website is really tired heart tiring work, but if the website operation is good, it can enjoy the pleasure of easy money, actually a lot of money when the site is not far away from us, but we are too focused on making money, thus ignoring some details, causing the site to profit level is not up to their ideally, the focus of this paper is to analyze the current problems webmasters often ignored.

, the optimization of the advertising alliance details

advertising alliance is relatively common website profit pattern, although in recent years the profit level is not high, but since the profit model, or can do, but how to do not let the advertising alliance become chicken ribs? I think that can be optimized from the following several aspects of the details.


is a reasonable layout of the advertising alliance advertising position, because each site has its own style color, some advertising alliance advertising background and the main colors tend to default is one hundred and eight thousand, this website will naturally lead to the overall coordination. In addition to the full analysis of Internet users habits, according to the vast majority of users are right mouse click Custom, when the user clicks on the web, will often stay in the upper right corner of the mouse, because this is the instinct of the people habits, if the upper right corner of his love of advertising content, it will not consciously click it can help you earn advertising fees.


should be a reasonable set of advertising, such as text chain advertising to try to set the font into light blue, because blue light has become a common default color of hyperlinks, let the user know that this is a connection. In addition to the surround of advertising picture you should choose the 336*280 of this size, of course, but also the specific to your web page template, but its size is generally rectangular, which can reflect the degree of user experience. In addition to the text link advertising but also pay attention to a detail, that is to put on the page below the navigation position, and let the user can see at a glance which is advertising, but to let the user know this is you can click on the text.

two, business negotiation skills

One of the biggest source of profit for

website is the advertising of long-term cooperation and business, which relates to the website and customer business negotiations, generally speaking the traditional negotiation is to provide a series of data to allow businesses to advertise convincing on their website to get the benefit, this way itself is not wrong, but if the appropriate processing and optimization of detail, are better able to make businesses convinced, to enter your advertising system. The specific method is better than as an industry, the two companies are relatively well-known, if we want these two companies are able to incorporate advertising system, first of all to a making a beautiful advertising design template is placed in a prominent position, and then find another negotiation, on the basis of the sheep herding principle. This one will soon agreed to cooperate, and then go back to the beginning of a negotiation, so it can be the two companies engaged in.

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