Windows 8 will be defeated by a "corrupt" word, this sentence is not random, we first look at a foreign media reports:

Windows 8 is believed to be listed at the end of September, but recently the external environment changes, the European debt crisis triggered at any moment, Europe and the United States economy shrouded in haze, Microsoft is the opposite, high Windows 8 licensing fees, from the factory system message is every laptop Windows 8 authorized gold at $100, a tablet computer is in the $90 to $100, tying office software license price is at $110, compared with 7 Windows licensing fees increased in recent times, also pad the high cost of the product in the market, the second half of the expected recession on the occasion, to win the favor of the market is not easy.


said Microsoft Windows 8 greedy

Windows XP after ten years, Vista Win7 was still too horrible to look at, and about 46% users in the use of XP, actually already meet the general users, almost all use Office only, now almost become Internet tools, do not need to update the version, many function interfaces are also to learn.

50% or more users only use the Internet, Microsoft in the launch of Windows 8, to be honest, XP users simply do not want to change, unless the PC hardware damage can not be used, otherwise it will not take the initiative to upgrade and update the OS system.

Microsoft wants to raise the price of OEM from $50 to $Win8 Win7, it seems a bit greedy too far, unless forced OEM manufacturers to buy win8, otherwise we still as usual win7.

Microsoft Tablet PC sold the first, but also sold at least

Tablet PC is the first Microsoft promotion of goods, there is a Microsoft title. But since Apple launched iPad, Google also launched a free Android OS system to OEM manufacturers to develop tablet computers, Microsoft’s Tablet PC seems to be a few people to buy. This shows that if the software does not use Office documents, don’t buy Computer lithography windows. Just use the Internet, Mac/Android is enough.

now Mac Air also has to provide Mac/win dual system services, which shows that Windows has become a Mac over period.


Win 8 were praised, it is the impending crisis. If Microsoft OEM price doubled, Microsoft Windows 8 will be defeated by a "corrupt" word, lost tablet >

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