here, I said, Baidu post bar to bring me traffic, just after you advertise to bring you, not to bring you forever. If you stop the flow started to slowly decrease down! Here we will take what to become a member of the Post Bar from loyalty you stand here! Said " Baidu Post Bar brought me " flow; you must spend 1.5 hours ~3 a small left and right time to do it! The few really can do down friends, if you can do a month can bring some loyalty to you stand


we first to analyze Baidu post bar, Baidu post bar is also a forum. He has at least 10 members of the W visit every day, which means that there are people in any industry. Such as my forum is IT information exchange forum plus games, movies, music, video and some training. If I press some of my forum information to Baidu Post Bar to publicity, which must be the main ShanTie so we have to think about the methods, we should use what method. Actually very simple. I am a technical exchange and some games ah. Which is a good publicity to open it in the post directory we choose to have a forum with us. My forum is technical and some games I choose

1 computer digital

. China Station

2 game

the two version includes a hundred Post Bar. It takes 1 to 3 hours a day. I don’t recommend some mass according to the Post Bar to post. Otherwise it will not be forced to delete the bar to bring us traffic. I have the game to explain. Which contains a number of root version of the online game, stand-alone games, these three versions of the game.

I in all online games which post title for " [] [] [technical article] [did] heart network game Sina… "…; we must remember is preceded by some of the more eye-catching symbol. How to play the content. To search an article published online, remember which article must be short. If there is no longer interesting. Which article must have read some of their own must be a bit with the title. Can go to to find the article. In the top and bottom of the article with the name and address of our station. Such


] conducting

XXXXXXXX station

XXXXXXX domain name

more XXXX on this XXXX on


] conducting

xxxxxxxxx here for the text content


] conducting


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