is now more and more people love about the product brand value system together, especially in grassroots groups, the word brand heat is no less than "SEO optimization", "chain" and other conventional vocabulary. So what is the reason that many webmasters like to Internet products more contact with the brand?

, the author believes that the brand popularity, is partly due to the conventional flow channel change, making the most of the grassroots without any sense of security, it can be said that in 2012 the 6.18K event so many grassroots webmaster to realize vertical flow without brand, relying on Baidu’s search traffic is very difficult to sit Jiangshan, secondly. With the development of the Internet, businesses are facing reshuffle trend, whether or group purchase recruitment, or in other industries, the industry reshuffle is imperative, which survived the site in addition to hardware competition strength, is more direct competition from the brand.

we could ask, since everyone in that brand, then the brand how to shape the brand? After all is not something tangible, unable to reflect the actual owners to take corresponding measures. In fact, in my opinion, in addition to the development of the brand is a high degree of development, but also a kind of operational philosophy, a combination of site attributes and users of the long-term operating system, speak no more than 5 points.

1 overall planning. The brand is not a day for two days will be able to do things, any one brand to the user after precipitation and the test of the market, like Taobao, from 1999 to now, Ma with 14 years to build a C2C platform, known as Taobao street. But why Taobao can set up the image of the grassroots build up the family fortunes the main reason is the value system, the operator’s own website localization and the final idea, if Taobao is the only brand positioning in the grassroots shop, so the concept of online shopping mall should come out.

2 persistence. Brand building still has the characteristics of continuity. In my opinion, that any one brand can not focus on the front, in front of the only goal, rather than the brand, for any one to develop the webmaster, the brand strategy is a long-term thing, if you want to make smart money, earn money, so it is not considered persistent of the problem, but the market will give you a long and prosperous time


3 guidance. The brand is always a guiding role, just like the original one industry blog by Baidu K station, the main key words all fall, but I secretly contacted the blogger, but that the blog daily IP has not been much affected, because his blog has completely set up a knowledge oriented. For example, you want to look back to see gossip, mobile phone information to the electric grid, which is a kind of brand value oriented, no need to search keywords from the search to find products, and this is my definition is the backbone of the brand building.

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