After the SP era the search is the main direction of the strategic alliance advertising owners

After several years of madness, SP era finally lopsided, who will provide the first gold for personal Adsense?

I alliance contact time is not long, but it is also engaged in the Internet for a long time, a personal webmaster. Through the first half of the time in cooperation with various alliance, finally some experience, I hope to share with you.


the beginning of this article, there may be part of the webmaster have the answer, yes, exactly is the search engine alliance, specifically Baidu, Adsense, and Google to promote the theme of Yahoo (currently bidding money effect still need further research, but the personal feeling from the layout of Yahoo, should be iHTML+=”; read more

Million in 2006 8 year old children playing with toys on it

yesterday is the son of 13 years old birthday, he asked the 4 little friends in Sleep Over to celebrate his birthday, Sleep Over is the night, children are very popular in North America to their home Sleep Over. Basically just go to a friend’s house Sleep Over, no one can really sleep, are all night playing, playing games and so on.

4 please

the children very representative, 2 native people, 2 similar we such Chinese immigrant children.

I watched carefully for a long time the children found Chinese children more than their children to be polite and self-discipline, such as their children playing is very easy to get dizzy with success, to other people’s homes as their home. The Chinese children will know that this is someone else’s home, in the play will be convergence. But their children will feel than Chinese children play and play, basically they can dominate what to play, how to play. read more

Pulsation old system closing time extended to January 15 2008

The old

system was closed in December 31, 2007, due to the reflection to the new membership system there are still many strange and puzzling operation, some aspects of the function and the new system introduced itself is not yet perfect, so the old system closing time delayed until January 15, 2008, during the period of new and old system operators at the same time. But for the flow of traffic products only for the most efficient operation of the system while the member billing. That is, once the flow of product replacement, please do not double system launch. read more

Taobao sellers and grassroots webmaster the same dilemma

today and I opened a Taobao shop chat with the next day. Suddenly realized that Taobao’s small sellers and our grassroots webmaster is now facing the situation is the same. My fellow in Guangzhou opened a women’s clothing store Taobao. Last year also earned a lot of money, small sellers can gain to 100 thousand is very good. A person to do this achievement. This year as Taobao continues to withdraw from the new deal. They are also trapped in the same predicament as us, Taobao search, through the train is less and less traffic. read more

Website promotion dragon eight steps

Step 1: years of silence

register must be necessary (each page here only discuss the counter with charts), it can not only record the growth of your every step, but also through the list of the famous sites, so do not do the early evening. Here there are problems, it is best to put it on the main page.

second step: register engine

although registered in the search engine is the main way to make the site name, there are skills, it is not registered on the matter. The search keywords (Keywords) play a very important role, because the definition of keywords in each region is different, so you should try to play the characteristics, such as your site is the site of the 1000 network side, as long as the closest keyword, add some columns, you can increase the chance to search.

The third step:

swap advertising is each site indispensable Dongdong, then your site in the filling stage, the counter also let you feel ashamed, to make advertisement from selling boast. The best choice of the more well-known domestic 1: 1 exchange advertising sites, the majority of foreign exchange site exchange is low, and the site must have English version. In addition, the color of the best Banner color, in order to achieve the purpose of stimulating the human eye, the size of 10% to less than the required small to 20%, it is easy to attract the attention of visitors. read more

Google AdSense new features ads view center guide

Google AdSense ad review center after a period of testing, April 24th released to all users, this is a webmaster Google AdSense provides a publisher management tool, through which publishers can view and manage the positioning advertising site in their own advertisers.

how to enable Google AdSense ad view center

Google AdSense ad review center is not directly in the background display, publishers can log on to the Google AdSense background, open the AdSense settings page, select the competitive advertising filter in competitive advertising management interface is enabled to view ads filter center link. read more

PO market thaw time is not the majority of startups to wait until the end of the election before li

IVP venture capital Sandy · (Sandy Miller), said many start-ups have begun to prepare the listing material, but this does not mean that the IPO market began to heat up.

added that many start-ups are still holding a wait-and-see attitude, only a handful of companies to submit a listing application to take practical action.

