Abstract: whether these things are religion, fiction, love, or today’s headlines, the user is a need for some addiction, I do not think playing Dezhou, drinking red wine and watching gossip, video how much difference.


if your impression used in high spirit peacocking overbearing President Zhang Yiming may look far ahead from a high plane, surprise you. The founder of a $11 billion company, he is too young and quiet, and even some clever. His colleagues told the "financial" that the CEO’s most intense emotional expression was "how could this be?"

in China today, the number of start-up companies Founder may be calculated in millions, and is undoubtedly one of the most fortunate of the two or three. He and two of his friends founded the company is considered to be the most likely to the Chinese Internet ruler – BAT challenge the victory of the alliance, the other two are the United States and the comments of the group of 3. These three companies are not more than 6 years, the valuation of more than ten billion u.s..

One of the reasons why

is so successful is that it is a "simple, reliable" technology driven company. In the past, the typical representative of this type of company is Baidu, these companies tend to be extremely focused on the technical details of the Polish, providing the ultimate product experience, and the industry is accustomed to the values of indifference. Because of these features, they also have a common destiny — they always promote even forced by public opinion to comment on certain topics: between technology and humanity, responsibility and values, what is the relationship between


today’s headlines are at such a moment, the company is today China largest media channels, they each month to provide services for 150 million users, nearly about 70000000 people to spend 76 minutes watching news, video in today’s headlines every day. But Zhang Yiming insisted that today’s headlines will not need to set up a traditional sense of the editor in chief, he said his most taboo values in the first place, he believes that interference may be his best content management today.

Zhang Yiming believes that "no restraint" is more dangerous – most of the elite believe that they are right, but the fact is that most people in the world can not understand the reality. The choice of "non-interference" is to overcome the weakness of human nature. With the value of the delayed gratification as stride forward singing militant songs, "he thought it would make you get more free.

considering he just over thirty, it is difficult to say his future will be how to change: after some years, he will have more and more strong views on the world? Then he will insist on keeping the values of interference content? Recently, the "financial" magazine for his interview, the topic also unfolded.

in addition to these problems, we also put him and his good friend Wang Xing made some comparison, in the final quick answer link, we asked some of the same questions to the two similar background, year >

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