for the enterprise, there is no doubt about the importance of micro-blog, in the end how to do micro-blog operations, through the micro-blog marketing to bring the greatest benefits to the company? How to increase the popularity of micro-blog, how to find accurate customer, in the micro-blog marketing skills

1 micro-blog: micro-blog is the entertainment, so even if the use of its marketing, but after all is an entertaining and interesting, can interact with the fans of the content is the most basic way of enterprise marketing micro-blog! Long monotonous advertising, will lead directly to fans of boredom, reduce the promotion effect is micro-blog enterprise content! Consumers love to see, such as selling children’s toys company, micro-blog content can include parenting, family, and life skills, the content of

2 micro-blog: micro-blog in the forward prize for publicity is essential, forwarding quantity is high, promotion is wide, the propaganda effect is better!, suggested 1-2 week 1 times, variety, the object can be divided into old customers, new customers, active objects with different purposes not the same, so different to different content, different methods of

!The number of

3 Fans: there are many kinds of methods to get fans, can be obtained by manual mutual powder or mutual powder after manual tool! Mutual powder if there’s no mutual powder, second days can be canceled; there is no way the case can buy fans, micro-blog recommends that companies beginning more than 5000 fans, can also use the Bo Yang the software release task to get the attention of increasing the target customer

4 Interactive Guide: new official micro-blog micro-blog also released a few fans, few people interact, but establish the brand image of micro-blog is to be done manually, can try to interact with others, others in the comments can be attached to micro-blog: I take a look at micro-blog, the increase in popularity! Can also use software to set up interactive content Bo Yang and the interval time, account features to increase interaction

5 customer service management: it is recommended that the official customer service should be timely and timely reply to the interactive content, to ensure that the official micro-blog’s activity!

6 precision marketing – precise enterprise fans where

). 1 competitors: micro-blog fans competitor is actually your success or reference source, each industry has done more excellent brand, get accurate customers from their competitors fans.

2). Hot topics: Related Hot topics. We can find some of the most popular topics from the relevant target groups, looking for some participants, these are our potential customers.

3. Micro-blog search keywords: micro-blog use group is very large, and its micro-blog search can also get a lot of information, enter the keywords you want to search, find some precise customer.

conclusion: through the above way, you can get a number of fans, you can manually copy the fans one by one

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