trend one: either full channel, or no channel

traditional PC Internet makes information circulation cost is greatly reduced, significantly enhance the speed, enterprise distribution in institutions around the world now information can be transmitted to the implementation of headquarters, decision making and response speed of enterprises increased significantly, but it also caused the information gap, also called digital divide, namely enterprise and population development online faster however, enterprises and population line more backward in the channel is the result of the line split and conflict.

The new

mobile Internet technology with cloud computing, O2O, LBS, big data and other technologies to achieve the organic integration of online and offline, mobile Internet in bridging the information gap at the same time, also made the enterprise requirements in the channel construction, that is either relying on these technology platform to build a new channel for covering online and offline, either there is no channel. Next, you will not pass the channel choice to separate consumers and occupy the market, because the development of technology has broken the enterprise information advantage, breaking the differences between different regions of the market on the geographical space, the differences between different types of traditional channels will also be greatly reduced, and eventually realize the same price, the same channel. Experience.

With the help of

technology and the power of the platform, the line of perfect fusion, the formation of the whole channel system seamless connection, the relationship between enterprises and customers will become the core competition, the enterprise must be through their own online shop, the next line stores, the social network platform from the media and customer relationship together set up the. The enterprise must learn how to develop their own media audience of fans, how will the fans into customers to buy your products or services, the two core issues related to the process flow and conversion rate, that is how to get more of the target audience, how to get fans attention and more like " ", how they will step into the purchase of the customer, this is the core of the whole marketing channel. As for the customer’s final purchase behavior actually occurs online, or the line under the store, which is not the focus.

consumers such freely between different types of terminal channel switching, the premise is to achieve seamless integration, the enterprise must how to integrate the terminal interface, we see IKEA do, IKEA began to attention to the impact of Internet on Home Furnishing offline entity shop is in the very early, but it is only the approach taken online website responsible for the display of goods promotion function, if the customers of a product of interest, still need to line the store to buy. In the APP mobile terminal, the function is limited to view member activities, inventory information, shopping list, limited preference, product information, etc., can not be purchased online. This is an extreme approach, but this is a premise, IKEA products in the minds of consumers has a very strong unique and attractive, and the IKEA line also has other offline store to par shopping experience, allowing consumers to IKEA store has irreplaceable value. >

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