Abstract: commercial speculation, data water, do not declare the phenomenon of corruption in the venture capital circles. However, the winter capital venture difficulties, entrepreneurs on many startups halfway dead bones, seek survival and development, many die behavior is probably the last ditch


venture company fraud, is a typical behavior of death. But in China, it is an open secret in the industry, insiders pointed out that entrepreneurial companies lie the proportion as high as 8! China venture ring Li Kaifu for many years, also made it clear that in an interview: company data fraud has become the norm China internet.

startups so, so glamorous star startups, and more than false data, not even playing various techniques emerge in an endless stream, quite adept.

of the U.S. grapefruit and aunt do

recently announced that the U.S. grapefruit to obtain 1 billion yuan financing, but then users revealed said pomelo in the presence of suspected fraud sales, the number of users and the rate of commission and other data in the know, "according to the industry standard quarter of a single rate of 5% is down, the U.S. grapefruit has 1 billion 800 million registered users" /p>! "

on the same day, aunt you are broke because BP MAU (monthly active users) was amplified to 42 million, resulting in financing progress difficult, in addition to the aunt even privately rebate to the part of the fund’s investment manager promised, in order to promote the financing process within the fund……

in this regard, the U.S. grapefruit hand drying out the transaction data in recent 30 days business background, that had questioned the U.S. grapefruit pure fabrication. The aunt is refuted by the failure of financing theory, claiming that a new round of financing is nearing completion, only in view of agreement and relevant laws temporarily can not be published.

Although the

made a clarification, but still doubts, let people fall into a reverie. In the current environment, the U.S. grapefruit and aunt do as a female assistant health industry’s two heavyweight game player and opponent, each tear at the same time, how can it prove


house generation wash

just got a 10 million venture capital as soon as the young Internet start-up companies, the prospects of the house on behalf of the generation is quite optimistic about the prospects. But its founder and CEO Guo Chaoyu, in a recent interview with the public, accept WeChat’s words caused a great disturbance.

The original

Guo Chaoyu admit: in the beginning, they had to "cultivate customer demand", cut a university dorm laundry on the wire, let no laundry students have to try their home wash service……

immediately, the public uproar. Criticism of the public will be directed at the house on behalf of the wash, accusing him of bad behavior, means no bottom line. However, some of the company’s employees began to disagree, but in the circle of friends to show off the event to bring their products to the publicity and drainage effect.

to the whole public opinion is unfavorable

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