Gas driller backs off demand to have man thrown in jail

MONTROSE, Pa. — A gas driller has backed off its demand to have a Pennsylvania homeowner thrown in jail after he agreed to talk to the company’s lawyers next month.Houston-based Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. claims Dimock resident Ray Kemble and his former lawyers tried to extort the company through a frivolous federal lawsuit. Cabot also claims Kemble violated a 2012 settlement agreement by speaking ill about the company. Cabot is suing the law firm and Kemble for $5 million.Kemble and others have accused Cabot of polluting their water supplies. Cabot denies that.The company sought jail time for Kemble after he didn’t show up for a deposition. Kemble appeared in court using a walker Monday. He says he is unable to sit for long periods after cancer surgery. Cabot agreed to give Kemble time to recover.Michael Rubinkam, The Associated Press read more

Share a Screen Get Better Engagement

No Jitter Roll: Five for Friday Ryan Daily August 30, 2019 A look at the latest news coming from Google, Oblong, Expereo, Nureva, and Verint. Ask relevant questions frequently to keep the prospect engaged in a conversation. But limit the questions to only five if the prospect is educated (high levels of awareness). You can identify education by how often a prospect asks questions.Don’t be afraid of a monologue, especially if it’s a customer story that relates to this prospect. The longer the demonstration, the more likely a rep is to close a deal.Create an engaging moment at least once every eight minutes (engaging moments occur when a prospect answers a rep for more than 30 seconds on a situational, pain, or value question) See All in AI & Speech Technologies » What do agents have to learn in order to be successful with this capability?Be comfortable with video and screen sharing. Some key factors are: As I wrote in my previous No Jitter post, conversational AI is an emerging technology that uses messaging apps, speech-based assistants, natural language processing, and chatbots to automate communications and deliver personalized customer experiences — and is one company offering a platform for delivering conversational intelligence. In last week’s post, Parth Mukherjee, head of product marketing at, shared insight into how companies can use conversational intelligence to coach reps on how to become top performers. The conversation continues here. Should the agent be able to see the customer’s screen? Is this a privacy issue?Normally, the agent won’t need to see the customer’s screen. But if the customer chooses to share the screen, then privacy isn’t an issue. It’s OK to use a demonstration during a discovery call. It can result in more deals won. Don’t shy away from giving prospects a taste of what you have to offer.The average product demo lasts about 29 minutes and takes 79% of the meeting; however, in most deals won, demonstrations were spread over two separate calls. The first should focus more on discovery, while the second is almost completely focused on the demonstration.Get ready to go deep in the product with the customer. However, this doesn’t give you the green light for endless pitching. Do lead the conversation as you conduct the demonstration; be sure to engage the prospect. In a 30-minute demonstration, reps should aim to create about four engaging moments. Cisco to ‘Tuck In’ Voice AI from Voicea Zeus Kerravala August 07, 2019 The acquisition will help advance the company’s cognitive collaboration strategy for Webex. Are there impediments to the technique?Poor latency, bad connections, and spotty service can be an issue. Since that’s out of the sales team’s control, we recommend using a communications service that offers best-in-class connection. Deploying a leading conference provider can help teams better engage and develop relationships with prospects.Tags:News & Viewsconversational AIconversational intelligenceAI & Speech TechnologiesNews & Views Articles You Might Like Help me understand how the statement, “screen sharing helps drive close rates with slide decks and demos, but the most effective screen sharing takes place around conversation.” According to the data, reps spent more time in the later stages of the funnel than in discovery, demonstrations, and solutions. During this time, a close rate was influenced positively if the rep was screen sharing or using video (reps and prospects that left video on throughout the call had better win rates [9% points higher]). On average, the prospect spoke more than the rep in these later stages, so the questions asked by the rep were of critical importance for engagement. The key is for the rep to use the presentation as a way to encourage a conversation rather than make the meeting one long sales pitch. Speech Applications Are Vulnerable, Too Gary Audin October 04, 2019 Are you really in control of your voice-enabled devices and applications? Screen sharing has a positive impact on engagement and in overall close rates. The average product demonstration that wins deals is 29 minutes long. How do you hold the customer’s attention?If the agent has gotten to this stage in the buyer journey, the customer is very engaged and interested in learning about the solution, so it will likely not be hard to keep their attention. There are tricks to keep the conversation impactful, however. The data indicates win rates increase as demo durations increase, and we believe engagement is a key factor in this.Even during a demonstration, a successful rep asks questions to generate engagement. Specifically, successful reps ask a question once every four minutes during a demonstration and create an engaging moment once every eight minutes. The takeaways are: thumbs-up-2056022__340.jpg Vonage to ‘Turbocharge’ AI Efforts Beth Schultz August 13, 2019 Acquisition of conversational AI platform gives the company much-needed talent for deepening expertise in AI and machine learning. You shared a statistic showing that most successful interactions use some form of screen sharing. Describe what you mean by screen sharing.Screen sharing is the ability of agents to share their computer screens with customers. This way, customers can see exactly what agents are doing on their computers without having to take any actions themselves. This tactic is often used for product demonstrations, slide deck presentations, or to show what actions an agent is taking in real-time. Let Your Bots Do the Talking Andrew Prokop August 22, 2019 AudioCode’s Voice.AI Gateway lets enterprises voice-enable bots and call them from any telephone, UC system, or WebRTC endpoint. Log in or register to post comments read more

