note: all day yesterday, I believe you are the WeChat circle of friends scraper, launched Ma and Lu Zhaoxi in the staff promotion application and from Ali IM, forced employees everywhere to promote their exchange account two-dimensional code, titanium media editors also found that many peers out "in order to help brother at the end of the year is nearly missed, attention off", have joined the team.

WeChat model, so many people see the opportunity. However, several months launched easecredit, at the beginning of the thunder large, now, and how many people in the mobile phone has become a zombie application? As the major TV manufacturers have introduced smart TVs, the giants in the field of IM have also started to join, to "create" a good red sea.

Ma Yun is also out many times "exchange platform, is a speech on the intranet said yesterday, there is WeChat’s one-child policy makes people uncomfortable," and "like" child ", although there have been a big brother, a child is still very important.

"and" strong push, the Alibaba can see but can fix the anxiety, users can jump out of the "WeChat" has made a good idea, a detailedanalysis of titanium media author?.


these two days of online spread of Ma and Lu Zhaoxi through the staff to promote the application of Ali IM communication and internal news, make everyone’s eyeballs. WeChat has more than 500 million users, easecredit Poxian lonely moment, Alibaba why so persistent strong push "from", adding mobile social networking tool that looks like the

pattern has been a battlefield?

Ali tangled history:

defeats social product

has been a key concern of Alibaba social field, in the field of PC, the Alibaba has repeatedly involved in the social field. From 2008 onwards, the Alibaba launched the YAHOO, Taobao Jianghu, love shopping and other social networking products, but to maintain the interpersonal relationship as the core, and a single transaction to business as the core, the contradiction that Ali defeated.

for Ali, Taobao + Tmall retail sales exceeded 1 trillion with a period of 9 years. From 1 trillion to 10 trillion on the way, the social electricity supplier undoubtedly become the most important breakthrough.

at the same time, in the mobile wave background, the original core business success of mobile become key to the future of vital importance. So, Ali has to build a future mobile social electricity supplier mission products. The socialization of the electricity supplier is based on the mutual recommendation of the familiar world, from friends, people who believe that the traffic is likely to become an important support for the growth of Ali transaction volume.

so, the current Department of Ali in the mobile terminal of several important pieces, can take up this task, let us count:

UCweb: one of the entrance of the mobile Internet, do not have social gene


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