since the where the service becomes unreliable, the past two years, most of my hotel tickets are booked from Ali travel agents, orders over a hundred times.

for a period of one day, I suddenly inside the mobile phone can not find Ali travel, that is being deleted, and then go to the App Store search and download Ali travel, no, that is Ali travel was forced off the shelf or delete the apple.

suddenly discovered that when searching for Ali travel, there is a called Flying Pig in the first row of APP, while my phone is also more than this APP.

and then I searched a hundred times, only to know that Ali travel renamed as flying pig!

instant, by trying to curse, which is the name of the product to get SB


the name, really bad, why?

reason one: let old users surprised

, like the beginning of my article describes the feeling, so that we can not find these old users suddenly, and very unhappy.

reason two: make new users hard to believe

was originally called Ali travel, the new user suddenly knew that Alibaba, its service is credible, so it is easy to use it, into a flying pig, can not quickly get new user trust.

reasons three: massive user aversion

is limited to know that every nation in the Islamic faith, of the word "pig" in the unconscious, the name offended their cultural beliefs, the sea to offend, many of them no longer use this platform.

at the same time, the use of flying pigs users, it seems like pigs, the user will not like the subconscious mind, then there is a precedent. 12 years ago, in a very creative product, named network pig, and then he died.

reason four: playing Ma’s face

Lei Jun said, a tornado, pigs can fly!

Ma Yun said, when the wind stopped, the pig will kill


Ma because of this sentence, that Ma is not the concept of love flying pig, did not think the final products of their own name to the flying pig, which is not let you think Ma face


product name, remember is important, but there are several factors more important:

1, the user subconsciously like

2, into SEO and ASO

3, trademark and domain name easy note

Ali has also used a name to go to travel, ah, very conducive to spelling, reading and communication, the name of the pig to fly to better than ah, comprehensive assessment, which is the name of 50 points.


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