Theatre in Education series gets cash infusion

More students will be able to enjoy Brock University’s Theatre in Education series at the Centre for the Arts, thanks to a $10,000-donation from Freedom 55 Financial.The donation, made through the national corporate citizenship program of Great-West Life, London Life, of which Freedom 55 Financial is a division, and Canada Life, provides discounted tickets to all Niagara students in senior kindergarten through Grade 12 for the 2012-2013 season.It also supports in-school workshops with professional artists and a ticket subsidy program for students in need.“The Centre for the Arts seeks to build and strengthen relationships and make Theatre in Education more accessible to all Niagara students, regardless of income or regional location,” said Sara Palmieri, Centre for the Arts sales and marketing manager.Theatre in Education has presented 43 national and international companies and 71 performances since starting in 2004.During the past eight seasons, 25,613 Niagara students have had the opportunity to experience live performing arts at Brock University’s theatres.While attendance over the years has grown, ticket prices remain a financial barrier for many students.  With this financial contribution, more students will be able to share ideas and interpretations of performances and see and learn about the world in a whole new way, Palmieri said. read more

Shares of Latam soar Delta details deal between airlines

NEW YORK — Shares of Latam Airlines Group are soaring after Delta Air Lines announced it will pay $1.9 billion for a 20% stake in the operator of South American carriers.U.S.-traded shares of Chilean-based Latam rose $2.77, or 31%, to $11.78 in midday trading. Delta will pay $16 a share.Because of obstacles to cross-border mergers, airlines increasingly are striking partnership deals. For Atlanta-based Delta, Latam is bigger than current partner, Brazil’s Gol.Delta CEO Ed Bastian told analysts Friday the deal will boost earnings within the next two years and raise revenue by $1 billion over five years.Latam serves destinations in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and other countries. The deal still needs regulatory approval.American Airlines wanted a deal with Latam but was blocked by a court ruling in Chile.The Associated Press read more

