 112.15%. 1688 platform grew by 301.78%. Fresh related categories maintained the fastest growth rate, an increase of 194.58%, the number of packages of agricultural products in 2013 reached 126 million, growth of 106.16%. read more

You can learn several Wangzhuan method

what is the exact meaning of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan?, it should be on the network to make money. The premise of all Wangzhuan must be formal legal. At present there are 5 main categories: Wangzhuan site, Taobao, Taobao, open bidding, customer training. How do these categories make money, let’s take a look at.

a website. This method is the longest and most common, that is, through the construction of the site, providing a wealth of content to earn traffic, selling advertising to sell services, the proportion of money is proportional to the flow of your site. The most typical is the door a few sites, such as Sina, 163, Sohu and so on, and the site most cattle B individual stationmaster is the head of, it was sold to Baidu in 50 million the price. read more

Feasibility analysis of making money online

haven’t published an article, published an article today decided the most valuable articles, but this is my two years of experience no matter how Wangzhuan, feel you comment on this article, I just want to help people more clear understanding of Wangzhuan industry.

as a more senior webmaster Wangzhuan in industry, I experienced the primary Wangzhuan (including money, money, money, voting registration survey money etc.), intermediate (website advertisement alliance Wangzhuan money), senior Wangzhuan (Electronic Commerce) etc. in the Wangzhuan mode, second intermediate Wangzhuan, earn most of the monthly average of 3000 yuan. Now in order to provide some valuable information online. read more

YAHOO bidding product launch specification other union can refer to

  distinguished Ali alliance publisher:

in order to ensure the integrity of cooperation and YAHOO for publishers to legitimate rights and interests, to establish a fair and equitable cooperation platform, hereby announced YAHOO for products on the specification, please partner in accordance with the norms on bidding YAHOO products.

1,     on bidding YAHOO products from the website function button, including the download button, click the play from the page, etc. (a distance of more than 15 pixels);

2,     YAHOO bidding code for the launch of the user’s behavior with obvious interference in the blank;

3,     game or audio and video playback when there are YAHOO bidding products;

4,     YAHOO bidding code display incomplete;

5,     YAHOO bidding code in the page in addition to advertising without any substance;

6,     a page from different accounts, different sites YAHOO bidding code;

7,     YAHOO bidding code automatically refresh page;

8,     a floating, pop effect or other special display effect on bidding YAHOO code;

9,     hidden YAHOO bidding products: the webmaster may open the interface by JS or other means to hide or open the screen, the user can not see after the click of the YAHOO auction product interface;
read more

T Entrepreneurs choice is more important than effort

many friends asked me, which one industry created most successful entrepreneurs? Small entrepreneurs should choose what industry? Then I will not hesitate to give the IT industry answer, venture capital needs of IT industry, its own funds and technology into effect, and the development of the industry to change rapidly entrepreneurs to provide more opportunities. For the IT industry entrepreneurs joined the army, further selection is also very important to the development of IT industry, need to work, but just not trying hard enough, you also need to judge the situation, predict future trends, make the right choice at the right time! Here is Ueoblog share some experiences and views. read more

Tell you how to do not have a traffic station to do 20000 P

1 first of all, you are a new, good location, began to develop, the first step, if you want to develop IP on the twenty thousand station, must first have a server, because it can ensure your development station capacity, or you have a very good space, this is the premise, then, for the space in each big forum sponsored web activities sponsored IP more than 1K or 5K station, each of several G space, the exchange condition is pop ads (a lot of traffic, no capital owners would like), if he does not support the pop can, the pictures and text connection. Try to put ads more better, the best advertising pictures with GIF, because many IE are now blocked FLASH format, so you use advertising to let more people see advertising content, to attract people, must be enough Get them into your station, if you sponsor station is the forum, then do image ads or the future, the future traffic is very large, the general IP two thousand or three thousand forum, the basic half will look at the future of your content, you can see the dragon, outdated, the future content of station long standing or other large BBS posts, traffic is very huge, and the future of the webmaster, they are willing to accept advertising cooperation, the future as a regular change of advertising content, the content must be attractive, updates faster! In this way, to ensure that you stand in less than two months, the IP can be absolutely over, do not believe you can try. read more

dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial four

if this is the first time you see this article, please from the "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million of the road" and "one of the series of idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial two" and "idle idle: from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial three" beginning, so and you will have a continuous understanding.

