sanpower group confirmed the acquisition of lashou crazy has a day to burn 2 million 460 thousand yuan cash

market news, the recent frequent big sanpower group purchase group purchase site. Reporters yesterday from sanpower Group Limited chairman office learned that sanpower group have meaning in lashou, but the two sides currently in the final stage of the completion of the transaction, the specific amount to be disclosed.

once the boss handle network group purchase now was able to escape the fate of the acquisition, but also triggered a heated debate on the death of group purchase ". After 5 years of roller coaster ups and downs, in the buy industry now into the left is king era, its business model is still groping.

went to the United States is now aiming at the gem

According to reports,

network is the best buy site, in 2013 operating income of over 4 billion yuan, in 2014 revenue is expected to nearly $6 billion.

but with the increasing volume of business, some of the original system can not meet the requirements of the new business development. And Chinese Commission recently clear, support has not been profitable Internet and high-tech enterprises listed on the gem after one year listed on the new board, which means that the Internet and high-tech enterprises will enjoy special treatment in the A stock IPO audit".

is aiming at the major favorable opportunity, says lashou will give business team more autonomy, its investment is decided by the main investor, has rich experience in the operation of the capital market to serve as the company chairman Qiu Liping CEO, the former CEO Zhou Feng was promoted to vice chairman at the same time, he served as chief strategy officer (CSO), expand guide the group purchase business and expand market share. At the same time, there will be a number of marketing elite joined the company.

According to the

sanpower group to disclose the information, the introduction of a new strategic partnership has become an important step in the development of the next. It is reported that fancy resources sanpower group strong lines, in a few months ago has begun to actively contact with sanpower group.

sanpower group owns more than 3 thousand retail stores in overseas communications, IT, department store, new special field, which is called "line retail overlord", has also been enhanced to expand online business, do O2O wings.

these years, the disappearance of the buy site

group treasure nets

mission treasure network: once broke the roll foot storm, after struggling to collapse.

Tick group

March 4, 2014: tick group announced the closure of its group purchase business, will explore new business.

24 coupon

24 Coupons: after 2013 closed down, due to the failure of negotiations with investors, the company has been completely closed.

Full network

: full network on-line in January 2010, January 2014 by Su Ningyun.

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