business address false, fraudulent use of the name of the company for illegal operation, yesterday, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau on the official website of external exposure of the fake "Little Swan maintenance center, Zhongguancun e world shopping network and 4 suspected illegal websites.

According to

reports, according to the report of public complaints, the business sector in Beijing recently to 4 websites in accordance with the law were examined, among them, the Little Swan maintenance center website ( claimed the "eternal home" and "white appliances", leaving the address is Haidian District Zhongguancun South Street No. 749, providing a home appliance repair service. Industry and Commerce survey found that in Beijing there is no registered as eternal appliances and maintenance documents show easy white appliances, the opening of the enterprise, there is no "Zhongguancun South Street, No. 749" address. Industrial and commercial personnel to call the site to leave the phone, the other party has refused to disclose the site office.

19 pm yesterday, reporters tried to login 4 sites, of which 3 have been unable to show, but a little swan repair center website has a name into "Beijing Xiaoya washing machine repair center", leaving the address for the Zhongguancun South Street 749, block B Deshang, repair the phone and had little the same maintenance center.

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4 suspected illegal website

Little Swan maintenance center website ( and the company does not exist the address.

China (, smoking cessation network problems misappropriate American high-tech industry limited company full name, the web site owner Beijing Jietong trading company in Beijing Department of industry and Commerce registration.

Zhongguancun e world shopping website ( is not registered in Beijing, leaving the address false.


business network ( using Beijing jinfuyin electronic system integration Co. Ltd. the name of sales online cards, digital card, prepaid card. Registered address fraudulent website.

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