Spotlight put on students artwork

SIMCOE — Exhibits at the Norfolk Arts Centre in Simcoe are showcasing the work of local students and of a man considered the world’s leading livestock artist. On one floor, multimedia pieces by senior high school students in Norfolk County are on display while, on another, visitors will see a representation of the works of Ross Butler, a Norwich-born farmer. Each show offers encouragement to local artists, museum curator Roberta Grosland said during an opening reception on the weekend. “A show like this is important in order for the kids to know it’s important,” Grosland said. “It’s also important for the community to see the wonderful things these kids are doing.” Grosland gave credit to the high school art teachers who encouraged their students to finish projects and then carted them to the gallery. There’s a variety of photography, paintings and sculptures, including a plaster cast of a torso created by Mattea Hurkens, a student at Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Simcoe. For her piece, called Her Fault, Hurkens used her best friend to make the cast. The interior is covered with news stories about sexual assaults. “We teach them to ensure their art has layers and this certainly represents that idea,” said Ian Fitzgerald, an arts teacher at Holy Trinity. “This is about a breach of trust but, because Mattea used her best friend to make the cast, that required trust to put it together,” noted Agata Kowalski, also an arts teacher at Holy Trinity. Fitzgerald said having a work of art displayed in a public gallery is an important part of the building process for young artists. “In a rural community there are not many outlets for art.” Meantime, the show, Ross Butler: Branding, Butter and Bulls, showcases the artwork of Butler, who, through his paintings of prize-winning cows and other farm animals, inspired farmers to breed animals to the Butler standard. In 1939, Butler won a major commission from the Canadian government for a series of farm animal pictures to be placed in schools across the country. Butler’s depictions of cows are beautiful but it may be he’s best remembered for butter. His son, David Butler, who attended the weekend reception with his wife Mary, said his father, who died in 1995, got into butter art to promote the dairy product. “After the Second World War ended, margarine became allowed as a food, and it cut into butter’s market share,” said David Butler. “The dairies wanted to promote their industry and hired my father to create sculptures of butter.” The artist was highly successful, making life-sized cows of butter for the Canadian National Exhibition and a life-sized statue of Queen Elizabeth and her horse, commemorating her coronation in 1952. “This is a very small representation of his work,” said the artist’s son who, with his wife, operates the Ross Butler Gallery in Woodstock. “It’s estimated he did 500 works in his lifetime and we have half of them, along with an archive of things that he collected.” There is a link between the Butler and student exhibits: the curator of the Butler exhibit is Samantha Purvis-Johnston from the Woodstock Art Gallery, who was an art student of Fitzgerald not many years ago. “I’m sure there will be some kid whose work is on display here who is recognized for their art one day,” said Grosland. The Norfolk Arts Centre is at 21 Lynnwood Ave. Butler: Branding, Butter and Bulls continues until June 2. And, Off Course, the high school art display, continues until April 27. read more

UN health agencys governing body ends session with call for a global

In a resolution on the global response to HIV/AIDS, the World Health Assembly urged WHO’s 191 Member States to “scale up their responses to HIV/AIDS, with particular emphasis on building up partnerships across sectors”. It also called on the international community to strengthen pharmaceutical policies on generic drugs and intellectual property regimes so as to promote innovation and development of domestic industries, consistent with international law. Another resolution highlighted the fact that one third of the human population still lacked access to essential drugs and urged Member States to promote equitable access. It requested WHO’s Director-General to “stimulate the development of drugs for diseases whose burden lies predominantly in poor countries” and to enhance study of the health implications of international trade agreements.The Assembly’s adoption of a comprehensive resolution on infant and young child nutrition marked the twentieth anniversary of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. The resolution called on Member States to protect, promote and support exclusive breastfeeding for six months as a global public health recommendation. It also called for further independent research into the risk of HIV transmission through breastfeeding.Adopting a resolution on tobacco, the Assembly called for increased vigilance against the influence of tobacco transnational corporations on global tobacco control. “The tobacco industry has operated for years with the expressed intention of subverting the role of governments and of the World Health Organization in implementing public health policies to combat the tobacco epidemic,” the resolution said. It urged countries “to be aware of affiliations between the tobacco industry and members of their delegations.”In a resolution on global health security, the Assembly noted that cholera, meningitis, ebola, lassa fever and other epidemics continued to pose all-too-real health risks.Among other actions, the Assembly, which charts the UN agency’s course in dealing with major public health threats, adopted a zero-growth regular budget of $842.6 million for 2002-2003. read more

