enterprise on the site after the completion, the promotion of the website is the most headaches, building a website is very simple, but want to conduct business on the Internet, network marketing has a long way to go. Prior to this we should first clear a few concepts, website promotion is not equal to network marketing, network marketing is not equal to search engine marketing, search engine marketing is not equal to ppc. Although it sounds very simple, but a lot of people in the process of marketing in the network due to the unclear understanding of the many detours, resulting in a waste of costs, the effect is minimal. Some companies even failed due to the failure to open the network marketing caused by the failure of the Internet, the Internet lost confidence, thus giving up the Internet this huge cake".

      network marketing is the enterprise with the help of the advantages of the Internet and the promotion and sale of products, based on customer conversion, website promotion, sales analysis, is a part of enterprise’s marketing strategy. I believe we will think of the network marketing will think of the search engine, think of the search engine to think of the Baidu ppc. This is a dangerous mindset. Because you do not know what is the network marketing, network marketing what are the common methods, not to mention the choice of network marketing and innovation. Some people think of network marketing, think to forum "a certain network marketing method, you are welcome to visit the" this is be struck dumb. In fact, this is not a small number of companies, mainly concentrated in just a number of traditional enterprises involved in the internet.

      if you want to ask what are the methods of network marketing? I can answer directly: there are numerous, there are hundreds of applications. The reason is very simple, network marketing is on the network marketing, any method to achieve the purpose of marketing, means, etc. are part of the network marketing. I think the first thing a any enterprise should be done first before carrying out network marketing is "brainwashing", network marketing is not so complicated, if you put the enterprise marketing by traditional ideas of transition to the Internet, you won’t ask what are the problems of network marketing methods. Network marketing is very simple, network marketing is marketing, nothing more than on the Internet, online advertising can achieve any effect of the behavior can be called network marketing methods.

      but the network marketing is not there is no law to follow? In all the network marketing activities, the most important thing is to search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is the main form of search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC. Because the user is the most direct way to search for information on the Internet is the use of search engines. As a business website in search engine which is the store opened in the mountain area and opened in the downtown area of the problem, if you’re a good person, respected, let the customer praise, our search engine can put you in the shop by the mountain area to downtown; if you don’t want to so high prestige. Downtown open >

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