he expects the IPO market will have to wait until the third quarter before the thaw began. Miller said at a press conference on Tuesday: "now the market is very quiet, no one wants to break the status quo." read more

The hardest time Liu Qiangdong how did Yao Jinbo come over

investors do not have a small number of businesses, but to see people doing their own work and dry, after all, is the two taste. 51 car founder Li Huabing was an investor, witnessed the entrepreneurial process of Yao Jinbo and Liu Qiangdong. When he got his entrepreneurial investment Lei Jun, believed to have climbed to the top.

can not live up to the trust

look back, many things in my life, in fact, 18 years old that year has been decided.

that year, I admitted to the Department of computer science, Wuhan University. A university, had heard of the Lei, looked at him in an interview in the "computer" on, think this person is very powerful. Soon, he went back to school to give a speech, gave me a few impressions. First, his passion surging. Second, this is the first time I heard a word, called management. Third, and he talked about Microsoft’s competition, said that the next ten years, then a gamble and Microsoft. The applause, that is worthy of our big brother. read more

Aunt firewood can do do the founders repeated criticism of the what kind of experience

may be able to do this in the future

is called "entrepreneurship on Go Public"

a venture to own as a listed company

began to disclose all the actual data

In an interview with

& finishing | Liu Qiongyu photography | God | Siufay

Cui editor

aunt today once again pushed to the media wave, we can chat with the founder of firewood, in addition to clarify some facts, the conversation is more valuable, is the founder of enterprises as a repeated criticism of the feelings of firewood can be a lot of words to say. read more

While working and earns extra money Counting the five best occupation of freeloaders

"rich, rich but 30 days; poor, poor not a month" with the constant death wages, many office workers into the moon moon dilemma. But some occupation comfortable many, work while earn extra money, even more money than wages, so comfortable to work and occupation, you want to know what is


a brush to feed the family – designer, cartoonist

design is often the most decent work in the company, with apple, find a corner work who also don’t bother me, I am! But we aren’t so busy, if someone is looking for me to draw a cartoon posters or not, a monthly income of thousands of big problems. read more

Open the new machine how to achieve the transformation of traditional retail

in recent years, the traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet is nothing new, especially the rapid development of electricity providers, some of the traditional retail. With the prevalence of O2O, the traditional retail industry have hopes of O2O, but the transition is not imagination in so simple, the fundamental purpose of the transformation, still need to use the O2O online traffic and Internet technology, combined with the advantage of the store or retain consumer culture.

  read more

Warm male CEO into sunchem entrepreneurial community corporate equity financing lecture tips

the afternoon of June 17th, sunchem entrepreneurial community invited Peking University and University of Texas Austen, master of law, both Jane help founder Mr. Zhang Chao, in Chaoyang District East sanhuan sunchem entrepreneurial community (Changhong bridge) roadshow hall for entrepreneurs to bring a burning brain and practical business ownership structure, financing course.


course lecture before Mr. Zhang Chao for the second time to visit sunchem share of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial community by community guests, vice president Jin Zhiyu issued its excellent business mentor medal, to thank him has been supporting the community and the attention of entrepreneurs. read more

The status quo of short video business successful unsuccessful and being started

20 years ago, in the people on the screen have a good appearance can be easily captured people’s favorite, the good man played a positive role, crooked melon split date people playing the villain, watching TV is never good, bad guys succeed eventually frustrated the final victory suffered a crushing defeat on the screen is single, this. The first simple way.

20 years later, the good appearance of actor because there is no good acting only to attract a group of poor appearance of the idiotic anthomaniac powder, also can attract the users all over the world pursued with acting…… A more value oriented era! read more

Door to door service has been poisoned too deep pimp business model how to penetrate

massage, foot massage, door-to-door door-to-door beauty, overnight all the door, the door is really strong demand, this is true or false demand demand? The outbreak of O2O is essentially a demographic problem, on-site service poisoning too deep, pimp business model how to through