Canadian dollar higher American markets closed for Memorial Day holiday

TORONTO – The Canadian dollar was slightly higher Monday in a relatively quiet session with U.S. financial markets closed for the Memorial Day holiday.The loonie moved ahead 0.08 of a cent to 92.08 cents US.Although it was quiet on the Canadian economic front, there are major items coming up later in the week.Statistics Canada releases the latest gross domestic product reading for March and the first quarter on Friday. Economists are looking for an annualized rise of 1.7 per cent for the quarter and 0.1 per cent for the month.And traders will be looking to see if the U.S. economy actually contracted in the first quarter when the first revision to U.S. gross domestic product data is released Thursday. The initial report showed growth coming in at a paltry 0.1 per cent as severe winter weather impacted the economy, but markets are braced for a worse reading.Commodity markets were closed in New York but crude oil moved lower in electronic trading with the July contract down 17 cents to US$104.18 a barrel late in the afternoon. Metals were higher with July copper ahead two cents to US$3.19 a pound while June gold bullion gained 90 cents to US$1,292.6 an ounce.Overseas, Ukraine’s new president-elect promised to negotiate an end to a pro-Russia insurgency in the east and said he was willing to begin talks with Moscow. The offer from 48-year-old chocolate magnate Petro Poroshenko raised hopes that his election will indeed ease the protracted crisis that has fuelled tensions unseen since the end of the Cold War.Also, European Central Bank president Mario Draghi said the bank could engage in large-scale bond purchases to combat the spiral of low inflation if need be.Draghi’s remarks at a conference in Sintra, Portugal, held out the prospect for action to stimulate the weak recovery at the ECB’s next governing council meeting June 5.The meeting will take place against the background of a slow recovery in the 18 countries that share the euro currency and concern that Europe may fall into outright deflation, or a crippling downward price spiral. Canadian dollar higher, American markets closed for Memorial Day holiday AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Malcolm Morrison, The Canadian Press Posted May 26, 2014 9:47 am MDT read more

New York Times asks Fox Friends for apology

by The Associated Press Posted Jul 23, 2017 6:05 pm MDT Last Updated Jul 23, 2017 at 7:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email New York Times asks ‘Fox & Friends’ for apology NEW YORK, N.Y. – The New York Times is asking Fox News’ morning show “Fox & Friends” to apologize for what the newspaper calls a “malicious and inaccurate segment” about the newspaper, intelligence leaks and the Islamic State that aired Saturday.New York Times spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha said Sunday that she requested an “on-air apology and tweet.” The paper, she wrote, took issue with a Fox host on the segment saying that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “was able to sneak away under the cover of darkness after a New York Times story” in 2015 and a host’s comment that the U.S. government “would have had al-Baghdadi based on the intelligence that we had except someone leaked information to the failing New York Times.”The segment referred to comments by a top military official noted in a Friday Fox story . In the Fox story, Gen. Tony Thomas, the head of U.S. Special Operations Command, said his team was “close” to al-Baghdadi after a 2015 raid but the “lead went dead” after it “was leaked in a prominent national newspaper.” The Fox story connected Thomas with the Times, saying that Thomas “appeared to be referring to a New York Times report in June 2015 that detailed how American intelligence agencies had ‘extracted valuable information.’”The story was updated online Sunday with a Times statement. “Fox & Friends” will “provide an updated story to viewers tomorrow morning based on the report,” the company said in a statement emailed by Fox spokeswoman Caley Cronin Sunday.The Times wrote a story Sunday saying President Donald Trump was wrong when he tweeted Saturday morning that the “failing” New York Times “foiled” a government attempt to kill al-Baghdadi, apparently a reaction to Fox’s story. The Times also pushed back against Fox’s story, noting that the Pentagon issued a news release more than three weeks before the Times article that could have tipped off al-Baghdadi. The paper also said the Pentagon “raised no objections” with it before the 2015 article on the intelligence gleaned from the raid was published. read more

EHF CL WINNER IS OUT Montpellier conquer Kielce

← Previous Story Slavko Goluza to overtake HC Tatran Presov Next Story → Pick Szeged to chase PSG Handball for trip to Cologne Europe will get new rulers in Cologne next June! Vive Tauron Kielce are out after two surprising defeats against French Montpellier Handball. Even away lost 33:28, couldn’t shake selfconfidence of Kielce’s fans before the home clash with the French team, but at the end, Talant Dujshebaev boys didn’t show level necessary to be among the best once again.Montpellier won 28:26. Telekom Veszprem will be absolute favorite against them, but only on the paper.Vive Tauron Kielce  – Montpellier HB 26:28 (15:11)Vive Tauron: Szmal, Ivić – Jurecki 7, Walczak, Reichmann 1, Chrapkowski, Kus, Aguinagalde 2, Bielecki 5, Jachlewski, Strlek 1, Lijewski 6, Paczkowski, Zorman 1, Bombac 1, Djukić 2Montpellier HB: Gerrard, Portner – Anquetil, Simonet 4, Truchanoviucius, Toumi 2, Grebille 5, Dolenec 7, Gugigou 1, Zvizej, Bonnefond, Faustin, Fabregas 3, Porte 3, Bingo 3 read more

