recently, the original network drama company in the dream as the horse announced the acquisition of 6 million 500 thousand Pre-A round of financing, the investor is a huge capital. The company’s flagship health net content for Southern comedy, the main product "beep", installed first quarter received a total of more than 250 million hits, the second quarter will be launched in May this year. "A dream horse" will choose the southern comedy cut the main reason lies in looking for content difference, its founder Ma Mo believes that now the popular comedy way north style culture, but humorous wisdom in the comedy school there are many audiences, they are also a southern creative team.

is currently in a dream horse produced mainly concentrated in the southern city of line two or three of the audience, is the basic for people aged 17-24, the net content of drama forms are less than 10 minute short, future development will play in this form to catch users fragmentation time.

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