Abstract: a large number of entrepreneurs is not only the general user service success lies in the product, they cannot die card user pain points, only severe user acceptance is meaningful, heavy users have a higher demand for the product, they will try all kinds of products.


I was asked a lot of entrepreneurs is also a problem: how to fix up the 1000 seed users? The 1000 seed users is the key, is the 1000 dream sponsor business product, is also the 1000 test, to find the 1000 crucial.

hard problem

@ Wen Sheng: I was the traditional garment industry, the impact of the Internet so I gradually realized the importance of the user, I began to interact with the user through the social networking platform, hoping to find fans for improved products. Whether it is business or micro-blog service number, in addition to the directional push enterprise information, although each lottery activities have attracted many users to participate in, but after that the user just prizes, is not the true sense of the angel user. I reflect on throwing money alone is not a long-term solution to obtain the user, truly recognized users of products is the best policy. So the question is, how do not spend money to get 1000 hardcore users?


1 liang Ning: first to find the most hungry heavy users

Liang Ning (for geek venture fund partner) said:

in terms of transaction, single or interpersonal relationship, people divided into five degrees, the intermediate state is neutral, the user can choose you, you can choose from among others; each side is open twice, love and not love, the other side is big and the enemy.

irons and like are two different concepts. For example, you are good at doing business, flatter each other to match up, will love you, but only a small business with you; you may not love hardcore users, but he must believe you. I define iron as a heavy user. Conversely, do not like is that you do not like certain characteristics, some people like to eat spicy, some people do not like spicy food. The enemy is the key to your competitors. So when we face the user, not simply in the face of hardcore fans and two dimensional users, but the face of love, no love, no enemy, and hardcore five users.

to achieve no money to find 1000 hardcore users, I think when the product definition must first serve heavy users. What is the heavy users? Such as fast food a rice to sell 15 yuan, mainly for young people, it is the advantage of Steamed Rice two times in other fast-food restaurants, ensure the young boys eat, they feel that the fast-food shop is good. But girls don’t feel enough appetite is good, except eating and boys together, fast food shop with such a simple move to win users.

I found a lot of entrepreneurs do not succeed in the product is only the service to the general user, they can not be stuck user pain points, only to get the approval of heavy users to make sense, heavy users have a higher demand for the product >

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