Firefox 17 beta prepares for a more social browsing future

first_imgMozilla has been experimenting with ways to make Firefox more social for a long, long time. With the arrival of Firefox 17 beta, the Social API is officially ready for testing by developers around the web.Some of you might be thinking, “Hey, Firefox with deep social integration… I swear I’ve seen that somewhere before,” and you’d be right. Around four years ago, Flock 2 was released. It was built with social networking in mind from the get-go, and its developers used Firefox 3 as a starting point. Flock’s first beta hit the web way back in 2007. Last year, Zynga decided it was time to bury the underappreciated browser just a few months after acquiring it (though hints that a resurrection is in the works).Has that much changed in a year in terms of how we use the web? No, but Mozilla’s implementation will look very different than what Flock presented its users. Mozilla has built the Social API with knowledge and experience gathered from sources like its own Firefox Share add-on (formerly F1) and is leaving the actual social activities up to site developers.Firefox 17+ will feature the Social API and “a small floating panel,” or a sidebar. Apart from just merely allowing users to easily post links to sites like Facebook and Twitter, Mozilla also anticipates users like automatically announcing your online presence to friends when you sign in to your favorite web-based games. That’s provided, of course, that you’ve explicitly activated such functionality.As you’d expect from Mozilla, the goal with the Social API isn’t just to make socializing in Firefox easier. It’s also meant to give users greater control over their social surfing.last_img read more

Have a good time with OPAcize and raise money for childrens hospital

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram OPAcize is back for the 3rd year. In conjunction with DJ KOSTA NICO to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital, the same hospital that organiser Sophia’s sister has been in and out of multiple times.A big night is being organised at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 17 April 17, at John Fawkner College on Jukes Rd. The theme is purple and green.Entertainment is by OPAcize Instructors – Sophia, Chrissi , Sofie, Liza, Effie and Stella P. DJs Kosta Nico and Thomas Nico will also be there with Con Laz as MC. Musicians include Pantelis (Bouzouki), Eric Kostopoulos (Toubeleki) and balloon twisting with Con.There will also be food trucks with Cypriot street food, souvlaki and hot chips as well as loukoumades by Takis Balls. Dr Rod is bringing Hot Rods. Buy your lambades on the night as well.READ MORE: Greek Australian raises close to $40,000 for Royal Children’s HospitalOnline Donations can be made on Facebook ( for those who cannot attend the event.Amazing raffle prizes by all our sponsors with raffle tickets at $2 – please contact Chrissi, Liza, Effie or myself! They will be sold in classes.Raffle Prizes include $1500 DJ package from DJ Kosta Nico, two Chemist Warehouse Hampers, many restaurant vouchers and much more.Contact Sophia 0401 045 811 – opacize.comlast_img read more

Fortis Inc Establishes Endowed Scholarship at Memorial University in Recognition of H

