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Internet webmaster will transfer the local site is the future development trend of the Internet, more and more people begin to pay attention to the development of local sites, more and more local stations such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared on the Internet. Driven by the trend of the Internet, the local station ushered in the development of spring.


A5 forum in October 22nd launched the "operation of the local site of the topic" version, guests are invited to discuss the local static wood flowers website operation mode. This paper highlights chat up version and share.

asked: I want to do a local station, do what type of good ah!

answer: in fact, this question, too wide to ask the local station can be divided into many kinds of local industry stations, integrated stations, news stations, classification stations, dating stations, forums and many other communities. As said, what are you doing, you will examine what you haven’t developed, from the industry, a check, check until you think you have no developed categories to do, to avoid the competitive category. Of course, if you do not have any local portal. Then you can make a big shot, do stand group.

Q: now the station has a lot of scale, how to break through the new station?

answer: differentiation, which is the foundation of our new breakthrough, a detailed understanding of the local already has those mature local stations, choose those who have not yet developed to do aspects to build. If the local car is good, you can do real estate; real estate good you can make friends; good friends, you can do the information; information or words, you can go shopping, etc.. As long as the difference found, break is not difficult!

asked: differentiation, has not done it, do not know if there is no future, such as friends, not many people on the dating site, how to do?

answer: making friends is also very promising, in Dongguan do many matchmaking dating site is very good. Can organize hundreds of people friends! Users on your website, not because of your pages look good, or the program is good, the key is that he can make friends, do more activities, make friends stand in fact and forum station, is to rely on activities to win


Q: now there are a lot of local stations into scale, such as Xiamen small fish such sites have been very large, how to share a new station.

answer: this problem is a problem faced by each webmaster, but also in real life to face the problem. Whether real or network or, as long as you have their own characteristics, as long as you can, as long as your site can meet most people’s taste, I believe that your site or in the future development. You may even have the chance to defeat them. The same is true in real life. In fact, many businessmen are aware of this truth, but we often ignore the problem is: in the early stages of the construction site, ignoring the needs of users. But it is precisely the user is the basic website development!


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