network marketing as everyone knows, is a system engineering, to do a good job, make achievements, not a short-term can be a means of implementation, it requires you to take a step by step, every step in place, with your sweat, with your execution for each step of network marketing success the only way to achieve your ultimate goal of network marketing

but many of us are doing, it is easy to ignore a problem, is a very important part of network marketing: conversion rate of

, is the conversion rate, but this is a problem but a commonplace talk of an old scholar, said that although it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar I still want to say, but today is that I often meet some friends, when doing Internet marketing, emphasis on ranking, emphasizing the flow, emphasize the weight of

of course, I can’t deny these factors are very important, if there is no traffic, no visitors, no customers, it has no need to talk about what the conversion rate, but I want to say is that, when we do the initial marketing in the website, the website is not known, not when the flow of what we should do


maybe many people will spend more energy to do promotion, publicity, the hair of the chain and so on, it’s actually a detour way, promotion, publicity, set the SEO optimization and so on all of these is a relatively long process, if you pay too much attention to it, especially in the beginning, it is easy to The loss outweighs the gain.. Do you still the ultimate goal of network marketing in order to increase sales, increase the volume of business, why don’t you early in the early promotion and publicity optimization effect is not very optimistic, more attention to the conversion, for example:

your current website set up less than half a month, the site daily traffic of less than 20, according to the average web universal conversion rate about 5 transactions a genius, you may think this is too low, need to find a way to increase the amount of visitors, inquiry and so on, the idea of detours.

your current flow is not high, but if you are in the 20 day of traffic, the transfer rate increased to 5%, then you can close the deal a day, Why not??

some friends will think, you say simple, how to do it, I am here to provide 2 aspects:

first: improve the site’s user viscosity

users to enter the site, there are certainly a lot of people will jump out in a very short period of time, then you will need to focus on the analysis of this aspect, what prompted the user to leave, is the speed?, trust or quality or richness of content?

? Etc.

second: improve the ratio of prospective customers

20 customers every day

into your site, how much is the prospective customers, how much is the sauce, how many of you to take a look at the walk? These are all to you in the promotion or optimization of the attention focus on cooperation

I believe as long as you do

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