proxy model, is very good, as long as the rules set properly, limited the number of agents, can be virtuous cycle down, but a lot of agency models, and ultimately it is easy to become disguised pyramid schemes.

my first contact with the agent on the network, Taobao’s prepaid recharge software, 300 yuan a set, bought a shop, selling calls selling software…… Sell a profit of 250+ software, recharge the bill to lose money to charge, often not stable, but the Internet is everywhere do Taobao shop to do a monthly income of XX million prepaid recharge software soft.


in 2011 I also bought a set, but bought regret, no reliable, is to make money by pulling the head, and then the whole network is selling recharge software ads, the market is already saturated, did not play a few days away.

Why not ban the Taobao

phone recharge software? There is only one answer: there is a large group of people every day to cheat others to shop for Taobao, Taobao, is of great interest, the only idiotic letter.

now these recharge software is still on sale, but has entered the price war, before the 300 mines are not price cuts, and now sell dozens of pieces.

I didn’t

before transformation, also met a group of a Taobao API website of the proxy mode played with consummate technology, what is not, a Taobao customer API program, free online a lot.

but they are playing concept, the Taobao AIP website packaged into an online mall, and then received the franchise fee, everyone involved can get a beautiful page online mall, to buy a lot of things, people buy things and into, pull yourself others to join the "mall" get a referral fee, the family recommendation next to the home, XX, he can be the director what. This is a small aunt recommended to me, and I painted a bright future to big figure, she said to me when the general manager, served as CEO, marry white Formica, go to subvert the life……

I was so moved that I turned her down. This TMD is not naked MLM it?

is the flicker of lazy and greedy loving people daydream.

engage in MLM engage in direct people can keep up with the rhythm of the times, when the fire went Taobao Taobao, WeChat now fire, a large number of WeChat run up, what XX agent, one day emerge in an endless stream, new products. Want to make every customer into an agent, the establishment of the level, are disguised pyramid schemes, or receive the joining fee, or require each agent into a certain number of goods, the final goods are smashed in the hands of agents.

has to admit, however, that the agency is really a very good model, especially for those who are at the top of Pyramid.

at the agency, want to play this mode, go to study, but don’t go wrong.


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