LETV responded rectification: caught will cooperate with the Central Propaganda Department of typical

Sina Financial News July 18th news, this afternoon, as the music conference held a conference call on the suspension, LETV chairman and CEO Jia Yueting, vice chairman of the board and COO executives and other executives attended the meeting on. LETV said that the rectification of their own just caught the typical, has suspended cooperation with the license side, and submitted a rectification program, but as music platform + content + terminal ecological model unchanged.

music as revealed that they have been in the application for independent operation of the content of the license, is also seeking cooperation with local stations, in the long run, the rectification is certainly good news. It is thrown out in collaboration with the Central Propaganda Department, to respond to all questions about the "blocked".

"I am I, is not the same as the color of fireworks, the start of the conference call, LETV will show on the" don’t mind criticism, "said innovation in the industry will always encounter some resistance.

the most intuitive response to the performance of the stock market, after the music as the stock price fell for two consecutive days. July 16th, the music as a rare heavy volume fell to close at 36.28 yuan, down by 9.75%. July 17th, LETV continued to slump, down more than 10%, before the suspension, the stock closed at $32.65.

review of the last week, as the music price, closing price on Friday was 40.12 yuan, up to now, as the market value has evaporated more than $6 billion 200 million. The music, as a result of more than 9% decline in the Internet, or last winter, due to the gem adjustment drag.

media reports, music, as the General Administration named serious violation, and the integration of service license party cooperation was suspended, suspected of being blocked". To this end, as the music yesterday 19 announcement that the relevant media reports and facts do not match". In a conference call today, LETV once again clarify their rectification in cooperation with the State Administration of radio, during this time, other parties except CCTV license will be suspended and not to stop cooperation with the music as, upon completion of the rectification and acceptance to continue.

for the "ban", they are also thrown in collaboration with the Central Propaganda Department to respond to the challenge, party tonight propaganda theme will be launched in a down to earth as its music channel, to show their good relations with the central.

sina finance was informed that, as the music box has been offline as the music mall, the page shows as a reservation". According to industry analysts, as the real reason for the box sale, is a violation of the broadcasting sector on the box does not allow sales outside of the triple play pilot area policy restrictions, depending on the active sale music box or to radio and television shows.

music as a recognition of this, and the presence of irregularities in the Internet set-top boxes and cooperation with the rectification, but they are not alone named, behind the Internet giant figure. They learned in direct communication with regulators, the rectification of the head of market development and administration of radio 181.

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