how to carry out effective network marketing for small and medium tourism websites

              most of the tourism suppliers and distributors have established their own websites, but limited by capital, technology, personnel and other aspects of access and the volume of transactions can not improve the website, website operation has long been hard to maintain.
              in the face of online marketing complex (keyword search, strategic links, Banner advertising, vertical search, community marketing, traditional tourism etc.) how to use the limited funds, improve the online marketing ROI, to enhance their core competitiveness?

                    for small and medium-sized travel distributors how effective online marketing is a popular topic, we invited well-known and powerful new generation tourism website, analysis for you:
& brilliant nbsp; />                1 what is the purpose of network marketing? How to judge the effect of network marketing?
                    network marketing purposes, can be summarized as follows:
                · let the enterprise obtain the business opportunities and potential customers through the website of
                · and potential customers to complete online or offline transactions
                sum up, network marketing goal is to make the network become a new customer business development, enhance the channel sales. Let the network for enterprises to generate direct economic benefits, especially now the speed of the development of the network so amazing,.
                    how to judge the effect of network marketing?

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