on April 20th, as early as 8 points, Sichuan City, Ya’an Province earthquake occurred in the magnitude of the earthquake, which is following the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, once again came to the disaster in the land of the. Unlike five years ago, with the rapid development of social media, the discussion of the disaster has become the hottest topic, people with a different attitude to participate.

can not be denied that the major news agencies and commercial websites by WeChat, micro-blog has played a great role in the dissemination of news of the earthquake, unable to watch the live audience in front of the TV, this is undoubtedly the fastest way to master information.

in the earthquake site, as part of the communication equipment damaged, telephone and SMS can not be instant on, WeChat and other mobile applications has become an important means of communication, many people use these tools to contact area of relatives and friends, a safe voice or a few short greetings, let many people down in midair heart.

the afternoon of April 20th, WeChat launched the "Ya’an earthquake relief" public account, the account department of earthquake information distribution platform, mainly for the Sichuan Ya’an earthquake released the latest situation and practical rescue information, collect and report safety information users.


Micro-blog’s official

news account, today reported news of the earthquake has become key channels, different from the traditional TV newspaper, micro-blog set special news format, features of both fast and full, the message for the first time pushed to the user.


and China Earthquake Network Official micro-blog, but also from the perspective of a more authoritative release disaster.


social networking era, almost no barriers to real-time dissemination of information. The flow of information in the face of the coming, the body behind the screen we should keep calm, stay awake, even sometimes, silence becomes the best of tragic incident response.

however, the dual social network at the same time to highlight the dissemination of valuable information and positive energy at the same time, there are some things we don’t want to see, first to look at a few examples of micro-blog:

1, the advent of God

From 2008 to 2011

Wenchuan earthquake tsunami in Japan, and then to today’s Ya’an earthquake, almost every time after the disaster, there will be a so-called "God", they cannot be sent in advance of incompetence: natural disaster early warning in micro-blog, Post Bar and other social media, and when after the disaster, some of the "heart" of users can always quickly find "God" prediction, then triggered a lot of curiosity in hot pursuit of netizens.

the earthquake, "God" again. A micro-blog users in the evening of April 18th issued a micro-blog: just go out, look up to see the sky appeared in the West Qiang Zhenyun, immediately return >

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