if you engage in writing, these classic routines take.

primary copy three instruments: idioms, poems, adjective

when I was a junior copywriter, I like to use adjectives and idioms. When writing copy, the only requirement is to look for their literary grace, you should write a dabaihua all feel shy said he was a copywriter.

I have a collection of a number of keywords can be used to select the words and phrases of the site, in order to write a copy of the time used to access. For example, when Haier has a smart mobile phone, the entertainment function is especially strong, I wrote a title for the mobile phone: big entertainment. Obviously, it comes from the reuse of an idiom.

this title, it seems very interesting, but think about it, you are not found in fact meaning is not good, it can be read out and be misunderstood.

this is a copy of the new just do the most easy to make mistakes, only the pursuit of novelty, exquisite copy and gift, and forget. The most important thing is to complete the commodity promotion, affect the consumer’s mind.

if you are able to show a wonderful thing perfectly, you may feel that adjectives are essential. After all the adjectives are created, "is used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns, a person or a thing the nature, status, characteristics, or property, commonly used as attribute, also can be used as predicative and complement or Adverbial Adjectives," why not make a consumer a better understanding of your products?

we don’t have to argue, for example.

we say a girl is very beautiful, you can say that she is a beautiful girl, can also be directly introduced her digital measurements. I would like to ask, which is more reference to the introduction of


is certainly more measurements than adjective reference value, and the copy is to give the consumer decision-making.

statement, description and detail

to complete the introduction of a commodity or brand, the statement is the best way, it is best to have a lot of detail description.

we give an example, for example, please introduce a special artistic temperament of the inn, how should you introduce


a particularly special art Inn?

introduction, do you have an impression of the Inn?.

a year, I went to Lijiang to play in the street in the city, to see a piece on a door of the inn billboard, is the owner of his own pen to write.


97 years after the

earthquake, the only house on the street did not collapse.

on the west side of the eaves, there is a 82 year umbrella

two floor balcony can only see the Lijiang 1/1000 film days

a basin

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