today, there is a piece of information to attract my attention, "the world’s longest kite kite discovered network, Taobao sales soared, although a little hasty introduction, but it gave me a lot of thinking, why do you say that, because Taobao’s kite sales soared, isn’t a very interesting the analysis of the event? And from the inside can also extract the information they want, this article will simply say, kite and vertical web story.

extract paragraph: "they sold both traditional kites, there are also some specialty products. For example, a small lamp luminous kite flying at night, can not crystal clear; kite skeleton, has the advantages of convenient carrying, and it is also easy to fly; and stunt kites, need to use two lines or four lines to control the flight speed is very fast, and the wind vibration, let the kite cloth of a similar engine sound…… There are a variety of selling the same "kite DIY kits" have good cutting fabric, bamboo, handmade paper-cut kite kite tail, DIY special safety stitches, 20 yuan to 50 yuan package materials. The seller said that many buyers choose the material package as a parent-child game props, there are many schools and children’s palace collective purchase, training students’ practical ability".

if you have a website, see an example of this, what do you think? Maybe you just saw, traditional kite, luminous kite, kite, stunt kite, kite kite DIY material package, accessories, and so on, you may think he is not able to open a shop to the kite. Sell it. But I think these people are the of their subordinate industry in a comprehensive and professional view, the spring, the kite is an object a to cultivate people’s feelings, holding the kite, to fly a kite on the grass and his beloved people, this is one thing, how happy so, seize this opportunity, every industry should do.

so relative to a vertical website, if you are a B2C hat, so if you have information so comprehensive? The amount of information, including the extension of the vertical industry, on the other hand, including the development of vertical industries, the extension of the product for a variety of styles of plough, efforts should be made to recommend the implementation, only for products digging, in order to allow users to feel that I have so many good choices. But in the other hand, it is to meet the various needs of users, the demand is for the industry to speak of, for example, kite flying this thing, people love their own patterns, and then fly to the sky, some people love yourself div, there are many people who want to put together, with feelings such a kind of happiness, then you are not on the vertical sites have been considered for these users? Or that you just want to let their products out, without considering why I want to push this one, this is in order to push and push marketing under each form we have to understand, is not the case, we need to think about. "

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