received a netizen’s question, that means that he is very interested in the new media, new media related to work, but no work experience, I have not asked what good advice? After seeing the problem, the author thinks that it is necessary to write an article to share with you out of personal view.

on the network must have a lot of people will encounter this kind of problem, I write, share, to the best of my ability might be able to help more people? And I also put this idea from the new sort again, will be to strengthen the memory effect. Recently, the article wrote a little less, probably because of the reasons for the submission of a few days ago, others see my article, I add, to consult this issue.

nonsense is not much to say, on the question of the next question I asked my friends to give some advice as a reference, welcome to add:

1 has a preliminary understanding of the new media

the situation is that he is interested in the new media, but there is no relevant work experience, do not know how to get into this line, how to start to do the problem.

first of all I want to say is that you are very interested in the new media, this is a very good start, saying that interest is the best teacher, interest is one of the sources of motivation to continue learning. In fact, before doing any work, if you have the choice, as far as possible to choose their own good and are interested in the job, it will take his good side to show up, reflecting the value of their own.

we know that the work of the new media is essentially media, and the media is mainly based on text, voice, pictures, video based. Just in front of the new added a new word, " " the concept of new media is compared with the traditional media newspapers, radio and television, relatively speaking, but said the difference between the two here I do not speak, do not know what can go to Baidu to find. I don’t know how you define the new media, how do you understand it?

it may be said that the new media is not WeChat and micro-blog. Personally think that this is only a one-sided understanding. New media industry alliance Secretary General Wang Bin said: the new media is based on digital information technology, with the characteristics of interactive communication, with innovative forms of media." For example, we see the podcast, YY, today’s headlines and so are the new media channels. In China, we are talking about the most is WeChat and micro-blog, where I will default to this example.

2 before you do understand the new media related jobs and work content is what?

first look at what the new job related media? How to understand? I cited a hook net, it is designed to do Internet occupation recruitment. Open the hook net, and then enter the keyword "new media" three words, the drop-down box will be the emergence of new media operators, new media editor, new media marketing etc.. >

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