Internet era is not only to promote the development of material civilization, more important is the distribution of spiritual civilization, more and more Internet culture to carry forward the use of the Internet channel, especially with the film market and the spread of homemade drama, more and more Internet television has become an important channel for the birth of spiritual and cultural construction, the recent internet literature the copyright boom of a wave after wave, has become an important driving force to promote the development of the Internet literature, with the power of the Internet Literature successfully turned around, and with the flow of Internet Literature in support of the strong internet television to film and television ratings for Changhong, the development of Internet Literature spawned Internet television sound, for the development of the Internet culture is an opportunity not to be missed.


classic literature gas station

for Internet culture, Internet literature has become an important way to promote the Internet culture communication, more and more Internet literature has been able to become the prosperity of the Internet culture of film and television industry new impetus, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data statistics show that, at present there are about 20000000 people in the network published, registered network as many as 2 million market writers, the annual income of about 4000000000 yuan, coupled with the popularity of mobile phone, electronic reader and iPad terminal forms, the network literature market is thriving. The emergence of a growing number of Internet literature has spawned a large number of Internet literature websites, bringing new vitality to the development of Internet Film and television culture.

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network literary copyright has pushed more and more high, however, with the continuous development of the Internet economy, the commercial operation of literature level is the highlight of this operation can hardly be avoided, "Internet" changes, not only has injected new vitality for many of the network literature, more importantly, the use of network literature and the movie and television culture communication ability to maximize the development drive of the whole industry, the cultural development of Internet dissemination effective and positive energy factors, of great significance for the construction and development of social guidance and the mainstream media, Internet media has become an important force to promote the reform of the media industry.

spread good sound, stop positive energy

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Internet literature communication is the effective carrier of Internet culture and the dissemination of culture, to create literary development through the Internet culture dissemination way of the peak, the use of the Internet dissemination of literature and film and television resources to create a new level of belonging to the Internet culture, the effective level spread throughout the Internet culture, driven by the spread of the whole society of positive energy, to achieve the effectiveness of cultural communication, the Internet has been able to become foster cultural sites, through the Internet culture film spread fixed positive energy culture, to improve the social climate and promote the healthy development of the cultural industry.


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