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:Firtis tci, H. Stanley Marshall, Memorial University, scholarship Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppFortis Inc. (“Fortis” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that it has established an endowed scholarship at Memorial University of Newfoundland (“Memorial University”) in honour of Mr. H. Stanley Marshall and his significant contribution to the success of Fortis. Mr. Marshall’s career with Fortis spanned 35 years, and he served as President and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) for more than 18 years before his retirement at the end of 2014. The inaugural scholarship will pay out $7,500 and will be awarded in the 2015-2016 scholarship year.The Fortis Inc. – H. Stanley Marshall Scholarship will support undergraduate students from a Caribbean country entering a professional school or faculty at Memorial University. Preference will be given to eligible students from the countries of Belize, Turks and Caicos Islands and Cayman Islands. Mr. Marshall’s business and personal connections with the Caribbean region date back to 1999 when Fortis acquired an electric utility in Belize, which also marked the Corporation’s first acquisition outside North America. He was instrumental in establishing anengineering scholarship program at Memorial University in 2006 for Belizean students. During his tenure as a Board member with Caribbean Utilities and FortisTCI, which serve the islands of Grand Cayman and Turks and Caicos, respectively, Mr. Marshall was also instrumental in the development of student scholarship guidelines that focused on attracting and retaining top talent at these Fortis utilities.“Mr. Marshall is one of the most well-respected business leaders in Canada and in the North American utility industry, and we believe the establishment of the Fortis Inc. – H. Stanley Marshall Scholarship is a fitting tribute to his leadership and business accomplishments,” says Barry Perry, President and CEO, Fortis Inc. “Mr. Marshall is a strong advocate of education and a champion of academic opportunities that enable young people topursue fulfilling careers. The Fortis Inc. – H. Stanley Marshall Scholarship will provide financial support to some of the students who have the potential to become future business and community leaders,” adds Perry.“We are delighted Fortis is choosing to honour the legacy and career achievements of Mr. Marshall through this tremendous support for international students who will study at Memorial,” said Dr. Gary Kachanoski, President and Vice-Chancellor, Memorial University. “This new scholarship will empower our students, allowing them to excel and succeed in their chosen fields of study. Memorial is proud of its longstanding relationship with Fortis and is grateful for this meaningful gift.” Recommended for you MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ANNOUNCES 2017 INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARDEES First TCI woman engineer graduates, FortisTCI & Family celebrates EFFORT AT TRANSPARENCY IN TCI SCHOLARSHIP PROCESSlast_img read more

Nice clicks nice pics

first_imgDelhi Photography Club presents their fourth edition of Nicefoto exhibition. As the club explains, this is a one of its kind exhibition for celebrating amateur photography across the world. Nicefoto 2014 will feature photos from over 135 enthusiasts aged between seven years and 67 years from India and around the world. Enthusiasts from as far as China, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, England, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, USA and Dubai too have sent in their photographs.  Delhi Photography Club was setup with the intent of taking photography homes.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The purpose of the DPC is to stimulate, enable, and nurture a fraternity of photography enthusiasts for mutual benefit. Due to fast changing internet and mobile devices space, many more people are consuming photos. They want people to store their memories more beautifully. The club is perhaps the first initiative of this kind in the entire country. To offer situations to practice photography, they do free photo walks every month. For learning the technique, we have workshops for various levels (beginner and intermediate), for motivation, they offer memberships and finally for platform, we have these exhibitions. The club also helps the undeserved children to express themselves creatively through its outreach activities. As a club, we have brought together businessmen, diplomats, doctors, lawyers, homemakers, students and children   and helped them in their creative expression using a camera.last_img read more

Suvendu to visit North Bengal to take stock of monsoon prep

first_imgKolkata: State Irrigation minister Suvendu Adhikari will visit North Bengal on July 6 to take stock of the preparedness in preventing flood-like situation, with the onset of monsoon season.The minister said a round-the-clock control room has been set up at Jalsampad Bhavan in Salt Lake, for passing on information of excessive waterlogging. “I have already done meetings at the Kolkata zone, Western districts zone and Midnapore zone and supervised measures for tackling flood-like situation in the state. I will visit North Bengal on July 6 for the same purpose,” Adhikari said, in response to a query at the state Assembly on various projects taken up in the state to control flood. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe minister said that his department will soon start developing a sewerage system to prevent flood-like situations at Banarhat in Jalpaiguri and its adjacent areas. The tea gardens in Banarhat and its adjacent areas also bear the brunt of this. “Central government organisations like ONGC and Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Railways and Bhutan government needed to be taken into confidence for tackling the problem in the area. It took time but our department has taken everybody into confidence and work for sewerage infrastructure will start soon. We are hopeful that this problem will be resolved before the 2020 monsoon,” Adhikari said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateFlash floods in Bhutan bring down stones from mountains located particularly in Joygaon area and this causes siltation in the rivers in Jalpaiguri almost every year during the monsoon. This results in flood-like situation in Banarhat and a number of tea gardens are also affected. Adhikari reiterated that meetings have already been held with Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) and Farakka Barrage authorities to inform the state and take its nod before releasing water from the barrages. It may be mentioned that water level in dams has been low till date, as there was 26 percent less rainfall last year in the state.last_img read more

