young energetic, and in the confusion of the growth of the two dimension

with the end of ChinaJoy2016, this year’s largest pan entertainment industry event has fallen curtain. For the vast majority of ordinary people, all kinds of network red, live, VR, as well as the focus of the outbreak of the game product, the venue of the world’s largest central machine model, may be the most impressive ChinaJoy.

in the huge crowds of people, the two dimension and related areas of the company did not like the game industry that together on the same stage, but scattered in different venues, waiting for the two dimension, the public and the capital found. Of course, in the current wave of Pan entertainment, these two dimensional industry related companies, they participate in ChinaJoy is also a variety of reasons.

following with ACGx together, to see who is actually participated in this ChinaJoy exhibition.

AB station still has a high popularity

in the ChinaJoy field, A AC station around the huge pocket Niang headdress, Bilibili bun everywhere, with a rise of two yuan, a barrage of these sub cultures in the younger age groups, the two web presence is more and more high.


The huge screen

A stands in the stadium under the package, send out "world comicfans is a slogan

so, we saw the booth at the A station, a long team in order to buy the venue to limit the sale of AC Niang buns head, YY and A station live dance house also attracted a large number of fans onlookers.


B station those two dimensional game products, is the highlight of the entire exhibition hall

and B stand here also refused to yield, in addition to a large number of fans gathered around the stage, "customers", "Fate/Grand Order" this kind of two dimensional game IP has become the focus of the display object.

there is no doubt that the two dimension in the scene, a barrage of video content, the massive UGC AB station, is a "pure" two dimensional content site. Even if other companies in the stadiums booth has a bigger stage, more and more showgirl package, AB station in the two dimension of heart is very ingrained, difficult to shake.

Chinese Internet giant’s Pan entertainment strategy

for Tencent, NetEase, Youku potatoes these internet giants, they are more inclined to the two dimension as part of its pan entertainment layout.


Tencent anime booth

Tencent anime focus

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