QQ often play for us, we are not unfamiliar to play QQ group, QQ group There are plenty of people who do you know, QQ group marketing, QQ group promotion, QQ group ranking skills? Xi’an SEO small silly elder brother to share again QQ network marketing of marketing tips for dry cargo.

QQ group to promote the premise, of course, there are enough QQ group QQ. Many novice webmaster think more is better with the QQ group, there are dozens of QQ show I webmaster to add their own, in fact, the number of QQ group is not much, but is accurate, so, how to judge a QQ group is accurate, is worth popularizing


little brother to determine whether a QQ group is worth promoting the following factors:

1.QQ group members of at least 80 people (ordinary group limit 100 people), while the number of not less than 50 of the number of the higher the better.

2.QQ is a member of the group you want to sell products or services to potential customers, QQ group to have relevance. Do you sell a virtual host into a delicacy discussion group, so you also won’t have what harvest.

3.QQ resident active members of not less than 20 people, there must be a certain group of women, this is very important. A dead group you add him? You still dare to add advertising


OK, who was assessed with QQ group, the above points, determine this group has no marketing sense, if there is significance, QQ group marketing right guarantee with the following steps:

: the first group to modify the name card, in accordance with the notice requirements of a good group. In the group of business cards can add their own service advertising, if the group requires ID format for the region + net name, then little brother will modify the name card for Xi’an +SEO consultant. This is not only to meet the requirements of the group, will not be kicked, and simple to do my own advertising. (note that the core of this article is about to emerge).

second: do QQ group business card ranking optimization QQ group business card ranking optimization is simply to take the optimization means to make your QQ group card in the forefront, commonly used QQ group business card ranking optimization method is:

1 online status changed to Q me, this guarantee ranking in the front, but many groups prohibit setting online state.

2 group management or group, this privilege has been ranked the first.

3 recharge QQ members, privileged class, needless to say.

4 to modify the group name card, in front of the group name card with spaces or letters or numbers, and then look at the rankings.

third: active communication, quickly run red QQ group. Have more time in the group overall bubble, accidentally kicked, and no communication, on the lack of a closer, bubble mixed Lianshu, a group of active members.

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