VIDEO Zach Randolph arrested for felony marijuana possession with intent to sell

first_img Randolph, 36, was taken into custody on felony charges of drug possession with intent to sell, police told CBS2. A second man, identified as Stanley Walton, was arrested on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.Randolph was booked at 4:23 a.m. Thursday in the Los Angeles County Jail, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department inmate records. He was being held on $20,000 bail. He was still in custody as of 7 a.m.On the surface it doesn’t make sense why Randolph would be selling marijuana on the side, since he’s earned over $140 million in his career and just signed a two-year $26 million deal with the Kings this offseason. It’s even less clear what he was doing there in the first place.Randolph has yet to comment on the arrest.Here’s CBS LA’s report from the scene. Newly signed Sacramento Kings forward Zach Randolph was arrested early Thursday morning for felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell, after police responded to a call at the Nickerson Garden Housing Project in Watts in Los Angeles.The police that responded to the scene were attacked by the crowd that gathered, and police cruisers were overturned before authorities gained control of the situation. It’s yet unknown at what point Randolph was detained.CBSLA described the details of the arrest, and unrest:The incident began at around 10 p.m. near 112th Street and Zamora Avenue. Los Angeles police noticed a group of people gathering in the area. When officers responded, a mob formed and began to destroy police cruisers and throw objects at officers, prompting them to call for backup, police said. Advertisementlast_img read more

