has recently been writing industry observation articles, micro-blog has a friend gave me a message saying, recently my article too much water… I said wrong… But recent research in the promotion of APP, put on the ASO (App Store Optimization) to share with you some of the research results! Today is the first part, analysis of factors the main effect of ASO.

ASO is through a certain means of optimization, to enhance the ranking of APP in App Store and search results ranking process.

can say that my network marketing career is from the beginning of SEO, so I study the factors affecting the ASO, I am afraid to find a lot of inspiration from SEO. SEO too many factors, after all, the development of search engines for so many years, the algorithm is quite complicated. But the App Store algorithm is relatively simple, even if Apple, in the last year will be low-level brush list rape. So here will be able to understand the factors that may have an impact on the ASO list. To tell you is that this article only lists the factors that have an impact on the ASO, for each factor optimization techniques I will post in the article to write.

is the first application name.

application name for application ranking is a "Title" label for the influence of the website. There is no doubt that this is one of the most influential factor in the application rankings. But for the application name, but not as easy to modify the site’s title tags, many times the name is already set, it is difficult to modify. However, if there is the possibility of modification, you have to consider the user in the application of the mall to search the most commonly used keywords. For example, your application is China chess game, and use your name called "Chu battle", then your application will be very difficult to search for "chess" to the front row in the user.

second is the application of keywords or tags.

upload the application to fill in the keywords or tags, like the production of web pages filled in the "Keywords" label. Although the "Keywords" label for SEO has no effect, but it can not be denied that it was important. The development of the rules of the App Store ranking is not mature enough to ignore the point of the keyword, so be sure to think about their own applications to set keywords.

third is a description of the application.

many stores also need to distinguish between a brief description and detailed description. A brief description is often shown in the application list page, and a detailed description is the focus of the application. The description of APP is extremely important for the promotion of the application, because users see your application in the search results list page, click to attract them into the details page is the application profile! And this factor will be directly with your application search results click rate, and the search results click rate is also likely to affect your application >

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