IT home news February 4th, last year, with the foreign version of Nora said the famous BT download site KickassTorrents was closed, the site founder and operator Artem Vaulin was arrested by the police in Poland, then the two key members of the site was also wanted. Artem Valuin was charged with two counts of suspected illegal spread of piracy and money laundering charges, facing up to 20 years in prison. The day before, the United States District Court for the Illinois hearing of the case, because the Artem Valuin is in Poland, extradition procedures have not been implemented, the trial by the individual trial lawyer Ira Rothken.


in the file sharing site Megaupload founder Dotcom was accused of piracy in the famous infringement cases, Ira Rothken had excellent defense ability to keep the court called "pirate king" of the Dotcom, called the gold lawyer. In this trial, Ira Rothken stressed, BT seed file itself is not copyright protection content, Kickass service also does not involve piracy, he also said the analogy with Google, Kickass is more like Google search engine to share. If the user downloads and disseminates the file in the seed, it is not directly related to the platform.

however, the defendant did not think so, they said, Google itself is not active and unauthorized share copyrighted content validity, but Kickass is not the same, they share the file itself carrying the content protected by copyright. In addition, the prosecution believes that as soon as possible to extradite Artem Valuin, and take action. The Kickass should plead guilty.

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