[Abstract] BlueFocus announced, will be to increase its own funds 35 million yuan B round of interface interface, the investment valuation of about 900 million yuan.



technology news (Wang Pan) July 2nd, news and business networking platform "interface" of Shanghai Media Group announced that has completed by PetroChina’s Kunlun trust and a lead investor with the cast, a total of more than 300 million yuan B round of financing.

although the interface has not yet disclosed the name of another investment agency. However, the famous BlueFocus PR company (300058.SZ) in an announcement in June 30th will attract the attention of the outside world.

BlueFocus announced, will be its own funds 35 million yuan capital increase after the completion of the interface, lanbiao will get 3.89% of the equity investment interface, the interface become the seventh largest shareholder. This means that it has not been disclosed with investment institutions for the interface and the B interface of the blue cursor, round the investment valuation of about 900 million yuan.

blue light nominal, investment on the interface of the interface mode of +PC and the mobile terminal double channel + + blue and high-end crowd audience future cooperation and coordination. After the completion of this investment, the company’s company will discuss with the interface around the investment information services market to further business cooperation.

interface, said that although in September last year, the company completed the first round of financing, but the survival of the anxiety has always been there. In recent months, the interface has also been plagued by financial constraints, but the team members have been working hard, because the team believes that good content will eventually be recognized by users and capital.

public information interface, founded in September 2014, the first Chinese newspaper press in Shanghai, jointly Hony capital, Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan, millet technology, Qihoo 360, zall media, blue cursor, Huoerguosi, 825 funds launched, is of high quality news gathering and business networking platform.

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