With the rapid development of science and technology today, the Internet has brought us the impact and influence of

. But at the same time, there have been a lot of innovative marketing techniques, such as the recent popular spike, one dollar marketing, one lucky buy, etc.. This article from a different point of view to analyze the marketing plan, hoping to bring enlightenment to the novice webmaster.

from the user’s point of view: no matter what the industry, we all love high quality and inexpensive products and services, therefore, whether for C2C or B2C shop mall, the price is the first factor for eye, a lot of businesses in order to compete for customers the price is lower, so very much to the marketing and promotion of ideas is the basis for public service oriented. So, "seckill" and "one yuan marketing", "one lucky group purchase" and other awesome promotion is no matter how businesses propaganda, as one falls, another rises, but for users, these strategies will undoubtedly have a great temptation, many users are to try holding the attitude, anti money is not much, maybe your lucky


from the business perspective: businesses always hope that their brand awareness can be more broadly, and hope that their users can more, want their products to sell more, so all marketing programs are all around these points, sometimes we find one yuan can buy a car or a mobile phone is lucky, but that the user does, but from the business perspective, this is in reality through creative marketing, and large difference of thinking mode to attract people, let the seemingly unrealistic events to magnify, finally win more potential users, to win the reputation. For example, some time ago, Chery launched the "network element seckill" activities, so that more than 20 million people to click on, in other words, Chery is a car with the price to promote, received more than 20 million people. From this perspective, the business is also a winner.

from the market point of view: the market economy determines the different marketing practices will be different market share. This innovative marketing strategy, interactive participation process, convenient network services, opened a new Internet model and strategy, in this market rules, users and businesses are winners. In fact, many products do not rely on quality, rely on is not the technology, but the market share, market share development depends on the mode and strategy of promotion, this tells a truth network marketing personnel: "you can have excellent products, but not without a strong means of promotion."

but a good marketing strategy can not be too much to pursue new, strange, hi, if the strategy can not be directly exposed to the consumer, then it can not be regarded as a successful marketing. The traditional way is through the media and then exposed to consumers, and these marketing strategies are proactive, direct information to the consumer, filter media and other intermediate links, the largest form to ensure the validity of the product information, so that consumers feel more real. But this is a new model of promotion, so some businesses will be malicious speculation, leading to Xu

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