hunger is a human instinct. Often in such a case, will be attracted by the delicious, often ignore other factors. The first phase of the hunger marketing, has been successful. Due to the low price of mobile phones, more functional. Often relatively tight for income, and the need to replace the phone, it is a good choice. And with the use of pre users, feeling pretty good. The formation of word of mouth publicity. Point to point to the surface. This way, is particularly effective. User acceptance of the product, the price gradually improve, the same can be supported. Such a theoretical approach, but also to improve the user experience of the site.

many webmaster, early may be in the leadership of the pressure or the quick trend, only the immediate interests, and lost the late development of the space. Like the previous scene spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, the force is too large, the plant is grown up, there was the phenomenon of death. So, it ignores the law of natural plant growth. Why is this not the case?. Will take some inappropriate means, the trend of the web site "rocket" type of development. But in this way, there will be no damage. Therefore, the site user experience requires two aspects: site improvement, user guide.

a, website improvement. It is change website forum, to enhance the perception of users. This requires a good web designer, to make a reasonable modification program. Furthermore, it is convenient for users to browse. From the following two points:

1, navigation, is a comprehensive outline of the site. All the content of the site, through the column to understand. Therefore, the structure of navigation, it is necessary to time. Is flat, or structural, depending on the manager. A bit flat style is that the traditional easy to browse. The configuration of the branch, the bright spot is to show the content of more. Navigation design, and the site of the industry related degree high;

2, station search. This is necessary for the site. Now people are lazy, do not want to spend a lot of rare find. At this point, there is a search box, it will be easy. Therefore, the retrieval condition, the database and the web site, to do a detailed classification, showing effective knowledge for the user.

two, user boot. This is very important. Sogou search has been developed for more than and 10 years, but there is no great ups and downs. The point of failure is too early commercialization, copying the maturity of Baidu. The 360 browser can quickly develop, the highlight is the design of the user based. Know what the user needs, and what can be met. So, for the site, you need to have the following two steps:

1, web site understanding guide. For new things, you need to be able to attract users. This is very important. No one to pay attention, must be a failure. So, to develop a plan, how to pull the user to the site, let them take the initiative to understand the content of the site. The cultivation of the habit gradually, slowly;

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