shortly before the Chinese securities investment fund industry association conference, low-key style of the chairman of the Commission Liu Shiyu, a rare unscripted said in a speech, a change in the past gentle words bitterly denounced the A shares recently in sniper around the barbarians. Every word is just a few minutes of extremely elegant and valuable, in a speech on the use of "nouveau riche", "Fairy" and "bandit" these very radical words, and finally even said "when you challenge the law, you will be waiting for the prison door open."


From the beginning of last year, Vanke

dispute, to Boland department headed by the insurance funds, A stock market began to appear frequently placards. The leader is of course Yao Zhenhua’s treasure, after entered the Vanke, began to stop buying and buying the road through the Qianhai life, treasure can name in ten a number of shareholders of listed companies listed, including CSG A, Oct A, Nanning department stores and we have just discussed Miss Dong GREE. After Mr Liu’s speech, December 5th opened Monday, the Department of insurance funds all placards stocks were hit, the GREE electric appliances after a few days ago a lot of hot money to follow the trend of speculation ushered in a large sell-off smashed to the daily limit.


In addition to

Boland department, Ampang department and Hengda department can not be underestimated, Ampang began in October this year, the construction of China holdings, has now reached 10% shareholding, and China building stock soared the highest rose 70%. Plus Ampang held Minsheng Bank, China Vanke, large business shares, golden group, Ampang has invested hundreds of billions of funds in A shares. In addition, the hands of the Department of Xu Jiayin Hengda this year has placards of the Jiakai City, Langfang, China Vanke A, A etc.. By the end of November, Hengda department held Vanke has reached 14%. In addition to the above three giants, A shares in the insurance funds and other walks of life, such as the sun, the Department of China, etc..


As early as

before them, insurance + investment mode of the earliest implementation of A shares of Fosun Group, Fosun Group and Guo Guangchang, is the faithful Buffett, two wheel drive by insurance + investment, Fosun Group after 20 years of development, has now become the real estate industry, covering medicine,, mining, media and a large group of insurance industry, owns a number of A shares of listed companies. Today, we will talk about insurance + investment, in the end is how a train of thought?

what is insurance + investment model?

called insurance + investment model, the insurance company will be charged premium pool of funds for investment income. We all know that Buffett is a global investment in the stock market evergreen decades of investment myths, but many people may not know, Buffett can succeed, there are a large part of the reason is dependent on insurance plus

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