insurance company: Hello, is this Mr. * * *


me: yes.

insurance company: we are * * * insurance. We will delay you for two minutes.

I’m sorry, I don’t need insurance.

: No, no, we’re not selling insurance. It’s just a little investigation.

me: OK, you say.

insurance company: what kind of transportation do you usually use?

me: wheelchair.

insurance company: Well, it doesn’t matter, do you have any understanding of the insurance or your friends have bought insurance?

me: no one knows, no one dares to make friends with me.

: did you consider buying an insurance policy, or would you buy it in the future?

me: No, No.

insurance company: for what reason did not buy it?

: I hung up the phone, beep beep.

is similar to the above dialogue, I believe many of my friends and I like to call it, I was a wonderful person, so give yourself kuzhongzuole love in life, so in fact they incidentally humorous dialogue, explained what he wanted when I had thought hung up on him to see the other phone call is a new intern, speak so nervous, and his conversation, give him some confidence. So why does his marketing fail, let’s analyze.

customer positioning error

as far as I know, the general insurance company phone number source is through telecommunications, mobile, Unicom, the three companies to buy up a customer number, indeed, if true is to buy over the number, we can carry out a classification through the purchase of the number, location to solve customer groups through classification, screening the possibility of transformation large user.

opening error

The opening of a

said, you are certain insurance, this is what to do, this kind of call received one day too much, can be said that few people are really interested in the human defense is very high, but I have no place to put your time and talk to another person. See the numbers on the phone, finally received a phone call, but was defeated by your first words. May be the beginning of the time, I would like to ask, you are Mr. Feng Yaozong, we are * * company, today, two minutes to delay your time to do a survey of the insurance. After the first road Mingmu that your company, your investigation may be more successful, followed by marketing possibilities in the survey is also relatively strong.

word error

first, you cheat the user for the purpose of the investigation

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