a lot of people after reading the first three chapters, said that in fact did not explain what, if you are to hold this attitude to look at something, you’ll earn less than 1 million, the success is actually the change of attitude, when you change the way of thinking, the money is a number. Most estimates at 100 yuan to 1 million, wanted to see a lot of practical resources, you may want to use the toes,? Of course, I was given a suggestion, if such a mentality, really better get 100 dollars to buy lottery tickets, the probability of 1 million for your own is more feasible some. read more

Do Wangzhuan use zero cost third party blog

I think we all know what is called the third party blog. The third party blog platform is similar to the Sina blog, and the blog and blog like bus. The advantage of using the third party blog is as follows: three.

first, most of the third party blog can put ads

is now 90% of the third party blog to our ads, such as blogs, blog and so on the bus, some can not direct advertising as we can directly add links to traffic conversion.

two, the third party blog weight is high, conducive to SEO

I think sina is the best. I have been tested in the Sina blog articles on the fastest one hour was included in Baidu, Baidu and Sina can see how good the relationship. read more

Taobao website profit sharing experience to make money

is now the largest number of webmaster, in the station before, will consider such a problem, how to make money on my site? Taobao guest site to answer is very simple, I was born to make money. It is because of this, he does not hesitate to enter the Taobao customer in this industry, opening the network to make money tour.

into the industry, the real experience, the original idea is very simple, as long as their own efforts to do, you can make money. An impulsive idea, without careful planning and marketing strategy, to hold the attitude of website, people can not be optimistic about the prospects, because thousands of Taobao guest website, do not go do not know, this competition is fierce, want to do a good job not only is a kind of feeling can, efforts even more than their own imagination. read more

deas determine the way out

always very busy, they do sometimes have to help a friend get the station a station, these days just idle, just in the online shopping, see some phenomena, to share the SEO beginner friends here.

a lot of people are concerned about how to build the chain, how to write the original article, how to make money. Many people put money in Taobao, SEO limited customer orders, write the article above, his tired also did not make money, every day in the forum or other places to complain, blind to participate in the training or the whole day to collect relevant SEO tutorial, his befogged, will never go to practice theory. This is not SEOER, you do not even SEO door into it. read more

Standing in the tuyere Entrepreneurship 3 years of the creation of the nternet in the 3 financial c

lead: the wind came, pigs can fly? Look at this 3 teenager who how to use the Internet and arrogant financial integration.

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, when Emperor Yuan Shikai sent in the completely unexpected way station training, the first established China army modernization at the same time, for the next few decades China warlords began planting the seeds, even during the war, the government has many constraints for the formation of factions of warlords.

to the country, small to an industry, due to the humble details, the formation of a huge butterfly effect. Look at the Internet industry, each of the leading companies in the mature industry, are deeply branded with the imprint of the founder, and the entire industry has formed a huge guide, influence or even contain. Borrow "sword" in a speech: the army’s first chief, gave an army unique temperament. read more

Zhou Hongyi missed the first pot of gold business secret reflection

The 25 day, the theme of "reflection 2006 2007" interactive tour and Kang Sheng 2007 laggards six anniversary celebration party webmaster forum held in Beijing, the conference attracted more than eight hundred owners and companies to participate, unprecedented.

will, click technology CEO Wang Zhidong, the Qihoo President Zhou Hongyi, laggards owners Dong Qinfeng and Sequoia Capital director dollars more and many Internet pioneers made a wonderful speech. Among them, known as angel investors Zhou Hongyi particularly eye-catching, how to attract personal investment in the point of view of how to win the round of applause. read more

The start up required dry cargo story this way to capture the investors

this article analyzes the importance of storytelling and should not reach seven, when the content of marketing is more and more important, the company behind the brand story not only represents more meaning for start-ups, "every start-ups should start with the form of media".

when you call a taxi, but has not to listen, but also the dispatcher kept saying "soon, 15 minutes, 15 minutes after that are not even a shadow. If there is an application that will help you find the nearest empty taxi, this is the legendary inspiration behind Uber, a story that has been summed up in one sentence: "everyone’s personal driver". read more

Venture star interview 4 look not profitable

editor’s note: 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs Conference ( will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, TechWeb and Discuz! Entrepreneurs Conference Organizing Committee jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.

I look at COO Chen Hongzhou

(TechWeb with


life utility class APP I look up COO Chen Hongzhou said in an interview, I do not look at the beginning of the profit, the team is still focused on creating products. 2013 I look to focus on the quality of the security function. read more