what is the most effective way to promote the site. Some experienced webmaster will say, slowly, time to do for a long time, find the direction. In fact, in this long search process, and cyber source precipitation and accumulation process, once you have some contacts, website promotion works. There is a use of blog website promotion stationmaster, once said: "the best way to promote your blog, the blog is to visit and others leave footprints, so if you access the 15000 blog, has definitely not 15000 users!" we used 1+1=2 thinking, when a certain contacts, and cleverly put these contacts mobilized, it is definitely not as simple as 1+1=2, the integration of resources is to let 1+1 is always greater than, or even 2 times or even several times

!How to integrate

definition of website resources? Leveraging resources integration is the webmaster website called the clever use of their human resources, through the organization and coordination, the cyber source including the line between all can be dispersed resources related to each other, effectively together to facilitate the customers, and the dual purpose of publicity website.

many webmasters in the website promotion process, have taken a few different ways, of course, there are also like to use a way to promote the webmaster. Several shares are combined together, such as promoting the use of the mail, email address in the acquisition of classified information website, then use the mailbox in the promotion at the same time, the same message to the classified information website, many people think that this is in fact, make an unnecessary move, the purpose of promotion is the maximum possible let users you know, this need to instill the same content as potential customers if there is a need, we might first think of is.

Internet’s biggest advantage is to give us a lot of free resource sharing. What information do you want to find, Baidu look, it is easy to find, many webmasters are said to continue to learn. So, what is the purpose of learning? A good webmaster, not only to build on the site to learn, to learn and promotion planning, at the same time mixed learning network marketing knowledge, as the site of a certain degree of influence, and began to learn how to do the user experience…… Our learning process is also a combination of cyber source process, this process is to adhere to the basic operation on the site a little step by step accumulation, if a head, a head of the west without the purpose of learning, it is difficult to achieve the integration of the resources, the end result is always hovering in the lower stage, very difficult to succeed.

a few days ago, on the Internet to see a forum site held a line of activities, the line can be said to be a powerful resource reorganization. First, this theme is very prominent "parent-child activities, participate in the activities of the people are gathered at the forum members, is a famous local park, a responsible person of the park is a member of the forum, this can greatly discount on tickets, at the same time, the scene photographer is the image in forum the owner, the.

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