a lot of people to search engine marketing is equivalent to the search rankings, as long as the site of the rankings, even if the success of the search engine marketing, this concept actually just say a function of search engine, the search engine marketing goal is not only ranking, but also involves the brand marketing, channel marketing and to enhance the user loyalty, so how to carry out the search engine marketing can continue to enlarge marketing functions? Specific can be carried out from two aspects.

first, pay attention to the internal optimization of the website to enhance the marketing effect

is the core of search engine marketing website launched, so if this website belongs to garbage sites, or no characteristics, even to the launch, it will soon be forgotten, of course, if the site is rubbish, no characteristics, with search engine algorithms has been advanced, this website is difficult to search engine included, that is to say this type of garbage sites basically without the base of search engine marketing.

so in the website optimization will be carried out from the lining process framework, function and content, chain and other aspects, the content of the original and the original natural view is the foundation, at the same time and content but also the keywords and long tail keywords are combined, fully play a role of publicity content itself, the core content of chain optimization is reasonable in series in the content, only will be arranged, very orderly management, and has a good correlation and connectivity, allowing users to find the corresponding expansion convenient, so that it can be a good internal chain optimization.

for the program frame and function, which is an important part of the site lining optimization, but also enhance the key elements of the search engine marketing function, program frame to have certain features, in the current Internet is a framework similar to website for Baidu with the aesthetic fatigue, if your web application framework has some characteristics. But also has a good user experience, can embody the people-oriented in the functional design, although Baidu spider can not effectively perceived, but with the increase of user cohesion, search engine will be more attention, and give a higher weight.

two, pay attention to the external optimization of the website to improve the marketing effect

when the site rankings began to rise, how to make search engines to boost the propaganda effect? The most important is the brand marketing, brand marketing is the process of a comprehensive, all the details are external optimization based on brand marketing as the core, this is the search engine marketing has an important role, with the continuous increase website ranking, more and more users will pay attention to your website, then your website news should be more in some high weight news platform, through the role of people with type Birds of a feather flock together. to enhance brand attributes, website, and when the other large sites in the release site news, the news often in the search engine home page, so this promotion effect should not be regard as unimportant.

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