in modern society, Taobao consumption has become one of the broad consumer channels. Taobao has not only become a part of people’s daily life, but also become the main way for the seller part of Taobao earn wealth, so for these thousands on thousands of Taobao sellers, in the end how to let your Taobao store get better promotion.


Taobao shop to promote the way, it is necessary for all Taobao sellers must learn skills. If the skill is the core store promotion, push the network that let Taobao buyers pay attention to their own shops, you need a compelling shop, the shop name is the essence of a shop, played a good first name can seize the attention of consumers, but also conducive to attracting the shopping, after the establishment of shop reputation, give people a good impression.

then the commodity choice should be properly, do not sell some popular or low demand consumers to buy goods, such as in the Taobao mall now popular online recharge and buy mobile phone film, these are the daily necessities of life, Taobao sellers can introduce for consumers to buy, follow the shop consumer demand for the commodity sale, but also can store a key reason for promotion and attention.

of course, these are just a part relative to promotion of Taobao shop, for the most part development and expansion of the store, Taobao store promotion skills is the most important new promotion mode and marketing strategy. Not only to play attractive commodity advertising, but also to allow consumers to feel the price is worth buying. In advertising, consumers can not understand the product photos, so Taobao shop owner should be taken from different angles, in order to be able to do the best in detail. The shop’s preferential strategy, the price will generally be used in contrast to the method, the most simple example is to reduce the price of goods as well as the package of concessions, arouse consumer desire to buy.

is also a good quality service, not only in the buyer to buy the right attitude, in the aftermarket is the need for professional spirit of quality, to provide the majority of excellent security services. In the shop transaction, the seller needs to each customer sincere, and account for the majority of customers to solve some commodity function questions as well as some necessary trade matters, respect their right to know, to help customers to buy the most suitable product. Push ha network as a new platform, which deserves a lot of attention and learning friends.

customer satisfaction, natural store credit is secured, so repeatedly, more customers will come to buy, a pass ten, ten pass 100 shops naturally became popularized. The implementation of Taobao promotion success is largely lack of experience in the promotion, we also hope that the experience and methods to help more people to solve the problems in the operation of the store, further let you go. This paper is based on push ha network (www.tu>)

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