CCTV 315 has passed, the gun, the gun is not relieved, and the electricity supplier was laughing because a reporter asked premier when behind and escaped, happiness came too suddenly, you all know what to do. O2O as prime minister was behind the field, have been very happy, Europe Pu Yuan billion brother swarthy little face flashed, over the past one or two years, the development speed of O2O is blowout, pent up ten years of business the last mile problem put the Buddha overnight release. read more

Founder ofo advantage in the daily cash income of over one million gross margin

(original title: ofo founder Dai Wei for the first time to complete the sharing: from 0 to the unicorn’s 6 key nodes, as well as ambition for the future)

text / three carriage

As the founder of ofo

, only 25 years old, Davy is how not to be optimistic about the situation in the early stages of development, promote enterprise to achieve so much in a year? 19, while the core brand of the year student party, Davy first comprehensive review of their careers, marked the business node important, and revealed the story behind a partnership with drops and many leading investment institutions to. read more

95 after the entrepreneur PK Yu Jiawen what is arrogance Playing games can also play a career


4 in the reading of the 95 young Wu Dekan, thin, tall, tanned, met a little shy, but even sit and chat all from time to time the rhythm of the dance rhythm. Even if you look at how many eyes can not see it, Wu Dekan is a seed wheel valuation of 10 million of the game project through magic workshop CEO.

As the founder of magic workshop Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Dekan said, Warcraft

game has changed his life. Before his life is to play their own game, watching others play the game, after the encounter with the junior high school Warcraft 3 map editor, it becomes a game + play games. In the game industry financing at the freezing point, the accident smoothly get seed round financing, but also for him to bring an important turning point. read more

You are talking about the content of the pit in the end how much

Abstract: 818 wonderful said, Luo thinking, began to raise the public as well as from the media

opened this small column, mainly because of the recent answer a lot of homogenization problems. It was not a good time to publicly evaluate peers, especially acquaintances and business partners.

but repeat the question is also more trouble, so it is still back to the code line, here together with friends to share a simple.

talk about the topic or content entrepreneurship". The head is a hundred years, today accepted the newspaper interview, they must write in-depth reports on this topic. But half a year ago, I met a new list at a conference on Fudan Shedane, I met the first sentence and then ask each other, "the pit is?" read more

The real estate business projects sad O2O project announced the closure of a home


technology news December 26th afternoon, a home for Liang Weiping today issued an internal staff letter, said the company will stop operation because of funding problems, and to have a home loan to pay the cost of compensation of employees and employee wages in December.

Liang Weiping is the founder of anjuke, March 2014 anjuke was the 58 city after the merger, Liang Weiping left anjuke and founder of the O2O real estate project a home, and the first round of financing is entirely self injection, up to $10 million. But Liang Weiping and Ann home has not been recognized by the capital, followed by the progress of financing has not been further news. read more

Code farmers entrepreneurial future entrepreneurs need to learn what Artifact easy language

: what do you need to learn in the end? Is there a future for a farmer? This is a question that every IT programmer needs to think about. In general, ordinary programmers tend to walk into a closed circle. Zhu Haitao was also a programmer, after the two venture, deeply impressed by a programmer is not easy to start a business, you need to completely get rid of the programmer’s thinking, our cause is expected to succeed. This article focuses on the next new Chinese programming language – easy language. read more

Millions of passengers hit Haier U hit the second quarter of the ecological forum detonated Shangha

September 1, 2016, "Newell U+, bloom dream – the Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" in Shanghai Exhibition Center opened, following the second quarter hit off the contest after the opening ceremony, Haier U+ smart open platform together again from industry associations, a speculative structure, incubation platform the mysterious large coffee, and Shanghai intelligent Home Furnishing industry representatives, creating groups and members of the news media more than 150 people gathered in Home Furnishing intelligent development, to create customized projects to solve problems, to jointly work out more in line with the user expectations of future intelligent Home Furnishing experience. The second quarter hit off the contest since July 15th open enrollment has received widespread attention, and actively apply all over the country to create customer response, striving to be "U+ partner". Only one month, the official website of the contest registration record passenger flow reached million, more than 5000 people enrolled in the voting session project reached more than 100, the scale and the project quality are significantly beyond the first quarter over the same period the level of competition. read more