different products, different stages of the product, the configuration of the operating team is different, the difference in operating positions will lead to our daily work will not be the same here to talk about what is the daily work. The octopus is afraid of the serial entrepreneur.

first, information accumulation

no matter what kind of operation, the accumulation of information must be enough. Time in the mobile Internet, the so-called fragments of time in the present have been less debris, we play the game at the time, the circle of friends is more than half an hour, a circle of friends and then waiting for praise or through waiting for comments. The "entertainment to death" in Orwell is worried about how people will deprive us of the right to access to information. Huxley is worried about: someone will give us too much information, so that we will only accept, can not extricate themselves. These concerns are gradually becoming the norm of the operator, how to effectively accumulate valuable information is the key to the growth of operations.

A. Information acquisition

only the Internet industry itself day will produce a large amount of information, if it is not enough time to read, and the operations staff to establish the impression of these basic information only, for more details through the search may help us improve memory. Most of the information to read the title that is able to obtain this information, and the value of the content is worth reading, in order to ensure the efficiency of access to information, you can push the contents of the value of Pocket to read later.

B. Topic arrangement

Every day

selected a topic of finishing, all content search on the subject of sorting and in-depth analysis, for example, content operators interested in collecting the content operation in Baidu search, WeChat search public numbers, know almost all content search below, then according to its own logic to collate into their own content.

C. Related books finishing

reading program, the best according to their own needs, such as the recent design of the content of the psychological interest in reading "watercress design psychology" and other related search keywords, the evaluation of high number of simultaneous evaluation of good books collection, and develop a reading plan, rather than amount of matter, continue to filter out valuable the contents of the book book.

D. Contact with new things

contact more people, things, things, expand their horizons, and enhance the inclusion.

software: Pocket, such as you use the tiger sniffing, 36Kr, know almost daily, today’s headlines, the circle of friends and other client consultation, if valuable, need depth reading, it is a key stored in the Pocket, Pocket value is read later, avoid deep into a valuable confidence it disturbs the reading rhythm, or the pace of work. Can be saved or read on different devices.

in addition, this software is very helpful for time management.

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