Eileen Chang said to be famous as, now in the "thousand group war" maelstrom of domestic group purchase enterprises is well versed in this. After spending the first 2010 years after the group of companies who are entering another wave of fierce battle.

This wave of fighting the significant signal

is the bus station, subway, handrails, elevator office buildings and other public places everywhere brand advertising, group purchase enterprises started regardless of the cost to advertising money, money playing card marketing, and expand business resources and to expand the line channels busy awfully.

financing after the big advertising

, however, these marketing behavior requires a lot of financial support, and this is the survival of the necessary chips. Obviously, behind these moves, venture capital is undoubtedly an important promoter, this momentum even in the last few months, the investment market is still a little cold.

provide science research center data show that the Internet industry is still hot investment in February, last month the investment case occurred in 23 cases, including 8 cases of investment in the Internet industry, accounting for 34.8% of the total investment case; has entered the "melee" era of group purchase website that has been the object of venture capital institutions chase.

successful financing enterprise first thought is through advertising and marketing, who first recognized in the market is to have the first mover advantage, this advantage is not only reflected in the marketing effect, and low cost, easier to quickly gain a foothold in the industry." Qiming venture partners Tong Shihao said.

Tong Shihao told the first Financial Daily reporters, this year to buy the industry will continue to last year’s financing enthusiasm, the industry will be more than the first few companies into more money, prompting more intense competition.

investors hesitate

behind the fierce competition, also let investors see the weaknesses of the development of domestic group purchase. An unnamed investor told reporters, before the Spring Festival had two group purchase enterprises get the investment intention, but ultimately investors chose divestment.

"entered the field of group purchase enterprises generally can make money, but with the industry in the fierce competition, many enterprises began to practice deformation, coupled with many Internet giants involved in the field of group purchase, is to let investors become wary of investment in the industry."

Internet industry is born with a light asset brand, which determines the characteristics of the group buying site in attracting investors, only by scale and performance speak, so easy to let the industry into a vicious circle.

these investors told reporters that the current domestic group purchase website part of the only profitable sales channel is a point deduction, before each group purchase project, group purchase site can make money through the smoke, but now a lot of group purchase websites in order to attract popularity and businesses, not from any group purchase commissions, and even a lot of money to pad, lose money leader.

"now whether it is marketing or channel expansion cost >

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