Fifty years on from Aston Martins victory in the

first_imgFifty years on from Aston Martin’s victory in the 1959 Le Mans 24 Hours, the team has exceeded all expectations by finishing an excellent fourth overall in this year’s race, having been quickest of the petrol runners from start to finish.As expected, the diesel-powered cars enjoyed a margin of superiority, but Aston Martin Racing fulfilled its mission of being the first petrol car home, having also been the quickest of the petrol cars during qualifying on Thursday night.Despite the Aston Martin LMP1 car being new for this year, with the Le Mans program confirmed six months ago, the fourth-placed 007 car – crewed by Jan Charouz (CZ), Tomas Enge (CZ) and Stefan Mücke (DE) – exhibited perfect mechanical reliability, with only a puncture and a minor issue with the headlights getting in the way of its serene progress to the checkered flag. Mücke qualified the 007 car in eighth place for the start of the 77th Le Mans 24 Hours, which took place at 3pm on Saturday. This was in spite of extremely limited dry running before qualifying, as the six-hour long free practice session on Wednesday was hit by heavy rain. When it came to the race, ambient temperatures were extremely warm, taking their toll on cars and drivers.The 007 car ran in close formation with its sister 008 car – crewed by Anthony Davidson (GB), Darren Turner (GB) and Jos Verstappen (NL) – for the first half of the race. Davidson, a former Grand Prix driver, qualified the 008 car ninth and at one point on Saturday evening climbed as high as third in the overall race standings.Unfortunately the 008 car lost time at around 10pm when it was in collision with a GT1 car during an overtaking maneuver at Tertre Rouge. The effect of this was to damage the suspension and floor, which necessitated several visits to the pits to repair. Furthermore, the crew was handed a five-minute stop-and-go penalty in relation to the incident, which was taken in the early hours of Sunday morning. Afterwards, 008 was amongst the quickest petrol-powered cars in the race, but it subsequently lost time with mechanical problems relating to the gearbox and brakes. It was eventually classified 13th, having followed the 007 car across the line on Sunday in a spectacular formation finish.The 009 car, crewed by Stuart Hall (GB), Peter Kox (NL), and Harold Primat (CH) did not make the end of the race as Primat had an accident in the 18th hour that brought out the safety car but left him uninjured. Kox had qualified the car in 17th place on Thursday night, setting his fastest lap on his final timed run.Tomas Enge took the finish for the 007 crew after 373 laps and 5084 kilometers, watched by an estimated crowd of over 250,000 people. The Czech driver commented: “I have to say how impressed I have been with the reliability of the car. We had no real problems at all from start to finish, which is an amazing achievement for such a tough race. I’d like to thank the entire team for making this result possible, which certainly exceeds our expectations. This is always going to be one of the best memories of my career.”His compatriot Jan Charouz bounced back from an accident in qualifying on Thursday night that damaged the 007 car heavily. Thanks to some excellent work from the Aston Martin Racing mechanics, the car went on to finish just off a podium place in the race. Charouz said: “The accident in qualifying certainly wasn’t the best way for me to start the Le Mans 24 Hours but that is all forgotten now. Conditions during the race were extremely tough, with several incidents and safety car periods, but we managed to get through it thanks to some excellent team work. We may not have won ourselves on this occasion, but I hope that we paid a good tribute to the drivers who won for Aston Martin back in 1959.”Mücke took the start of the race for the 007 crew and turned in a fault-free performance throughout the 24 Hours, despite feeling unwell on Sunday. The German driver’s renowned blend of speed and consistency resulted in the car making rapid progress back up the order after a puncture on Saturday evening dropped it down to seventh.“I’m absolutely delighted by this result,” he said. “The performance gap shows that there are still effectively two classes in the LMP1 category – diesel and petrol – but we said from the very beginning that our objective was to be quickest in the petrol class and so I am very pleased that we have managed to achieve this. Compared to last year our performance gap to the diesels is a bit smaller but the rules still do not allow us to compete on equal terms.”The 008 crew completed 342 laps, with all the drivers delighted to get to the finish of this epic race. Anthony Davidson set the car’s qualifying time on Thursday and impressed the team with his abilities and feedback throughout the weekend. “It’s been an absolutely great experience,” said the Englishman. “I’ve been really impressed with the performance we’ve shown here and I hope we’ve surprised a few people with our speed. It’s been fantastic to be part of the Aston Martin team and I think between us all we’ve put on a great show. We ran as high as third overall and I think had we experienced no problems, then we could have challenged for the podium.”Darren Turner finished the race for the 008 crew, having proved instrumental in hauling the car back up the leader-board after it lost time overnight. Turner, a two-time Le Mans winner in GT1 with Aston Martin, said: “We’re really pleased to get to the finish, although at the same time we’re disappointed that we had a few problems. The important thing though is that this has been a tremendous result for the team after all the hard work everyone has put in, particularly the 007 crew who did such a great job.”Former Grand Prix driver Jos Verstappen, who spent 10 years in Formula 1, did not put a foot wrong on what was his LMP1 debut and only his second Le Mans, following his win in the LMP2 class last year. “I’ve had a fantastic time,” said the Dutchman. “Before this race I had very little experience of the car, and during my first stints alone I practically doubled my seat time in it. As the race went on I got to know it better and our pace improved. I felt comfortable in the car straight away: given the small amount of preparation we all had I think everyone has done an amazing job.”The 009 crew was reduced to two drivers after Stuart Hall was disqualified on Saturday evening for his part in a collision with an LMP2 car at the Ford chicane. Beforehand, the young Englishman had impressed on his debut with Aston Martin Racing.Hall commented: “I’m very sorry for the incident that led to my disqualification, but I’m very grateful for the opportunity to drive for Aston Martin Racing. The professionalism of the team has been second to none, and the end result for the 007 car is well-deserved.”Peter Kox was drafted into this year’s squad at the last minute, but is nonetheless a familiar face at Aston Martin, having driven for the team on several occasions in the past. “It was great to be back,” he said. “We obviously had a tough race with our car, but when things go well there is plenty of potential as the result for 007 shows.”Harold Primat luckily emerged with no injuries after his accident on Sunday, having shouldered the burden of all the driving with Kox since Saturday night. “It was a shame for Peter and I as we were moving up the field after our earlier problems and we were both frustrated not to finish,” concluded Primat. “At Le Mans you sometimes have bad luck, and this was just one of those occasions. However, the team result with the 007 car is the most important thing.”David Richards, Chairman of Aston Martin, commented: “I’m absolutely delighted. We came to Le Mans with modest expectations and we’ve exceeded all of them. Once again, Aston Martin has punched well above its weight and it’s a fantastic achievement from everyone involved. Now we have to ask ourselves some serious questions about where we go from here.”Dr Ulrich Bez, Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin, added: “In the same month that we launch the new V12 Vantage and DBS Volante, it is fitting that the same 6.0 liter V12 heart powers our LMP1 cars to such an outstanding Le Mans debut. I am thrilled for the whole team.”www.astonmartin.comlast_img read more

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