Forum promotion is the webmaster promotion website commonly used method, but from the purpose of the different, can be divided into several forms. For example, you go to Baidu post bar to leave a seductive words and links, this is purely in order to get the flow; for example, to the forum published soft Wen, the purpose is to build a brand or product communication. And the longest form is not the 2, but I’m going to focus on, that is, for the webmaster website increase the chain, improve the site keywords ranking.

one, through the forum to promote the site to increase the chain of the three methods

1, the release of the main paste, the text contains key links;

2, when the forum to leave a key link;

3, the use of BBS signature left the chain.

but now a lot of forums to avoid irrigation, take some methods do not leave links, even if it does not necessarily have a role to stay, it may be the use of js. Different forums allow different ways to stay hyperlinks, you need to make records, in order to adopt different ways for different forums.

two, familiar with the common forum template

current mainstream forum system includes discuz (A5, laggards), mobile network forum, phpwind forum. Familiar with the purpose is to come to a forum, to be able to quickly get started, until the signature in which settings, the release of topics and replies and other operations, can be targeted to take promotion methods.

three, the forum released soft method

in the BBS release of soft Wen is mostly divided into 2 kinds: 1, and the company’s Web site related content; 2, with the key words of popular news.

1, the company released related news: easy to be recognized for the ads, try to choose the closest forum and publish content, such as your company web site is tourism, it should be released into the tourism, transportation, information of the local version of the area, can reduce the risk of your.

2, released the news that is popular there will be a lot of reports, pick a few good articles, in which to insert keywords and links can be placed a few keywords chain link at the bottom, but the color of the word aligned with the forum moderator should not be found, the background may effectively reduce the delete.

see here, a bit of experience will say no effect. The most long-term mix in the A5 forum, until the signature can be sold, because the signature can increase the chain for the website, not to say that there is no effect, but the effect is very small, compared to a web page Links vary greatly. Please keep the web site, the author [hippie]

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