Code farmers entrepreneurial future entrepreneurs need to learn what Artifact easy language

: what do you need to learn in the end? Is there a future for a farmer? This is a question that every IT programmer needs to think about. In general, ordinary programmers tend to walk into a closed circle. Zhu Haitao was also a programmer, after the two venture, deeply impressed by a programmer is not easy to start a business, you need to completely get rid of the programmer’s thinking, our cause is expected to succeed. This article focuses on the next new Chinese programming language – easy language. read more

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Millions of passengers hit Haier U hit the second quarter of the ecological forum detonated Shangha

September 1, 2016, "Newell U+, bloom dream – the Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" in Shanghai Exhibition Center opened, following the second quarter hit off the contest after the opening ceremony, Haier U+ smart open platform together again from industry associations, a speculative structure, incubation platform the mysterious large coffee, and Shanghai intelligent Home Furnishing industry representatives, creating groups and members of the news media more than 150 people gathered in Home Furnishing intelligent development, to create customized projects to solve problems, to jointly work out more in line with the user expectations of future intelligent Home Furnishing experience. The second quarter hit off the contest since July 15th open enrollment has received widespread attention, and actively apply all over the country to create customer response, striving to be "U+ partner". Only one month, the official website of the contest registration record passenger flow reached million, more than 5000 people enrolled in the voting session project reached more than 100, the scale and the project quality are significantly beyond the first quarter over the same period the level of competition. read more

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The market for ten years ended Chongzou Hao Yang Chung entrepreneurial road

Yang Yang

relatively fast exit quietly and comment to be incorporated sad sad, Yang Haoyong quit this afternoon can be regarded as a natural ceremony. The conference only surprise is that the old Yao and yang two people "true" hug, looks a little parting atmosphere.

Two hours

Yang Haoyong officially announced to the outgoing 58 market group before CEO, Yao Jinbo also jokingly said to him: "why don’t we like Zhang Tao, embrace together cry, will be on the headlines." But the joke is always a winner to be able to afford to open, Yang Qi brewing for a long time or said: "cry out." read more

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The risk of geek Empire

[Abstract] Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, innovators, technical experts and financiers are busy innovation in all aspects of the global economy.

Tencent science and technology news Silicon Valley should get people’s applause, but the isolation of the island mentality can be dangerous.

England has Silicon Fen, Scotland has Silicon Roundabout, Berlin has Silicon Glen, New York has Silicon Alley, but the high-tech sector is the brain and the surrounding ecosystem of San Francisco. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, innovators, technical experts and financiers are busy innovation in all aspects of the global economy. read more

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Xinhua PO countdown to the issue price of 27 69 yuan per share to raise net proceeds of 1 billion

xinhuanet.com or on the way to becoming the official media reform "second shares".

following the "official first" people.com.cn listed, xinhuanet.com to enter the capital market news has attracted much attention, or on the way to becoming the "second media reform of state shares".

it is reported that Xinhua Shanghai IPO issue price set at 27.69 yuan per share, to raise net capital of RMB 1 billion 380 million yuan.

and will begin in October 18th purchase, purchase code named 732888, the purchase limit of 20 thousand shares, the issue price of $27.69 / share, the total number of shares issued for 51 million 900 thousand. read more

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Do not look at Philippines it may become the next nternet venture hot

in many Chinese in mind when it comes to Philippines, the deepest impression is the dried mango and the philippines. Chinese New Year holiday in Philippines after a period of experience and observation, the feeling of this country, the development of mobile Internet will have a lot of room for development. Following India, and even become the world’s next hot Internet start-ups.

holiday spent a total of two city, Manila and Puerto galera. Manila is the capital of Philippines, the political, economic and cultural center. While on vacation to Puerto Galera (Puerto Galera, hereinafter referred to as PG), is a famous diving world. Known as one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. Ordinarily these two places, is relatively developed economy areas. But the development of the Internet or I am very surprised. read more

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China the largest public record space to the park in addition to the work of entrepreneurs can also

June 2nd, 55 thousand square meters, is the single largest venture China complex Tencent multi-creation space (Beijing), the establishment of an open platform, Tencent ener entrepreneurial circles and Changping District people’s government announced today that the public record space in July 7th will be fully opened.

is different from the usual imagination, Changping District Huilongguan area in Beijing City, the country’s largest integrated business space is located in Zhongguancun from dozens of kilometers away, a lot of people unfamiliar with the name Huilongguan somewhat, but from Huilongguan Baidu and other Internet Co from the more recent, many Internet practitioners in Huilongguan housing, so Huilongguan gathered a large number of Internet related personnel. read more

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You need to know about chest health 12 little secret health network

wearing bras will increase the risk of breast cancer? NO

had a point of view, wearing a bra will squeeze the breast of the lymphatic system, leading to accumulation of toxins, leading to breast cancer, but has been overturned by various medical experts is unscientific. Regardless of the type of bra and tightness are not associated with the risk of breast cancer. But from the comfort of the daily wear time can be appropriately reduced. Those bold lazy sister paper in this winter you can be free! read more

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Repeated abortion can lead to breast cancer ‘s health network

breast cancer is a common malignant tumor in women. In many countries, the incidence of breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women. In China, breast cancer accounts for the top two women with malignant tumors. According to relevant information, the incidence of women in the population of 23/10 million. The majority of breast cancer occurred in 40 to 60 years old, or before and after menopause women, especially in the age of 45 to 49 years old and between the ages of 60 to the highest incidence. Although the etiology of breast cancer is multifaceted, but recently foreign experts found that the following four kinds of breast cancer. read more

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Can not drink soy milk Break the myth of breast cancer in 5 women Health Network

breast cancer is one of the common malignant tumors in women, occurs in the 50 to 70 year old women under the age of 40, or have a family history of women, but in recent years the Chinese diet and exercise habits, young women has become a target for breast cancer, we gradually pay attention to breast cancer care, there also appear many myths, even some people think that drinking milk will lead to breast cancer, physicians are negative, and stressed the problems must consult a professional doctor. read more

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